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That day was hot and bright as Hotsuma stared into the blinding sun as if he had never seen it before. It has been over 30 years since that incident and he knew himself he was far to old to run the clan anymore. Already he had been leader longer than most and he knew it was up to his Grandsons.
The thing was. He knew how it felt to loose a Brother. He had wished it wouldn't come to his own Grandchildren. Even though they fought like enemies already. He had sensed a strange energy in the Oldest Twin. He had long silver hair and Blue eyes, yet his hair mostly gave way to whose traits he was possessing. It was as if he was the incarnate of his brother. But he doubted it. Reincarnation was something he no longer believed. Just possession.
The one he was speaking of was Named Hiro Oboro. Named for the way he smiled at birth, even though Babe's could not smile at that age he managed to give a Heroic Smile as if finishing attaining some victory over something they could not see. And after came his sickly Brother.
They had named him Jonouchi Oboro. Yet he had raven black hair and beautiful brown eyes. He was also blind as a Bat. They had first noticed when even the day after his birth his eyes did not focus on anything. They were worried. Though they had tried to produce another child so Jonouchi could live a long and easy life they had failed. Both of them, Mother and Father, Killed in an Accident involving a Car.
Hotsuma shivered slightly as memories of his fight with Moritsune Flashed through his mind. He had to gather nerve, Just like he could as a Teen, But he knew as the ages grew and the time became peaceful, he had lost some of those familiar properties. He was just so easy to be put into an emotional fit. He finally managed to gather what wit he, as old as he was, could manage and step to the large doorway of a simple apartment that states Oboro on the front door. Knocking rather loudly he took a few steps back and waiting for the answer to be made by one of the twins. Both being 21 years of age.
It was Jonouchi who answered. He had made it quite well being blind. Even at fighting his skills seemed to pass that of Hotsuma's. He had excellent hearing and very good instinct. Hotsuma smiled and cleared his throat in order to talk more clearly than he had been in years.
" Jonouchi-Chan. How are you? I have come to collect you and your brother Hiro for the fight you must have." He was slightly unnerved by having to tell his grandchild that it was time for one of them to die and the other to take leadership of the clan.
Jonouchi simply stood there a second as if soaking in the information given to him, then turning he faced the backrooms as if he could see them and yelled with a rather loud voice as if trying to yell over some unknown forces.
"Hiro-kun!! Time to go, and find who shall be leader!" Soon after a dark room door opened did it seem clear to why he yelled so loud. A rush of Violent Music filled the halls and rooms of the small apartment, and from the door appeared a Tall boy with long silver hair, slender with a small scar, obviously from a rival fight with his brother. He wore a long black trench coat adorned with small silver spikes, and tight black pants with a Black tank top. Upon his back he carried a Chotou. Though he knew he had no need of it if he were to win. He would get his Grandfather's sword. The Akujiki.
Smiling Hiro stepped forward and bowed respectfully to his elder, then with a slight grin he spoke in a dreary voice. Though very familiar to Hotsuma. Once again making Hotsuma think clearly about Reincarnation.
"Yes I will be most pleased to win leader ship. Sofu." Hiro smiled stepping past his brother and handing him a smaller sword called the Kodachi. "Let us go to the fight ground Kyodai." And with that he jumped from the 2-story balcony and to the streets below, already knowing where to go.
** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** At the battle field Hotsuma watched nervously, Both is Mago were circling one another swinging their swords in ready for the battle. He knew after this day would decide their fates. He just wished it would not have to happen he just wished it would not.
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