Title: Reunion 12/12

Author: Spikewil

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Fandom: Angel/Buffy

Pairing: Giles/OFC, Angel/Wesley

Rating: G

Summary: Spike and Xander, sons of Rupert Giles

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Warning: This is my first fic with self-made characters. Except for the characters of "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" and "Angel". Hope you like it.

Disclaimer: All the characters belong to Joss Whedon. Too bad for me.

Beta: Thanks to Neena for betaing my story. If there are still mistakes in it, they are all mine.

Later that day, Dawn decided it was time to open the presents. She gave the first present to Alex. Alex looked at his mum, she nodded and Alex tore into the paper revealing a firetruck with everything on it.

"Mum, look it's a firetruck, it has a bell and a ladder," Alex gleefully told his mum. He immediatly began playing with it.

William was looking at Alex. He wanted a gift too. Willow grabbed a larger package and rolled it to William. His face lit up and he ripped the paper off his present. It was a red bike for a toddler with sidewheels to keep balance.

"Mummy, look!" William squealed, jumping on the bike and began racing through the livingroom nearly knocking Cordelia off her feet.

"William, slow down before you hurt someone," Micheala warned her happily racing son.

Rupert received a brown paper package. After opening it, he looked with a surprised expression on his face at Buffy. "I didn't know you used the dairies I gave you"

"Yes, I did. From the first day you gave them to me, I have written in them. And it's time for you to have them," Buffy said to Rupert, glad that he liked her gift.

Then with tears in her eyes, Buffy gave a present to Liam. He opened the small package and revealed the ring he'd given her when he fell in love with her.

"You found your true love, Angel... sorry Liam. I think it's time you should give it to him." Buffy said.

"Thank you, Buffy," Liam said with tears in his eyes.

"What's aunty Buffy gaves you, uncle Liam?" William said behind the couch.

"She gave me my mother's ring back. I gave it to her when I fell in love with her," Liam answered, giving Buffy a hug.

He turned to Wesley, grabbed his lover's right hand and asked Wesley: "Will you marry me?"

"Yes, I will," Wesley answered a second after he was asked. He leaned forward and kissed Liam.

Liam pushed the ring on Wesley's ringfinger, it was a perfect fit.

"Wesley, with the help of Micheala we were able to find a book for you. Surprising huh?" Cordelia joked, but was still serious. "We hope you like it."

Wesley opened his present. 'How to be an Angel' was written with nice letter on the cover. Wesley laughed. "Thanks guys, I really do like it. And perhaps it helps us when Liam and I become an angel."

"Micheala, we found it difficult to find something for you, because we really don't know you personally. So we bought something for the both of you," Buffy started.

"It's a video- and photocamera with lots of tapes, so you can make lots of films and photos of Above and those two little boys," Willow said.

"And of you and Rupert of course," Dawn quickly added.

"Girls, this is too expensive for you to buy this." Rupert told the girls.

"Rupert, I am not poor, you know. I have been seen saving every dime my parents ever gave to me," Willow calmly said, giving the couple the presents.

After opening the presents, Micheala decided it was time for Willow to receive her present.

"Willow, would you come with me for a moment, please?" Micheala said, walking towards the kitchen. Alex followed his mum and with her help he sat down on one of the kitchen chairs.

"Willow, with this device you can see, talk and visit Alex. I will explain this device to Alex when we're home," Micheala showed the device to Willow. It was shaped like a tennisball, but it was made out of some sort of glass and it was blue. "When you touch it once, you will be able to see what he's doing. He can respond if you say his name.

If the device stays blue, he's not to be disturbed," Micheala explained to Willow.

"I understand. But how I can visit him?" Willow asked.

"You have to call my name or Rupert's name, we will arrange with you when you want to visit. Rupert or I will pick you up." Micheala answered.

"Here's a case for it so you can keep it safe. Only you can touch it. Anyone else will receive a shock if they touch it ," Micheala said, giving the case to Willow.

"It's time, Rupert. Mum is going to gather my sisters to help her get us home." Micheala told her husband.

"Okay, let's get this show on the road, shall we?" Rupert joked.

Liam, Gunn and Rupert went upstairs to get the suitcases and bring them down.

Micheala formed a circle with powder, leaving a part open. She and Willow started to put the suitcases within the circle. They both looked at the two boys sitting wide-eyed on the couch, their presents held tightly in their hands.

"Alex and William, grab your presents and put them within the circle." Micheala told her boys. They reluctantly did what their mum said. But they kept eyeing their presents from their seats.

Everybody received and gave hugs and kisses. It was time to go home.

Micheala and Wesley felt their mother tugging at their connection.

The small family stepped into the circle and Micheala closed the circle.

A bright light enveloped them, and within seconds the family was gone.

A silence came over the remaining Sunnydale and L.A.-groups. They looked at each other then they looked at Willow.

"Let's try the device, shall we?" Willow said with tears in her eyes.

Willow took the ball in her hands and stroked it. The device showed a picture of how Alex and William were safely home, getting introduced to the family, still clutching their gifts in their hands.

Suddenly the picture changed and Micheala's face showed up.

"Couldn't wait to try it out, huh?" Micheala laughed and the picture was gone. The ball was blue again.

"See you next time!" Willow softly said to the ball.