A/N: Someone said they wanted to see the original challenge, so here it is, in true Nymphean style:

As you know (or don't), I used to post rhyming challenges on under C. Hallenger. Therefore, I am more comfortable challenging in rhyme. Without further ado...

Here's a challenge, just for you,

To write a fic (that ISN'T poo)

With romance, humour and a little drama

Someone's child and someone's mama

The romance in question must be slash

(And better than that Nymphean's trash)

Someone must have an... INTERESTING dream

And the couple in question is Snape and Rem...us

An appearance by the Gryffindors three

And yes, it should end HAPPILY!!!

You're free to include whomever you wish

But someone we know must "swim with the fish"

So there's your challenge for boy on boy,

Write it quickly, and ENJOY!

Thanks, Nymphean (she can also be found here on under that name). Actually I would love to see someone else's take on this challenge. If you're game, make sure to email me to tell me where to find it: yamwam, hotmail, etc.