Kelso's Christmas Wish

Chapter One

Author's Note: Okay, I've finally managed to post a second That 70's Show story. I hope you all like it, it's just going to be a shorter Christmas story. It will be like T70S version of it's a wonderful life. And just to let you know, I have never seen Kelso's parents on the show, so I don't know if they are out of character or not.

Kelso hurried out the door of his home and began the short walk up to his van. Before he had reached it, he realized he had forgotten his keys inside. He was constantly forgetting things and it wasn't unusual for him to have to make a trip back inside before leaving. He was really excited because the next day would be Christmas and he had always loved Christmas. But who could honestly say that they didn't like Christmas?

He stepped inside, brushing the snowflakes out of his hair, "I should get gloves." he muttered to himself, surveying his already red hands. He reached his bedroom and snatched his keys off his desk and struggled into a pair of gloves. He had never understood why gloves were so hard to put on. He always put his fingers through the wrong holes and it never ceased to annoy him.

He grunted loudly, finally managing to slip his thumb into the appropriate area. He was about to step out the door when he heard his parents loud voices float in from the kitchen. He hadn't realized they were awake. When December 24th rolled around, they usually ended up sleeping the day away. It had just become a routine with them.

Kelso decided to go into the kitchen to say hello, but something about the tense, angry sound in his father's voice stopped him. Their had been a lot of tension in the house for some time now. Kelso thought they would have put their fighting on hold at least until the holidays were over. Obviously that wasn't the case and Kelso stifled a sigh as he listened to his mother snap at his father.

Suddenly, his ears pricked up when he heard his own name mentioned, "Where's Michael? We should all spend the day together." he heard his father say gruffly.

"I'm pretty sure he's already left for the Forman's house." his mother sounded disgusted, "Why would he want to spend the day here when he could be over there with his friends?"

"Some friends," his father commented, "From what I've seen, they don't treat him with the respect he deserves."

"Don't start." his mother warned but Kelso heard his father snort at the words. He continued despite the warning.

"And that Steven Hyde," Kelso was surprised at the amount of hostility in his father's voice, "He's the worst of all of them. Stole Jackie away from him. I wonder what he'd do if he knew it was his half-brother's ex-girlfriend he's screwing now."

"We don't need to go into this again," Kelso's mother sounded tired. Kelso was confused at the words. Why had his dad called Hyde his half-brother? It didn't make sense.

"It seems to run in the Hyde family," his father added, "After all, Bud tried to steal you away from me. He almost succeeded too. After the affair you had with him, you're lucky I'm still married to you. So you had better start treating me better."

"You promised you wouldn't throw that in my face," Kelso's mother responded in an anguished tone, "I am sorry. But you know that Michael loves you like you're his biological father and nothing could ever change that."

Kelso didn't want to hear another word of the conversation they were having. He crept outside and jumped into his van. After driving for about five minutes, he pulled over to the side of the road, breathing hard. This couldn't be happening. He wasn't even his father's child and he was related to one of his best friends. That was harshly gross. He couldn't be related to Hyde, Hyde was too grumpy and not pretty enough to be his half-brother. But Kelso couldn't keep denying it because he knew the truth. His father had known Kelso wasn't his child and had tried to keep it a secret from him. He probably would never have told Kelso, it was just sheer chance that he had found out.

"I hate them." Kelso said to himself viciously, watching as his breaths came out in little white puffs of air, "I will never forgive them for doing this to me." But it was the day before Christmas and Kelso wanted to enjoy the day. He tried to push thoughts of his parents out of his mind as he drove to his friends house.

He thought about his friends, glad he would be spending the day with them. They always managed to put him in a good mood. He loved playing the stupid one in their group and being able to make them laugh. They wouldn't know what to do with an emotional Kelso, so he decided not to tell any of them what he had just discovered.

Kelso could smell the sweet scent of Christmas cookies drifting down the basement stairs from the kitchen and smiled to himself. Mrs. Forman always made the best cookies. Kelso heard a familiar voice from behind him and he turned to face Jackie.

"Hi, Michael." Jackie smiled sweetly at him as they stood in the doorway of the basement.

"Hey, Jackie." Kelso returned the smile easily, his problems fleeing further into the back of his mind. Jackie looked so beautiful, in the red mini-dress with the red and white bow in her hair. Once again, he found himself regretting all the mistakes he had made in their relationship.

"Merry Christmas." she said brightly, wrapping him into a big hug. Kelso heard Fez, Eric and Donna snickering from their seats on the couch.

"Two more victims." Eric's gaze travelled upwards and Jackie and Kelso noticed the mistletoe hanging above their heads.

"I like your American customs," Fez grinned slyly at Donna, "And by the way, Donna, it was a very nice kiss."

"Thanks Fez." Donna rolled her eyes and she, Fez and Eric waited for Kelso and Jackie to make a move.

Jackie giggled as she stepped closer to her ex-boyfriend. Kelso felt his pulse quicken as he leaned down to kiss her on the lips. Finally, their mouths met and Kelso closed his eyes, remembering what a good kisser Jackie was. She was almost as good as he was, making them a very good team when it came to making out.

