More fluff O_o;; XD Based on a poem I read in Engrish class Im useless... and its to short again *dies* ;-;

"Aww...look at that,its raining" Ken said as him and Daisuke walked out of school.

Daisuke mumbled something about an umbrella and Ken,from what he heard,guessed he had to go and buy one as they were going to walk back together.

He smiled at Daisuke and ran off to the nearest shop as every shop seemed to sell umbrella's. (they really do in Japan @_@;;)

By the time he got back it was raining hard and Daisuke was shivering,his hair had gone flat and his make up was running. (... x_x;;;;;;;)

"'Bout fucking time" He grumbled,shaking his wet hair.

Ken smiled apologeticaly and opened the umbrella.

"Its a long walk back,you gonna be O.K.? Not going to sneeze yourself to death?"

Daisuke just glared.

After they'd been walking for about 5 minutes,Daisuke felt Ken's arm slowly wrap round his waist and suddenly he was pulled close.

"_what_...are you doing?" He growled as Ken held him tightly against him.

"Well,you werent completely under the umbrella so half of your hair would have gone flop,so if we walk next to eachother like this we wont get wet at all ^^"

Daisuke sighed,making himself sound angry,even though he was slightly pleased at his friends concern.

"Oh...O.K. then" He replied slightly happily.

He put his arm round Ken's waist,letting it hang quiet loosely there to show he still wasnt to pleased with the idea.

They started to walk again,less than half way home.

After they'd walked for about 20 minutes,they were holding eachother very tightly as the rain had got heavier.

Daisuke was quiet glad of Ken next to him,even though his clothes were wet the skin inside them was burning hot.

Ken was thinking the same about Daisuke and soon they were crushed so close together they could hardly walk.

When it got to be about 10 minutes until they got home,Daisuke got very quiet and started to space out every few minutes.

"Dai-chan,are you alright?" Ken asked,stopping and turning the other to face him.

Daisuke looked up at him,his eye's half closed.

Ken smiled as rain dripped off his fringe and ran down his nose.

Daisuke smiled back and nodded.

"Just thinking"

Ken nodded and wrapped the arm back round Daisuke's waist and Daisuke did the same and they started to walk again.

When it got to 5 minutes before they parted Ken spoke again.

"Dai-chan,what were you thinking earlier?"

Daisuke smiled and snuggled against Ken a little.

"I was just thinking...I wish it would rain forever..."

end *runs away and hides* ;-;