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Chapter 2: The Fight ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **

Hiro pressed past his disabled brother and into the ring designated for their battle. The Akujiki lay silently upon a thick log to their right, and Hotsuma was standing to their left. The weather had not gotten better, It was pouring and dark, the only light came from random flashes of lightening as they headed towards earth.
Jonouchi already had his Kodachi ready in his right hand; his face seemed to follow the movements of Hiro. As if he could hear his every movements. It seemed both were at a Disadvantage. Hiro could barely see due to the dim light, and Jonouchi could barely hear due to the Thunder, a perfect match thought Jonouchi. He knew a good point. With the Kodachi, you do not strike first. For it is the smallest type of sword used for defense due to the fact it was lighter in weight. He would only wait for his Twin brother to make the first move.
"Well Ototo." Hiro spoke, his voice low and keen to the moment. " I am sorry, but it seems I'll have to kill you now." And with that the confident brother struck, Using his body weight to propel himself forward at a fast speed, he headed for the mid section of Jonouchi. Knowing it would have been harder for him to protect, if Jonouchi had not been ready for the assault.
With a simple twist to the side, in a fluid like motion Jonouchi was able to easily dodge to the right of his attack, and wasting no time to bring a blow to the back of Hiro's head using the Hilt of the Kodachi. This would cause Hiro to lurch forward and catch himself with his arms.
Hotsuma seemed Impressed, even though he hated the look of them fighting. Hated the fact they had to, of course he already explained this, did he not? It seemed Jonouchi was the better fighter. And most likely the next to lead the clan.
Hiro took quick juts forward till he was able to get to his feet, gripping harder on the Hilt of his Chotou he let a small growl escape his lips to show his rage at the time. Not taking another second to wait, he lung forward again at Jonouchi, But this time at the same time the thunder roared. Jonouchi was powerless and was forced to take the hit, The Chotou drove hard into Jonouchi's side. He let out a little gasp in pain and then brought his Kodachi into the lower abdomen of Hiro, landing a fatal blow.
Hotsuma ran quickly to the side of Jonouchi, obviously he was the winner, his wound was healable, not Hiro's. Hotsuma, calmly, spoke to Jonouchi. "Mago, You must not kill your brother, victory is yours. You are the new leader of the Oboro Clan."
Jonouchi looked up to Hotsuma as if he could see, taking small short steps he approached Hiro from behind. Hiro sat there gasping in between breaths. He was in pain and was obviously dyeing. Jonouchi told himself, this was to end his suffering it was the only humane thing to do. Swiftly he raised the sword into the air above his head. Closing his eyes, as if it mattered much he brought it to Hiro's neck. Hiro let out a quick gasp of surprise then made no more noise.
Jonouchi stood there silently it was then that the whole thing of what he had done had hit him. His brother, would never speak to him, punch him, and care for him again. Because He himself had ended his life. The pain was unbearable. He looked to the Akujiki and lifted it above his head as if to throw it, but slowly he lowered it to his side.
Hotsuma stepped forward. A Sympathetic look on his face, He knew how Jonouchi must have felt. Unlike Hiro, Jonouchi had more of heart. He felt more sympathy now than ever. As he approached he was greeted by a hefty surprise. Jonouchi had turned to him, his breathing hard and labored. He was upset; only he threw Akujiki into him, turned on his heal and dashed toward the forests outside the fighting ground. Hotsuma Attempted follow. But to no use he was gone. Now what was he too do?
** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **

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