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Chibiusa walked down side walk after another day of school had gone by and sighed. She was now 15 years of age and still lived with her mother Usagi Tsukino but, it was just Usagi and herself that shared a house. Chibiusa wasn't usually called "Chibiusa" by her friends anymore and was called Chi or juss Chibi or Usa but they didn't use them together. Her hair had also changed since then, it was still pink and wavy but the bottoms of her hair were red and she didn't wear it in her usual odango style, but she wore what ever she felt like that day and today was more Chidori style which was ponytails with some hair let out in the front.

She walked into the door of her house as she hummed a small tune that had been stuck in her head. "Hey!" Usagi said excitedly as she ran towards her daughter or 'cousin'. "I'm making dinner tonight can you go to the store to get some food?" She said with a goofy grin on her face. "You're" Chibiusa pointed to her. "making dinner?" Usagi just looked at her for a minute and then gave her the list. "Arigato! Be back before.." She looked at her watch "6:00". Chibiusa's head fell down. "Well, might as well get take-out on the way back." With that she walked out the door.


Usagi looked at her watch "5:30" She read aloud. "she better be back soon." Usagi said as she sighed and went back to cooking. The faint sound of a voice saying news bulletin from the other room could be heard from the kitchen where Usagi was. "I wonder what that's about." She wondered as she wiped her hands and then walked into the front room and soon was in shock. "Oh my god"


Chibiusa had been walking down the street from the store. 'Traffic sure is going today...' Chibiusa thought as she burst open the door to her and her mothers house.

As soon as she got in Usagi rushed down stairs, her face didn't look as if she were to greet her. "Chi, pack up all your stuff!!" Usagi pulled her daughters arm upstairs and threw her into her room. "HURRY!!!!" She yelled. "Why?!" Chibiusa yelled back as she got a suit case. "You know that our Sailor Scout powers are not to be used until I am queen, right?" Usagi asked. Chibiusa nodded her head. "There seemes to have been a time disruption, and now youkais', bandits', sorcerers' and other things are all turning up in our town and we are told to evacuate as soon a possible!!!!" "WHAA?" Chibiusa sounded as she quickly got all of her clothes together and put them into a suitcase. "There's no time!"


Chibiusa and Usagi were now all packed and ready to go, Usagi was the first to run out the door and Chibiusa was about to but then she rememberd something. "You go on without me!" Chibiusa yelled to Usagi. "NO" Usagi yelled back. "Come-on Mom, I'll be okay, now go!" With that Chibiusa ran back upstairs and Usagi had no choice but to leave. (A.N. not to make Usagi sound bad or anything. ^^;)


Back up stairs Chibiusa looked frantically for her missing item. "Where is it?!" She yelled to herself and kept on the search. "yes!" She yelled as she grabbed a small stone and packed it into her bag.

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Chibi was ready, she grabbed her bag and ran out of the door of her room to meet her mother who was probably standing outside the door to the house. She grabbed the cold door knob which led to the top of the stairs and stopped dead in her tracks. 'I'm too late.' Was all she could think about as she looked down the stairs and saw some men dressed in odd clothes in the living room. Her heart was beating 1000 miles an hour as she watched the men move about the house and then one man told another man to check up stairs. 'I'm too late'


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