Shattered-Chapter 1- Fire Away

Penny walks into the office with a CD player in her hand and headphones around her neck. The music was playing loudly and anyone within ten feet of her could hear Tina Turner's "What's Love Got to Do With It?" Penny walks over to her desk and sits down. She turns the music off, yawns, puts her head down on her desk, and sighs sleepily. Jake opens the door to his office and walks out.

J-"Hey, Penny, can I talk to you for a minute?"

Her response is muffled because she is talking into her desk.

P-"Yeah, sure."

She lifts her head, stands up, and walks into his office. Jake follows her and closes the door behind them. He walks over to his desk and sits down. Penny is still standing in the middle of his office.

J-"Please sit down." ~Damn, he sounds upset~

Penny doesn't sit down. "What's going on?"

J- "Please just sit down."

She walks over to the couch and sits down. "Fine, I'm sitting. Now what the hell is going on?"

J- "I'm not sure how to say this but . . ."

~Shit this doesn't sound good~

J-"Um, I got word from Sunbrite. The show isn't getting good ratings
and consequentially isn't making the money it should be. I was given a
list of non-productive and unnecessary employees they want me to fire

+Why do I have to tell her this?+

P-" I'm on the list aren't I?"
J-" Yes, I'm afraid you are."
P-"I guess that make sense because I'm both nonproductive and unnescessary."

+Why does she always beat herself up like that?+

J-"No you're not Penny. I wish I had the 10 grand to keep the show
running just to keep you around."
P-"You need ten grand?" She pauses.

~I could give him the money, but that would break my big secret~

P-"Wow that's a lot. Well what can you do? Um, I'm gonna go gather my
stuff. Don't wanna hang around being unnesesary for too long." She
laughs. " Call me if there's any change."
J-"I will."

She turns to leave. But then she suddenly turns back right before she opens the door.

P-"Jake why did you say all that stuff about keeping me around?"

~I hope it was because he started feeling for me what I feel for him~

J-"Because you're my best friend."
P-"Oh, uh, okay."

She begins to open the door.


She turns back, looking very hopeful.

J-"I'm sorry."
P-"Me too."

She looks at him wistfully for a moment before looking at the floor and walking out.

A/N: There will be another chapter eventually. And so there is no confusion. This + is Jakes thoughts and this ~ is Penny's