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One Year Later

"Boy time flies when you're having fun," as he laid shirtless on the deck of the Duel Monster along with Marik, Bakura and Ryou.  Ever since Malik joined the crew a year ago he and Marik spent most of their time on the ship relaxing together.  Jealous of the pair, Bakura insisted that he and Ryou were going to slack off as well so the four of them spent the majority their time together chilling out.

"Lazy asses," Seto muttered as he walked by.

"We love you too!" Bakura cheerfully called after him with a smirk on his face.

"Hey I think we're nearing Canida," Ryou stated propping himself up on his elbows to look at where they were headed.

"Yeah you'd know that if you ever paid attention anymore!" Seto yelled at them from where he was now standing by Jou giving him some orders.

"Like we care!" Marik yelled back.

"You know for some reason I think we're forgetting about something," Ryou thoughtfully mused.

"Let's ask Isis since we're heading to Canida anyway," Malik suggested.  The others nodded their heads in agreement as they settled back down to do some more tanning before they reached Canida.  All too soon they had to get dress so that they could head through the market of Canida so that they could reach Isis' museum along with Seto, Jou and Yami.

"Hey Sis!" Malik called as soon as they entered as Seto and Jou immediately ran off to find their siblings.

"Nice to finally see that you guys have returned," Isis replied with a smile as she walked into the room and quickly hugged her younger brother.

"Yeah well we have something important to ask," Bakura said getting right to the point.  "We all have this feeling that we're forgetting about something real important."

"Like Yugi?" Isis asked rolling her eyes from the stupidity of the males.  "He is getting married in three days, remember."

"We need to save him!" Malik cried.

"No!" Yami argued.

"Ugh, I've had enough!" Bakura said in disgust as he walked over and punched Yami in the face.  Yami fell backwards and hit his head on a case full of Egyptian artifacts.

"If anything is broken you're paying for it!" Isis angrily yelled at Bakura who shrugged his shoulders, while Ryou and Malik rushed over to help Yami.

"Why does my head hurt?" Yami asked with a moan while trying to catch the little birdies that were flying around his head.  "What are we doing here?  Where's Yugi?"

"Great now he can't remember anything!" Marik groaned ready to kick Bakura's ass.

"Don't you remember?" Malik asked.  "He gave himself up to save us and now he's forced into being married in three days to someone who he hates!"

"Then what are we waiting around here for!" Yami cried.  "We have to save Yugi!"  With that he took off running with Malik and Ryou close behind him.

"You know if I had known that kicking his ass would have actually worked I would have done it a long time ago," Marik muttered to Bakura who nodded his head before they followed the others.

"Seto! Jou! Let's go!" Bakura called back for their other two crewmates.


"Grandpa I'm not sure if I'm ready for this!"

"Nonsense Yugi!" Governor Mutou replied.  "You and Tea have become quite an item over the past year.  With Malik gone you spend all your free time with her."

"That's because all my friends left!" Yugi protested.  "There's no one left my age!"

"Yugi you're just getting cold feet," Yugi's grandfather replied with a laugh.  "Don't worry a few days from now you'll be thanking me for making you go through with it."

"Oh no I won't," Yugi muttered under his breath, praying for some kind of escape.


"So what's the plan?" Marik asked Yami.  Yami, Marik, Malik, Bakura, Ryou, Seto and Jou were all gathered in Yami's cabin discussing how they were going to save Yugi considering they would be cutting it close since it would take two days to travel to Port Domino.

"There's a small cove near the town that isn't very guarded," Malik told them.  "Father figured no pirate would be stupid enough to try to hide that close to the town so he never wasted the man power in trying to guard it."

"Good," Yami replied with a nod.  "We'll be going in at night since Ryou and Malik can direct us safely to the cove since they use to live there.  Seto will stay here in charge like normal while the other five of us will go to shore.  I want a quiet operation with Ryou and Malik leading us to Yugi's home.  Quick in, quick out.  Everyone understand?"

Everyone nodded their heads as they went about their business to prepare for their journey back to Port Domino.


"Grandpa but I don't want this!" Yugi whined as servants set up tables in the back yard of the Mutou mansion.  It was now a day before the wedding and a pre-wedding party was planned for that night for everyone in town to attend.  The party tomorrow would be a private one for guest only.

"Nonsense Yugi!" Governor Mutou replied.  "Now it'll be dark soon so go get dressed before the guest start to arrive."

"Fine," Yugi replied with a sigh and a pout before he walked off to the safety of his own room.


