"Poor sod gets hanged at dawn," the prisoner in the cell next to the white haired pirate whispered to his companion.

"Better him then us," the companion whispered back as the pirate, Bakura, let loose a small growl. In reality he shouldn't even had been in the cell ready to be hanged. It had been over a year since he had been on a pirates ship, instead earning his keep as a master thief. He hadn't even been caught stealing. He just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. He had been at a tavern when a brawl had broken out causing the soldiers to arrive. In the scuffle a soldier had been shoved up against Bakura when the man saw the pirate's brand on his forearm. Bakura had been immediately arrested and scheduled to be hanged.

Bakura had no fear of dying come dawn. He only merely wished to that he could have died in blaze of glory instead of being gawked at by a crowd of spectators. Bakura regretted little of what he did in his life but one thing he did regret was the fight he had with his best friends a year and a half ago. As the night wore on Bakura wondered where they were and what they were doing at that moment.


An individual wrapped in a black cloak ducked down an alley way as a group of soldiers marched by. Security was tight ever since the captured of a feared pirate earlier that evening and it was suspected that other pirates were in the area as well. This made the individual's task of getting back to his ship that was hidden on the other side of the island much harder. He was also concerned about the ship as well, hoping that the navy would not find the ship before he was able to return to it.

Peaking out, the individual saw that the streets were once again free so he continued his journey. He didn't get far however when he found himself pulling the cloak tighter around his face as he passed two youths.

"Father says the pirate they caught looks like Ryou," the blond haired youth told his tri-haired friend.

'Ryou?' thought the cloaked individual as he paused to listen to their conversation. Could it be that the Ryou they were talking about was the same Ryou that was a friend of his? Ryou did say that this town was his hometown.

"It's hard to believe it's been two years since Ryou died," the tri-haired one sighed.

"Bloody pirates," the blond growled. "It seems like everyone we care about has died from pirates, your parents, Ryou and his family, my mother. It's about time we get revenge on at least one pirate."

The cloaked individual had heard enough so he began walking down the street. There was no doubt about it, he was positive that the Ryou he knew and the Ryou the youths were talking about were the same. That could only mean one thing, which was, the pirate that was caught Bakura, someone who the cloaked individual had figured he would never see again. He had a lot of thinking to do now before he headed back to the ship.


"Malik but the pirate could have nothing to do with those killings," protested the tri-colored youth. He was Yugi, the grandson of the governor of the island. His blond companion was Malik, his best friend and son of Commodore Ishtar. "You shouldn't condemn him for crimes he didn't commit."

"Yugi I want payback for my mother! I want payback for Ryou! Don't you want payback for your parents? Or for Ryou? Ryou was our age remember? He was our friend! No one should die that young!"

Ryou had been a close friend of theirs. He was the son of a wealthy merchant whose sister and mother had died when he was young during a pirate raid. Ryou then had spent most of his childhood living with either Yugi or Malik while his father was away on business trips. Then three years ago Ryou's father had started taking his son along with him. A year later, when they were on one of their trips, their ship was attacked by pirates and all aboard were killed. That had been the last straw that snapped on Malik's views on pirates whose own mother had died in the same raid as Ryou's.

"Malik I understand how you feel but you could be directing your hatred at the wrong person," Yugi replied. Yugi did not feel the same hatred as Malik since he was only a baby when his parents were killed by pirates so he never really knew them. "You mother's and Ryou's killers could still be out there. I'm just saying you shouldn't blame this particular pirate."

"Well I'm going to find out!" Malik declared as he stopped walking and turned swiftly around. "Are you coming?"

"I should really get home," Yugi admitted as Malik began walking in the direction of the prison.

"Fine!" Malik called back over his shoulder.

Yugi looked at his retreating form for a few minutes before calling out. "Hey wait up!" he cried before running after his friend.


The cloaked man made his decision. He would not sit by while the pirate known as Bakura was hanged. Once they had been friends, best friends. But that seemed like so long ago. Bakura then was accused of a crime he didn't commit and became enraged when his friends didn't believe him. So himself, Bakura and their other friends ended up going their own separate ways. A year later when the cloaked man randomly bumped into a member of their former crew he learned that Bakura had indeed been framed.

The cloaked man he figured he owed Bakura one for not believing him and he figured it was time to pay the white haired pirate back.

That was why he started making his way towards the prison where he knew his friend was being held.


A/N - Eep, I know this chapter is so short but I just wanted this chapter to be about setting up for what's about to come. Coming up in the next chapter you find out who the cloaked man is but will he get to Bakura before Yugi and Malik? Also you find out if Bakura gets rescued or not.