King of Hearts

By Moonlit Eyes

Warnings: Shounen-ai (guys lovin up other guys), Taichi torture (sorry, ne?), Taichi has boyfriends who aren't Yamato T_T, and a clueless Yamato at times.....FUTURE YAMACHI HOPEFULLY!!! Oh, and some coarse language.

A/N: My reason for writing this is to help bring out my said-potential. My other stories such as Cupid's Folly held the ever-lovable "Fluff Factor" that, in my opinion, kept me from being serious. Although, despite that, I still plan on having some cute scenes in here.

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Yuki Akai

Red Snow

February 14

Brick walls aren't very comfortable. In fact, they're quite the opposite. Especially when you're at an odd angle, propped up next to a garbage can that didn't smell too good but you're stuck there anyway.. In fact, the brick wall is almost tolerable, once your body heat warms it up a little and helps distract you from the thick veil of plump snowflakes the size of bite size cookies.

Yum, cookies.

"You know who makes good cookies?" Yagami Taichi asked no one in particular. Not like there were too many people that hung out at the alley by the Movie Theater, particularly at 11:43 on Valentine's Day. The teenaged soccer captain clumsily reached into his pocket for his bright red yellow cell phone. He really should use this opportunity of consciousness to call for help, like an ambulance or the police. After all, lying in an alley bruised and battered while bleeding profusely wasn't too good. Yet, no, instead cookies stayed in his mind. And not just any cookies.

"Yama," he whispered into the phone speaker. Ah, technology! Just say the name and the phone dials for you.




One ring...

Yamato might not pick up. Especially if he looks at the name of the caller. After that argument earlier that night, Yamato might want to just be with Sora and forget about poor little Taichi. Yup, poor little Taichi who got in a whole lot of trouble in only two hours. You messed up with not one but two people. Aren't best friends not suppose to--

Two rings...

That's right, he might be disgusted. Not many guys would appreciate their best male friends confessing their undying love for them. Then there was the kiss, which probably made things worse. Besides, what about Sora? And then there was your own boyfriend, Taichi. That's called cheating!

Three rings...

Hokichi, that's right. Hokichi found out, Taichi. He wasn't too pleased either, now was he? You hurt him, and his sister didn't appreciate her little brother being hurt. Now look at you, lying in an alley with cuts and bruises. Possibly bleeding to death... Death... Dying? You didn't lose that much blood did you? Then again, the snow on the ground does look red in some areas--

Four rings...

'Damn it, he's not going to pick up is he?' What's the matter? Scared? Why? 'I need to say--' Say what? You're sorry you fell for him? I don't think that will work. 'No, I need to say--

"Feel like talking now, Tai?" He answered. Don't sound too happy, but he did answer and that's always a good sign, right? "Well?" You better answer yourself. Soon. This is what you wanted, so you'd better answer him before you lose your chance right? "Ta-"

"Hey, Ya--" Careful what you say now, right? You're treading on thin ice. "Hey, Ishida..."

"Taichi?" A sigh. Uh oh, Yamato is sighing? Bad sign. "What do you want?"

"Is... Tai? Wha...he...everything...wrong?" Sora? You interrupted his date with Sora? That's really...

'I just need to say...'

"What's wrong? Taichi! Answer me!" Sounds kind of concerned, or maybe you did lose a lot of blood. Yeah, that's probably it. Loss of blood is not only making you hallucinate but it's making you laugh like a madman! "That's it, I'm ha--"

"It's funny, y'know." Is he still on the phone? Does it really matter? "I mean, you watch movies all the time where something serious happens to the main good guy, right? He's gotta do something quick to help himself. Usually ends up somewhere alone and with a cell phone, right? He should call the cops, or an ambulance, or something to help himself out. But then, even though you're screaming and swearing at him, he still calls someone who can do nothing at all." When did you start crying?

"Taichi? Where are you? What are you talking about?" Yamato really is concerned isn't he?

"Why do you care? I would think you'd hate me. I can't stay awake much longer." Wait...sleep isn't good right now. It's at least thirty below and getting colder by the minute. Not to mention your injured, Yagami.

"I'm coming. Hang on, just tell me where you are. Wait, why can't you stay awake?" Have you ever heard him sound so desperate?

"It's too late." You really have lost it, Taichi. "I just wanted to say it again before it's too late. I mean, I really meant it, y'know?"

"Damn it, Taichi! What's going on?" Yamato sounds extra frustrated.

"I love you, Yama." Chuckling? At a time like this? "I sound like some chick, don't I?"

"Taichi! Tell me what's--"

"I love you, Ishida Yamato. Say bye to everyone for me, 'kay?"

'There, I said it...'

"Taichi! Stop it!"

"I love you, much..."


How did this happen? How did things get this way? It had started innocent enough. Boy meets boy. Fools around. Has fun. How did this get so serious? All Taichi wanted was a distraction from Yamato and Sora's relationship. Another little adventure in his double life. Turned out that his distraction wanted was Taichi to himself. His distraction wanted to be more.

Being a playboy can lead to broken hearts.

Let's start from the beginning...

Let's see how this began, then maybe we can see how this will end...

October 11

"Class, we have a new student today." Mr. Kawai motioned towards the young male who stood beside him. He had jet black hair, the back half tied firmly at the base of his neck and the rest messily scattered around his face. His skin was fair with a slight tan to it. His eyes were the color Hazel and they stood out in contrast to his long black eyelashes. Taichi could only think one word after laying eyes on him...


"Hello everyone, my name is Kyoden Hokichi." He smiled beautifully. "Its nice to meet you."


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