King of Hearts

by Moonlit Eyes


White Day

Taichi sat in the Ishida's living room waiting patiently for his singer friend to come out of the kitchen. He didn't understand what was so important that he had to wait this long. Why did he come early again?

The sound of his cell phone going off shocked him and he almost dropped it in his rush to answer the device.


"Chi?" Taichi sighed.

"Don't call me that, melon head! What do you want?"

"Geez, don't yell at me. I just wanted to know if you'd take my shift tomorrow night." Kohaku ended up working for Unkei again when Taichi convinced him that he'd never find a better job anywhere else. He was doing well, especially since after finding a new love interest that seemed interested in the green haired young man.

"No, melon head. Today and Tomorrow are my only days off."

"Fine. Oh! And say hi to the sexy blond for me!" Taichi didn't have time to answer before the other hung up. Taichi just growled at his phone. He was about to put it away when he noticed he had a text message.

taichi tell ur mom akari said thanx 4 the cookbook -Unkei

Taichi smiled at that. His father was grudgingly getting along better and better with his brother. Taichi thought it was mainly thanks to Akari and his mom's shared love for questionably nutritious cookbooks. He sighed and hoped Unkei learned a lesson he himself learned at a young age: hiding junk food in your dresser can save your life and taste buds sometimes.

"Okay, ready." Yamato walked into the room with a box wrapped in ribbon and set it on Taichi's lap before joining him on the couch. "There."

"Taichi looked down at the box curiously before opening it and seeing an assortment of chocolates and bite-size cookies homemade by the hands of Yamato Ishida himself. As much as he wanted to dig in and eat himself into a chocolate oblivion, he couldn't help but feel something was off. "Umm...thanks?"

"What's today?"

"March 14." Taichi's eyes widened. "White Day."

"And what do people do on White Day?"

"Answer their Valentines with return chocolate." Taichi looked down at the chocolates before looking back at Yamato. Then it clicked. "I gave you Valentine's chocolate."

"And this is my answer." Yamato kissed him then. It was short, sweet, and not at all rushed like their previous kisses. It was poetry. 'I feel like such a girl,' Taichi thought when they pulled apart. But that didn't stop him from smiling the most brilliant smile he'd ever given.

He took a bite of a cookie. Yamato really did make good cookies.

It began with Taichi thinking about Yamato's cookies, and thus it ends with Taichi thinking about Yamato's cookies. It was real people and now I'm done. I loved this story as much as I hated it and am surprised to say that I'll miss plotting the next chapters in my notebook.

FACT: I was 15 when I started this. I am now 19. Oh goodness, if any of my original readers are still with me, I'll just let you know right now that your patience is SOOOO HIGHLY APPRECIATED!