"Lets go," Yami commanded as dusk set across the land.  They had sailed as close to Port Domino as they dared until the day light hours and were now located a few miles away.  It would be completely dark by the time they reached the cove where they would be hiding while they found Yugi.

Under the watchful eyes of Ryou and Malik it didn't take them long to find the cove even in the dark.  Soon they were lowering a lifeboat down to the water so that Yami, Malik, Marik, Bakura and Ryou could make their way safely to shore.

"Hurry!" Yami hissed once they were on shore as Bakura and Ryou hid the lifeboat in some bushes in case someone came along while they were looking for Yugi.  The five of them then quickly headed towards the town.

"Something's wrong," Malik whispered to them as soon as they reached the town.  Everything was quiet, too quiet.

"Proceed anyway," Yami ordered.  "There is no way they would have found out we were coming."

"For the record, I just want to say I am not going back to jail!" Bakura angrily whispered.  "We could have taken care of this long ago if you had come to your senses sooner!"

"I don't seem to remember you coming to your senses that quick when it involved Ryou!" Yami shot back.

"I did when it came to Malik!" Marik happily offered while Bakura and Yami both glared at him.

Before a fight could break out between the three older pirates, Malik and Ryou started leading them on again towards Yugi's home.  It didn't take them long to reach the mansion and none of them were happy to see the party going on, which was clearly visible from the road.

"Great," Malik said giving a dramatic sigh.

"We move on," Yami replied in determination.  "Try to blend in with the crowd as we look for Yugi."

"Nice plan, considering that Ryou and I grew up here so everyone will recognize us, Marik and Bakura look exactly like us so they'll get noticed and you look like the governor's grandson who is getting married tomorrow," Malik sarcastically replied.

"Umm . . . guys?" Ryou said trying to get the attention of the rest of the group.  Unfortunately for him it wasn't working.

"Leave the sarcasm to Marik and me," Bakura replied snapping at Malik. 


"Leave Malik alone!" Marik yelled at Bakura while Yami rubbed his head trying to get rid of the headache he was developing.  The three were arguing so much, while Malik watched them with amusement, they didn't noticed when Ryou began wandering off as he stared intently at the ring that was now glowing around his neck.  Not paying attention to where he was going, Ryou headed straight into the middle of the party as he followed the little pointy things on the Millennium Ring.


Yugi was bored out of his mind. He hated the stupid party he was forced to attend and he couldn't handle much more of having a fake smile on his face as people came up to him to congratulate him on his marriage in the morning.  Suddenly out of the corner of his eye Yugi thought he caught a flash of white hair walking through the crowd.

"Ryou!" he said giving a soft cry so that only Tea and his grandfather, who were the two closest near him, could here.

"Little Ryou?" Governor Mutou asked looking in the direction his grandson had seen Ryou.  "But he's dead, is he not?"

"Yugi!" a voice suddenly cried from behind them and they turned just in time to see Ryou come out of nowhere and embraced Yugi.

"Ryou!" Yugi cried.  "What are you doing here? How did you find me?!"

"I followed the ring!" Ryou replied with a laugh pointing to the once again still ring.  "I think it was tracking your Millennium Puzzle."

"Ryou how can you be here?!" Tea exclaimed causing Ryou to notice her and the governor for the first time.  "You were killed by pirates!"

"Bakura would kill anyone who tried to harm me," Ryou replied giving them a confused look as they returned his look with confused ones of their own.

"But what exactly are you doing here?" Yugi asked.

"Oh that!" Ryou replied with a laugh before looking nervously at Tea and Yugi's grandfather.  "Umm . . .can we go talk somewhere in private?"

"Sure," Yugi said and the pair started to walk off together when they were stopped by a towering figure.  "Commodore Ishtar!" Yugi exclaimed giving a small gasp.  "You frightened us!"

"Did I now?" the commodore asked with amusement before turning his attention to Ryou.  "Ryou wasn't it?" he asked with a sneer.


Back with the pirates, Malik had started to get bored watching the three of them fight and decided to talk to Ryou when he saw that the young white-haired pirate was no where to be seen.  "Ryou's gone!" he cried snapping the others back to reality.

"Ryou?" Bakura asked before taking off towards the party, the only place where Ryou could have gone with the others closely following him.

"Split up and try to keep a low profile," Yami ordered before they all rushed off in different directions.


"Yes, sir," Ryou nervously replied, Ryou never did like Malik's father.  "Remember? I grew up with Yugi and Malik."  As soon as Ryou said Malik's name, the commodore slapped him in the face.

"Never speak my son's name!" the commodore hissed as Ryou, Yugi, the governor and Tea stared at him in shock.

