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Chapter 1: Alive or Dead?

The first day of summer was drawing to a close and the town of Surrey was shutting down for the night. The older residents were getting into bed, as were the youngest, and the middle aged folk were finishing up their chores for the evening.

There was only one place in the town where nobody was asleep – Number Four Privet Drive.

If any muggle dared to venture into the house, they would undoubtedly run away in fright, for the inside of the house was completely destroyed.

The house was in ruins, but from the outside, no damage was visible. The walls looked quite intact and the garden had not changed any more than it had since seventeen years before.

The inside of the house however, was unrecognizable. The interior walls were missing, and the furniture was in shreds.

Sitting on a shredded ottoman sat a boy.

The boy was of a large build, with mousy brown hair. His eyes were filled with grief as he held the body of a thin, dark haired boy.

A large man lay unconscious beneath a broken table and there was a lady, tall and horse-faced, laying just to the left of the man.

The boy paid them no attention, however, as he held the fragile boy's frame in his arms.

The thoughts when he had seen his cousin come down the stairs that morning had been, He looks so depressed, I wonder what's with him, maybe he'll be a bit nicer to me this year, but probably not, I hope he doesn't use that wood stick again, mum was crying after that for a week, maybe he'll leave again this summer, well, I hope so.

Now, the only thought that Dudley Dursley could think was, I killed my cousin.

Dudley could see the sun just above the horizon through the cracked window. As he watched, a 'v' of birds came flying over the horizon, towards Surrey.

As they came closer, the teenage boy stated to feel drowsy. The boy felt his cousin's lifeless body slip from his arms as his eyes began to droop.

The last thing he saw before he dropped into a deep sleep was a tall man enter the house through the door.

- - -

Albus Dumbledore stepped through the threshold of the Dursley home to find what looked like a war zone.

He sat down with his head in his hands to think of a new plan.

The old wizard had had a marvellous plan – invincible – but what he saw when he had walked into the house HAD ruined it.

He had planned to come by broom, put the Dursleys asleep with some of the Weasley twin's sleeping gas, put more spells on the house, and leave, leaving the Dursley family to wake up when the gas wore off, but it seemed that Harry was gone.

At least he will be with Sirius now, he thought, standing up.

He turned towards the door, but he stopped when he heard a groan from behind him. Dumbledore drew his wand, expecting to have to stun Dudley again, but he instead found himself looking into the green eyes of a teenage boy.

- - -

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