Title: Total Recall, Epilogue

Author: CSIphile/redwing

AN: You know, I wrote the fic and then realized I had deprived y'all of the TC reunion. Especially Mole and Dix, so I wrote this last little bit. No smuttiness here, I cant write that kind of stuff. Perhaps next fic I'll get a little more into the….unseemliness.

AN2: Thank you, yet again. You guys have seriously been the greatest fans a writer could ask for. I haven't started that other fic (RL has been insane the past few months), but I'm getting ideas, maybe even a few good ones. Until next time….

Epilogue: Reunions

They had arrived in Terminal City to practically a parade. Once they were well clear of Idaho and had passed into Washington, Dalton had called Dix and confirmed they were safe and en route home. Of course this information had been passed on to the masses, and a party had ensued welcoming their leaders back.

Mole and Dix had probably been the most excited to see them…..

Before Alec can enjoy being home for the first time in months, he is practically attacked by Mole. The lizard came up and gave the transgenic a tight hug. Alec had pulled back and eyed the other man suspiciously.

"Ok, who are you and what did you do with Mole? You a clone?"

Mole had apparently realized what he did in front of half of TC and made an attempt at covering for himself. "No man, just happy to pass the running of this place back to you. I think everyone can agree its better with you guys in charge."

Alec pursed his lips and shook his head. "Whatever man, we are just happy to be back."

"Very." Max says from next to him and is immediately scooped up by Joshua.

"Little Fella!" He hollers and squeezes tight, earning a low groan from her.

"Easy big fella, sore shoulder here."

The large dog man had put her down in an instant and was sniffing at her. "Lil' fella hurt?"

"Not bad Josh. Just still sore. Okay?" She had carefully run her hand over the big mans fur.

"Ok, Joshua just glad to see you. Thought Max and Alec dead."

"Not yet, man, not yet." Alec commented and patted him on the back.

Dix had then made a sudden appearance, coming to a halt next to Mole, staring at them almost in awe. "It's very good to see…" The smaller man stopped and sniffled slightly, Alec could tell he was trying to hold back tears. "We're just glad your home." He finally finishes with a guilty look.

"No more than us, boss. I hear you guys kept this place running in our absence." Alec said as they all started moving toward the command center. He could see a few dozen transgenic's standing in various buildings and balconies, watching them pass. He wondered where the heck everyonewas.

"We did our best." Dix responded. "You and Max have a good system in place, we had a few supplier snags, but other than that…"

Alec cut him off. "No Dix, WE had a good system in place. All of us. Its good to know that if anything does happen…TC will go on."

Mole finally spoke up again, taking the cigar out of his mouth. "How about if we avoid that scenario again? Running this place once was enough for me."

Alec clapped the lizard on the back. "We'll do our best Mole, but you know how Max loves to get out of here and cause trouble."

The woman he was speaking of, who had been deep in conversation with Gem and Joshua, stopped talking and turned to him, smiling. "Shut up, jackass."

Suddenly Moles stopped walking and stared at them, his expression deadpan. "Wow, never thought I would miss that, but I did."

The group laughed, even Max and Alec, and as they walked into the center of TC, the two missing transgenics realized why no one seemed to be waiting for them. They were all here, waiting, clapping…cheering for their safe return…..

Now they sit in the small bar -- Alec behind the counter, pouring her a beer and himself a scotch. Most of TC's residents had gone to bed, exhausted from reveling in Max and Alec's return and their potential freedom. The party at started at 3 in the afternoon and it is currently pushing 3 am.

The two of them, however, had each gotten naps in the car on the way back and were way too hyped up to attempt sleep. The excitement of the day, the thrill of finally being home, as well as her genes, had kept them up into the early morning, barely sleeping but 5 hours in the last 24.

"You really think McCoy can do it?" she asks him and takes a long drink of her beer. Man, she missed beer.

"Yeah, I really do. I don't think it's going to be as easy as they seem to think, but it's a start." He swallows the rest of his scotch. "And at least we know Manticore can't come back, at least for a while."

She merely drinks her beer, her silence speaking volumes to him.

"Max, we got them. We may have actually done it this time. Jacob called me earlier, he says all the sites had the same success we did -- those who turned them in are free except to testify at trials. Files erased, people arrested, and the Grand Committee is out of business -- nailed by the FBI. I think they are actually going to be tried by Geneva Convention rules regarding the torture of imprisoned soldiers." He shrugs slightly.

"I know, Alec, it's just so hard to believe it. And how long will it take for people to accept us? The government can do what it will, but it won't make the hatred and fear stop."

At that, he walks around the counter, turns her in her seat and stares into her eyes. "No, it won't, Max, but its one more monkey off our back. Yeah, it's going to take time, but now it's time we actually have."

"But…White…." Her words are cut off by his finger on her lips.

"Don't think about it." He can see her start to protest and continues before she can. "No, Max, this is our time. Mine and yours, and for once, I won't let anything stop it. White is something to deal with later."

With that he leans in and takes her beer-placing it on the bar- as he kisses her on her lips. She responds by standing, sliding her small body up his as she does, her lips never leaving his. As she stands at her full height, he moves his hands to her back, pulling her even closer to him; he can feel body heat radiating off her. She is returning his kiss full force, holding nothing back.

Quickly, he increases the already feverish pace, devouring her with his tongue, tasting her. Alec groans involuntarily when one of her hands skims over his barcode and stops in his hair, her nimble fingers raking through his short locks.

Reluctantly, he pulls away from her and finds an attractive flush on her cheeks; something primal in him is pleased that he caused that reaction in her. Running a thumb along her jawline, he smiles at her.

"Come on, let's celebrate." His smile turns mischievous.

"I like your thinking, Alec." Her smile is seductive, her eyes burning with desire.

"You're going to like a whole lot more in a while," he whispers to her as he pushes the bar door open to the outside and starts leading her to his living area.

"God, I hope so," she whispers back.

"God has nothing to do with it, Max." He winks at her and pulls her body to his side, wrapping one arm around her waist.

Life, for the minute, is good.