"Commodore! Retain yourself!" Governor Mutou snapped.  "You had no right to do that to Ryou."

"Why not?" Commodore Ishtar sneered.  "He's nothing but a common pirate!"

"And so is your son so you shouldn't be talking that way," a new voice said as Malik came strolling towards the small group, his arms crossed over his chest.

"YOU!" the commodore hissed drawing his sword.  "You should not have come back!"

"Please father," Malik scoffed rolling his eyes.  "You don't scare me anymore."

"You should!"

"Not with them standing behind you," Malik said with a smirk, pointing behind his father to where an angry Bakura and Marik were standing.

"I saw you touching my Ryou!" Bakura growled walking forward and grabbing the commodore by his shirt.  "Be thankful you aren't dead yet." With that Bakura roughly let go causing the commodore to stumble a few feet away.

"You're all animals who belong in the noose!" the commodore yelled at the four pirates while Yugi, his grandfather and Tea looked on.  "Guards!"

"Not good," Marik muttered as he and the others unshielded their swords.

"Stop this!" Yugi begged to his grandfather.  "They're my friends!"

"Governor do not listen! They came here to kill you and kidnap your grandson again!" Commodore Ishtar argued as many guards advanced upon the four pirates.  Marik, Malik, Bakura and Ryou quickly realized they were outnumbered considering that Ryou did not fight often and therefore did not have the skills of the others.

"Leave them alone!" Yugi cried stepping between the pirates and the soldiers.  "They're my friends!"

"Yugi!" Governor Mutou cried.  "Everyone lower your weapons!"

"Get out of here you little runt!" the commodore yelled grabbing Yugi and yanking him out of the way.  The guards then proceeded to surround the four pirates who reluctantly lowered their weapons.

"Take them away!" the commodore ordered as he shoved Yugi towards his grandfather.

"Nice seeing you again Yugi!" Marik playfully called as he was led away with the others.

"Grandpa you have to do something!" Yugi tried begging again as he followed his grandfather into their home leaving Tea in the yard.

"Yugi, I think you have some explaining to do," the governor calmly said once they were inside.  "How could you be friends with those pirates?"

"They're really not that bad.  They took care of Malik and I when we were with them.  They did kidnap us but once we were on the Duel Monster we were never their prisoners.  Malik and I gave ourselves up to protect them, so that they troops would not find them," Yugi softly admitted.  "I miss them."

"And we miss you," a new voice said a new voice said from a darken corner of the room.

"Yami!" Yugi cried rushing over to his love and they tightly embraced.  "Yami what are you doing here?! You shouldn't be here! You'll get caught like the others!"

"Yugi I couldn't stay away," Yami softly replied as he gently stroked Yugi's cheek while staring down into his big violet eyes.

"You?! You're that pirate captain that everyone is afraid of!" Governor Mutou exclaimed.  "Yugi get away from him!"

"Grandpa please!" Yugi begged turning back towards his grandfather.  "I love Yami!"


"It's true Grandpa," Yugi admitted with a sniffle as a few tears escaped from his eyes.  "We fell in love when we were aboard his ship."

"Impossible!" the governor exclaimed.  "He's a pirate!"

"It's true," Yami replied wrapping an arm around Yugi's waist.  Taking a few steps closer Governor Mutou saw the honestly written all over their faces.

"Yugi," the governor sadly began with a sigh.  "I took you in and raised you until you would not need me anymore.  And now although I'm not completely happy with it I realize it is time for you to go."

"Grandpa?" Yugi softly said.

"Just go," Governor Mutou replied with a sigh before forcing a smile.  "You have your friends to rescue do you not?"

"Come on Yugi," Yami softly said as he took a hold of Yugi's hand and began leading him away.

"Yami, was it?" the governor called after them causing them to both turn back around.  "Would you wait up a minute?" With a nod of his head, Yami sent Yugi to wait in the other room before walking back over to Yugi's grandfather.  "Take care of him."  With a wordless nod, Yami quickly turned away to rejoin his short lover, they had work to do.


"I get the feeling I've been here before," Bakura commented moments after the four of them were locked up in a jail cell.  Bakura and Ryou were in one cell and Marik and Malik were in another.

"Gee I wonder why?" Malik sarcastically replied as he leaned against the wall.

"This is also where we first met," Marik said to Malik with a playful smile on his face.

"I'm kinda not in the mood here," Malik replied.

"What are we going to do?" Ryou asked.

"There's still Yami if he hasn't already found Yugi and is now screwing his brains out," Marik reminded them all.

