Title: Total Recall

Author: CSIphile/Redwing

Rating/Genre: PG-13, angst

Pairing: M/A

Disclaimer: I don't own them, cause if I did Alec would be nekkid every episode. Seriously, the characters are owned by James Cameron and Charles Eglee, any new characters and the plot are mine alone. The title is stolen from a movie, it just fits so well, I couldn't resist.

Summary: Captured together, will Max and Alec survive to get back to Terminal City.

AN: This is my first Dark Angel WIP, I have written many, many others for other fandoms, however, so I'm hoping this doesn't suck. All items in italics are memories or thoughts. I hope who's doing the thinking isn't too confusing, if it is let me know and I'll attempt to clear it up.

Thanks: To everyone who reviewed my last fic "Will You" it inspired me to start this one.  To my fabulous beta, you know who you are. You're the best, easily.


Chapter 1: Captured

She wakes slowly, all her senses coming back one by one. Her head feels…funny. Fuzzy, like she has been drinking too much and is still hung over the next morning. Only she doesn't get hangovers and her apartment seems to be moving, her body bouncing up and down with the motion. That's when she realizes she's not in her bed, or any bed for that matter.; whatever she is lying on is hard and unforgiving.

'What the hell happened?' she wonders. Opening her eyes, Max finds herself staring right back  into hazel eyes filled with concern. The owner of said eyes, unlike herself, is sitting upright and about four feet to her right.

Sharp pain.

Alec, yelling her name.


A sense of dread fills her, and she sits up slowly, going into a near panic when chains around her legs and arms limit her mobility. Pulling at the metal, she is distressed to find she is unable to break them. Suddenly, it all comes back with frightening speed, and she looks up at her fellow captive, similarly adorned with handcuffs and chains, terror washing over her. Quickly, she takes in her surroundings: they are in what looks like a small box -- no windows, no access to whoever is driving the vehicle, and the walls appear to be made of the same material as her chains. She is sitting on a bench that runs from one end of the area to the other, with Alec on another bench opposite her.

"Max? You ok?"

"I…" She looks around. They are being transported in the back of a van of some kind. "I think so."

Looking down at herself, she confirms her initial assessment; besides a pounding headache and some general achy ness, she seems to be fine. Snapping her head up, she looks at Alec.

"You ok?"

"None the worse for wear. For the minute anyway." His voice is serious, something Max infrequently hears from him.

"It was a fucking set up!" she finally says after several minutes of silence.

"Looks that way. Someone must have alerted Manticore." At that, he shakes his head and looks down.

"Manticore?" she questions.

Alec just nods and runs through the events in his head.

"Hey, how about a beer once we are done here?" he had asked her quietly.

"You're on, pretty boy." She smiled back at him.

"I think the 'bar' in TC recently came upon some Canadian brew." He smirked at her.

"I don't even think I want to know." She shook her head and laughed lightly.

"No, probably not." He pursed his lips and also shook his head.

A quiet cackle came through their headsets and the voice of an X6 named Mink voice came through the line.

"Unidentified vehicle at two o'clock."

Both transgenics turned to the approaching vehicle, confused. Intel had assured them that no one would be unloading the semi until morning at the earliest.

"What the hell…" Alec muttered. He and Max were hiding on one side of an embankment, concealed by darkness. Two X6s, Mink and Alesha, were stationed on the warehouse roof; Alesha disconnecting the ancient alarm system, Mink keeping watch on the entrance.

Something about the sudden appearance of the black van set Alec's senses off. It was driving slowly, approaching the semi-truck that they had been prepared to hijack. A voice in the back of his head was screaming at him that they needed to retreat, that something had gone sideways.

"Something's up. Not good," Max said into his ear. Apparently she had the same feeling.

Looking at her, they communicated silently, and he nodded his head in agreement. Retreat. Immediately. Quickly, Alec relayed the information to the X6s and watched them slip into the inky darkness. There were no lights in the area, save two docking lights that really didn't illuminate anything except their target.

Without even looking at Max, he relayed the retreat to her with hand signals. She replied the same way, and they turned to leave -- only getting about 50 yards from their original position before meeting up with an army.

Both the X5s stopped dead in their tracks, assessing the situation. There were at least 10 soldiers dressed in camouflage. Something about them was familiar to Alec, but he couldn't voice it before a shot rang out, and he moved to avoid the bullet.

He looked at Max, and in tandem they blurred the line -- figuring the only way out was to just start the fight and hope to gain an element of surprise.

For a little while it seemed to work, until while administering a roundhouse to the face of one solider, he saw the tazer weapon, and Max hit the ground, convulsing hard.

