Well, I had to have an epilogue. Here it is.


It didn't always rain in Seattle. Some evenings were still and calm.

No wind stirred the leaves and dust high into the air. It was sparkling clear after the earlier storm, the lights to be seen in the other buildings burning bright and clear like friendly sentinels.

Logan sat by the window. Alone. Feeling numb.

A call to Matt Sung after the short trip back to Fogle Towers had cleared up the mess in the Jupiter Building, and he'd had Matt retrieve his gun and cell phone, with an arrangement to meet him the next day and pick them up.

Max had gone home to show Kendra and Original Cindy she was okay - apparently they'd called Logan's a few times worrying about her Bling had said.

Bling had done quite a bit of worrying himself.

He'd redressed Logan's arm after he'd showered, making dire threats about needing to have it re-stitched.

Logan had sent him home.

It felt strange to be alone in the apartment for the first time in a few days, with no hint of danger hanging threateningly in the air.

He sighed deeply.

What could make two brothers so different? Same parents, same house, same chances, but ultimately, different choices.

The age-old question - why choose evil, why choose good?

Logan didn't have the answer. He just new that something inside himself drove him to always to choose light rather than dark.


Not bothering to spin around, he smiled nonetheless. "Hey yourself."

Max sat on the arm of the sofa, watching him for a moment.

Eventually, feeling her gaze he looked up.

"How's your arm? I thought you'd need to get it fixed again."

"Bling said something like that," he acknowledged. Then with a half-smile, "I ignored him."

After another pause, a slight hesitation in her voice, she asked, "Are you okay with everything that went down tonight?"

He didn't answer her immediately. Finally, trying to make his voice as normal as possible, he admitted, "Not really."

Max watched his eyes. They were troubled, distant.

Eventually he turned to look at her. "It's kinda scary ... "

She waited for him to continue.

"You know, you do something, say something dumb, ten years later it comes back to kick you in the face."

"Just as well we can't see into the future." She risked a small smile.


The eyes were serious now, but not unhappy. Suddenly she saw them narrow slightly, and he turned to look at her suspiciously. "Do you know what a tracking device was doing in my car this afternoon?"

"Tracking, I s'pose," she replied coolly.

"Oh, I see." Logan nodded thoughtfully.

"They do that you know," added Max helpfully.

"Funny, they don't usually turn up in people's car all by themselves."

"I might have put one there ... in a moment of weakness," admitted Max vaguely.

"Well, I gotta say, to 'whoever' put one there," and he paused looking at her, "you probably got it straight."

"Pity Carlisle was on to it," Max responded without thinking.

"So you 'do' admit your guilt." There was a hint of triumph in his voice.

"Well, a girl's gotta know where her meal ticket is."

Logan looked at her. There was a time when that comment would have hurt, but not tonight - tonight he'd caught 'that' look in her eyes.

Unexpectedly he smiled at her. His wide, generous, 'no–troubles-of-the- world-on-me' smile.

"Yep,' thought Max, 'some days turned out to be positively peachy.'

The End.

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