A Valentine Vacation Chapter 23 A Happy Ending.

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"Man I can't believe spring Vacations over" Said Alan sadly as he pulled his suitcase into the main hall with Clair at his side.

"Neenah for crying out loud STOP CRYING" yelled Matt at a weeping Neenah.

"Matt don't yell at her" Jake said as he tried to comfort Neenah, his shoulder already soaked through with her tears.

"I just *sob* can't believe *more sobs* it all over"

"Yeah we have been through a lot haven't we" said Clair, here voice barely above a whisper.

"Tell you one thing, I'll never forget this week" said Teresa breaking the silence.

"No shit, this week had to be the freakiest week ever" added Matt, while shaking his head in exasperation.

"Then again we shouldn't talk; Inuyasha and Kagome were the ones that had to face most of it"

"Neenah's right, I mean Kagome almost got..."

"Jake shhhhhh Inuyasha and Kagome are right there" said Clair pointing at the door where Inuyasha and Kagome stood, Inuyashas arm hung tightly around Kagomes shoulders.

"Man ever since that incident Inuyasha hasn't let Kagome out of her sight" Teresa sighed.

"Poor Kagome" added Neenah.

"Tell you the truth I don't think Kagomes minds, I think it makes her feel safe over all" said Alan.

"I agree completely" Came Brett's voice from behind the group.

"Ahh What the hell are you doing here, can't you just go back up to the room" said Matt.

Bretts mouth fell wide open "Well sorry, I'll just be going then" and with that he turned around but before he could stomp off Matt grabbed him by the shoulders laughing.

"I was just joking man"


"Will you to quit it" said Alex.

Brett and Matt looked at Alex and laughed.

"Sorry Alex but its in or nature" said Matt.

"Have ever told you I love you my dear" Said Brett as he wrapped his arms around Alex and stole a rub on her ass.




"You know your friends are really loud" said Inuyasha looking over to where the rest of the group was standing.

Kagome turned her head and fallowed Inuyashas gaze. She laughed as she saw Alex beating the shit out of Brett while the rest of the group laughed full heartedly.

"I'll miss them" Inuyasha eyes went wide "did I say that out loud"

Kagome laughed and brought her hand up to stroke Inuyashas cheek "Don't worry I'm your to tell what you will"

Inuyasha smiled and kissed Kagome gently on the lips.

Kagome suddenly gasped.

"What?" Inuyasha asked.

"how am I goanna tell my mom!"

Inuyasha laughed "just tell her" Kagome frowned "Don't worry I'll be there with you, and I'm sure you're mom will understand"

Kagome smiled, then frowned as another thought came to her "Where are we goanna live?"

"Wherever you want to" said Inuyasha calmly, for he didn't care so long as he was with his mate.

Kagome thought for awhile then smiling she said "let's live in your time and visit here whenever we can"

"Fine by me" said Inuyasha smiling as he bent down to kiss Kagome once more.

"For crying out loud get a room" said Matt as he pushed pass Inuyasha and Kagome then stood smiling right between them "Hey Inuyasha how about one for the road" said Matt as he puckered up his lips making loud kissing noises in Inuyashas face.

"If you wanna walk out of this hotel with all your bones still intact I suggest you stop that right now because you're just grossing me out" replied Inuyasha.

Matt laughed and patted Inuyasha on the back, while Kagome laughed.

"Hey you guys group picture" Said Neenah, as she asked a passerby to take the picture.

"All right every one say cheese" Yelled Matt happily.



(four years later)

"So where's Inuyasha?" asked Sango.

"He's out playing with the baby" Said Kagome smiling. Kagome looked down at her stomach and patted in gently.

Sango smiled "One down and another on its way, I don't know how you do it Kagome"

Kagome laughed "So when are you and Miroku going to have one"

Sango smiled at Kagome "When he quits being a pervert" Kagome laughed again "Besides we haven't even been together a year"

Kagome smiled "True"

"How long have you and Inuyasha been together?" Sango asked.

Kagome smiled "Four years"

Sango laughed "I remember that day when you and Inuyasha came back through the well and told us the news, tell you the truth I was begging to think you two would never get together"

Kagome smiled and gazed at the picture on the wall, ten faces smiled back at her including hers and Inuyashas 'A week I'll never forget'

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