"Max!" he yelled, and was similarly treated to a shock of his own and hit the ground mere inches from her.

In the back of the truck, she shudders as she remembers the tazer making contact with her abdomen. She had been down in less than five seconds.

She opened her eyes briefly against the pain; Alec was beside her on the damp grass, out cold. She looked up at their attackers.

Manticore. The small lion emblem sewn onto their fatigues.



"Manticore," he repeats quietly.

They sit in silence, contemplating the meaning of that one word. The word that can strike fear into their hearts in a second. Neither of them want to go back; both are aware of the punishment they are about to endure -- him more than her. Reindoctrination; maybe even Psy Ops. Alec shivers physically at that thought; he was there once, and isn't in the mood to repeat the experience. Manticore has ways of breaking you that the mob would be proud of: by the time they were through with you, you didn't care about anyone but yourself. And even that was a stretch. It wasn't that you were suddenly a loyal solider -- you just didn't want to piss them off 'cause that would mean another trip downstairs.

And boy, had they managed to piss off Manticore.

"What are they going to do to us?" she asks, her eyes belaying the fear.

"You really don't want to know. You think whatever they did to you last time was bad, just wait." His voice is emotionless, trying not to remember.

He watches as she bites her lip. Never in his four years of knowing her has Alec seen her so…scared. Not that he could blame her; she had been running from this place for thirteen years. One capture and a fire later, she had thought they were safe. Manticore had seemingly burned to the ground and their biggest problem was the familiars. And, for whatever reason, they wouldn't enter Terminal City.

But now the two leaders of the refuge are in the back of a van headed to who-knows-where to have who-knows-what done to them. But as quickly as the fear comes, so does the anger.

"Dammit, Alec! We KNOW better -- what the hell were we thinking going on a supply run? Nothing like sending your two leaders out where they can get captured! At the same time!" With that, she pulls on the chains in front of her violently, only succeeding in tearing at the skin on her wrists, causing blood to flow.

"Max, we didn't know, we couldn't know. How long had it been since we'd been outside TC? Four months, maybe five? A simple supply run seemed like a great way to get out. Low risk, a little fun, blow off some steam…." He pauses, and looks at her now red-tinged wrists.

"But why the hell did we decide to blow of a little steam together?"

He shrugs at her. "'Cause we haven't seen each other for more than 10 minutes at a time in weeks, and when was the last time we pulled a job together?"

"I don't know -- it's been a while actually…" She conceded his point. They needed to get out together -- spend some time away from TC, even if it was only on a supply run. If they both would admit to it, they had missed each other.

In the two years they had been instilled at Terminal City, the two had grown close -- closer than Alec could have ever predicted. Of course, being the two leaders of the city sorta forced them together. At first, very little got done without an argument between them, but eventually they had settled nicely into a co-leader situation. They were both the CO; in Terminal City they didn't have SIC's. Every decision is made via committee, and then both Max and Alec have to agree on the decision. It was becoming less and less frequent that they disagreed. It has been almost disconcerting to those around them who are used to the bickering and occasional physical fight.

Of course, building a city had also built their friendship. Logan was long gone -- moved to Canada when his life was threatened yet again by White; that had been 18 months ago. Of course, their relationship had effectively ended when he was forced out of TC by the toxins, along with OC and Sketchy, almost two years ago, shortly after the Jam Pony incident.

In the end, Max and Alec had turned to each other -- becoming each other's confidants, a shoulder to lean on, and co-leader. Somewhere along the way though, they had started to slowly acknowledge some of the deeper feelings between them. More than friends, less than lovers seemed to be the current state of their relationship. Both scared to take that last step, afraid it would ruin everything; plus, they simply hadn't found the time to be with each other long enough to discuss a potential physical relationship, or make time for one for that matter. Alec found that cosmically funny -- he had ripped on her about knowing Logan for a year and never getting physical, and yet here he was -- in the exact same position, with the same girl. For twice as long.

"The question is how did the bad guys find out?" he finally questions.

"I….the only people who knew were you, me, Mole, Dix, and Mink and Alesha."


"What? Are you saying one of our own turned us in?"

He remains silent and watches her consider this; he can almost see the exact second she realizes he is right. "Ohh god. But they didn't know who was going, that was a last minute decision. How did they know they would get us?"

"I don't think they were after us specifically; any transgenic would do, and we just happened to be the toy surprise." He bangs the back of his head on the side of the van, grimacing slightly.

He watches her face fall at the horrible realization of why they are even in this predicament. And he feels for her;  Alec himself had become close to several people within TC, and knew almost all of them. He can't imagine someone doing this, nor can he discern a motivation for it.

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