Kelso heard thumping footsteps coming down the stairs but he ignored them and concentrated on kissing Jackie. They jumped apart guiltily when Hyde broke the silence.

"What do you think you're doing?" he demanded and Jackie stared at her feet, her cheeks flushed from the kiss. It had just been a friendly kiss but would Hyde be able to see that?

"Calm down, Hyde, it was just mistletoe." Donna spoke up, "An old Christmas tradition is nothing to get worked up about."

Hyde ignored Donna and began glaring at Kelso, "You think you can just come in here and win Jackie back when she's with me. Well you're wrong. Leave my girlfriend alone and stop trying to steal her away from me."

"Steven, we've been through this before," Jackie interrupted, "I love you. Kelso means nothing to me."

Kelso took a step back, feeling as though she had just slapped him. Even after everything he had done, he had believed that Jackie still valued him as a friend. He winced and turned away as Jackie and Hyde moved into a passionate kiss. He grimaced and went over to the couch. He plopped down next to Fez, who was deep in conversation with Eric.

"So Santa Claus comes down the chimneys at night when everyone is asleep?" Fez asked Eric, who nodded.

"How's it going, Fez?" Kelso cut in, wanting to talk to someone.

"Fine," Fez said shortly, then turned his attention back to Eric, "And he has eight reindeer? What are their names again?"

Kelso tuned out Eric's recitation of the reindeer's names and moved over to where Donna and Jackie were sitting.

"Donna, you have to dress up really pretty tonight." Jackie was saying to Donna, "The greatest gift you could give Eric is allowing him to see you in pretty clothes for a change."

"You really think so?" Donna said thoughtfully.

"Trust me," Jackie patted her red-haired friend on the shoulder, "Eric would love to see you in a pretty dress at the party tonight." Jackie suddenly noticed Kelso and frowned, "Michael, we're kind of trying to have a girl talk here."

"Sorry." Kelso snapped and began climbing the stairs. Once he got there, he reached for the phone. All his friends were ignoring him, maybe his brother would be a little more open to conversation with him. He could even tell Casey what he overheard their parents talking about. It would be good to get it off his chest.

"Hello?" Casey answered the phone after several rings.

"Hey Casey, it's Michael." Kelso spoke into the phone, "I was wondering if I could come over and talk to you for a little while. It's really important."

"Sure." came Casey's indifferent reply. A few moments later Kelso hung up the phone just as Red and Kitty came into the kitchen.

"Were you trying to steal the cookies?" Kitty asked suspiciously, her eyes boring into Kelso's.

"No, I wasn't." Kelso protested, "I had to call my brother."

"Did you bring the Christmas lights for the tree downstairs?" Red asked Kelso and Kelso realized that he had once again forgotten something at home.

"I forgot them." he admitted sheepishly.

"Way to go, dumbass." Red threw up his hands in frustration, "Now the tree is going to end up looking like a piece of crap. This is just wonderful!"

Kelso, brushed past Eric's parents, not in the mood to hear Red yell at him. He drove all the way to Casey's house and hurried up to the front door. He knocked about seven times, before opening the unlocked door and stepping inside.

He found his brother, sprawled out on his couch, a can of beer in his hand. Cans littered the small, dirty room and Casey was half-asleep.

"Casey!" Kelso yelled angrily and his brother opened one eye. Kelso could not believe his brother had gotten drunk after Kelso had told him he had something important to talk to him about. He couldn't believe everyone in his life was so unreliable, "Why'd you go and get yourself drunk?"

"I'm not drunk," Casey slurred, bringing the beer can to his lips, "It's just a little holiday cheer. Sit down and have one too."

Kelso looked at his brother with unconcealed disgust, before stalking out of the house. He just wanted to get home and forget this day had ever started.

But he was more than a little distracted as he started the drive home. He was about two blocks away from his house, when he almost caused an accident. He had driven into the wrong lane and barely managed to swerve out of the way of the oncoming car in time. Both cars screeched to a stop and Kelso watched as a tall, well-built man got out of the car. A woman with a blonde head of hair came out the passenger's side and Kelso started when he saw that it was Laurie.

"You almost scratched up my car." the man growled, his face now inches from Kelso's, "I'm going to make you pay for that."

"I'm sorry," Kelso said weakly, turning to Laurie for help, "Laurie, don't let him kick my ass. I'm already having a bad day!"

Laurie smirked at her brother's friend before speaking, "Let him go, Travis. He's just a wimpy little girl. He's not worth it."

Travis released Kelso and Kelso sighed with relief, before realizing that Laurie had just totally insulted him. He managed to get home without anymore problems and rushed inside. His mother and father were in the front room and he stifled a groan. They were the last people he wanted to see.

"Michael, we're glad you're home," his mother said with a smile, "We wanted to-"

But Kelso couldn't take it anymore and completely lost it with both of his parents, "I hate you!" he screamed before his mother could finish what she was saying, "I can't believe you lied to me about who my father was! Just stay away from me!"

He raced into his room and slammed the door behind him. After making sure it was locked, he landed on the bed, face down. Kelso buried his face into the pillow and into the soft, material he said, "I wish I had never been born."