"We're screwed," Bakura replied with a sigh.


"This is the way," Yugi said as he led Yami by the hand through the dark streets.  Commodore Ishtar had figured he had captured all of the pirates and therefore the streets were empty from soldiers so the pair so the pair could make their way quick and safely through the town.

 "Why can't we just leave them?" Yami asked with a small moan.  "It may make those lazy bums work harder after a few days in jail."

"The commodore is going to hang them tomorrow!" Yugi reminded him with a cry.

"Oh.  Right."

"The faster we rescue them, the faster we can get back to the Duel Monster to celebrate our reunion . . . "

"What are we waiting for?!" Yami cried taking off.


"That's the one," the first guard said to the second pointing at Marik.  The two guards had shown up a few minutes ago and had been talking about Marik ever since.

"He's the one who turned the commodore's son against him? He doesn't look too tough," the second guard replied.  "We should teach him a lesson."

"Stay away from him!" Malik yelled as the guards unlocked their cell.  Unfortunately one of the guards over powered Malik and pressed a dagger up against his throat before Marik could react.  Marik then had little choice but to allow the second guard to tie Marik's hands together in front of him and remove him from the cell before the first guard rejoined them after releasing Malik back into the cell.

"This is going to be fun," the second guard evilly grinned picking up a whip.

"I agree," Marik replied as he pulled the Millennium Rod, that the guards had foolishly let him keep, out from his belt.

"What are you going to do with that?" the first guard laughed.  "Beat us to death?"

"No, this!" Marik replied with a smirk as he unshielded the dagger that was hidden in the rod. The blade easily cut through the rope that bound Marik's hand together and in a swift movement Marik stabbed the guard closest to him before ripping the dagger back out and slitting the other guard's throat.  Both guards slumped to the floor and Marik wiped of the blood on their clothes.  He then rushed over to free Malik.

"My hero!" Malik cried jumping into Marik's arms and passionately kissed him.  The pair only broke apart when they heard Bakura's impatient coughs.

"Get us out of here!" Bakura angrily growled causing the pair to separate and Malik to rush over to let them out of their cell.  All four of them then collected their swords from where they had been placed nearby after their capture.

"Lets get out of here," Ryou begged. 

"Ryou's right, lets go," Malik agreed.   The four of them began to exit the jail but they soon discovered that the commodore wasn't stupid enough to only have two guards watching them.  The room they had just entered was full of eight more guards.

"Great," Bakura muttered. The four pirates split apart so they could individually battle. Two guards quickly lunged at Bakura and he quickly blocked their blows with his sword.  The guards were no match for Bakura as soon as he went on the attack as he easily over powered them with his blows.  A kick to one guard stunned him long enough for Bakura to jab his sword into the body of the other guard, he then swung back around and slashed open the chest of the guard he had kicked to the floor before moving on to help the others.

Marik meanwhile was trying to handle three guards at once while Malik was fending off two more.   Marik was handling his own until he heard Malik cry out in pain.  Glancing at his love, Marik saw him drop his sword and grab his arm in pain as blood seeped out between his fingers.  The distraction was all that the guards needed to gain an advantage on Marik.  As Marik's sword went flying across the room, he pulled out the Millennium Rod determined not to go down without a fight and to take someone out with him.  To his surprise however all of a sudden the guard on the left had a sword sticking through the middle of him and a fist was flying through the air hitting the center guard on the head, knocking him out.  The surprise attack gave Marik a chance to burry his dagger into the chest of the remaining guard.

"Don't you know never to get in a fight without me around to help you?" an amused voice asked.

"Yami!" Marik cried.  "It's about time you showed up!"  Glancing around the room, Marik watched as Bakura finished off the two guards who had been after Malik while Yugi kneed at Malik's side tending to his wounds.  As well Ryou stood over the body of the last of the guards with his sword bloodied.

"Is everyone okay?" Ryou asked as Marik made his way over to Malik and lifted his love up into his arms.

"I'm fine," Malik replied with a small smile as he snuggled against Marik.

"Lets get out of here," Yami said and the others were quick to agree.  Fortunately they made their way back to the Duel Monster without further resistance and soon set sail wanting to leave the area as soon as possible.

"You know I doubt if my father will be so willing to let us get away," Malik sadly said as he continued to lay in Marik's arms as he and the others stared at the retreating Port Domino.

"We'll be ready for him," Yami replied before heading off to his cabin with Yugi.  Bakura and Ryou also soon left for the night leaving the psycho blondes alone.

"Come on lets tend to that arm," Marik said as he carried Malik away to their own cabin.