Harry Potter and the Rise of the Dark Lord
By: Logical Raven


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Dark Days Pass, But Are Never Forgotten

Harry Potter closed his eyes. Was is finally over? His entire life had been about this moment. He sighed as he felt a slight squeeze return on his hand. It didn't matter what questions were left unanswered, it didn't matter if he ever discovered the answers to them. He had seen the spirit of the Dark Lord fall, and he knew in his heart that he would never return.

"Harry," he heard a small frail voice cry.

He opened his eyes to stare at the broken face of Cho Chang. Looking down he saw the crumpled, barely alive body of Ginny Weasley. Across from him lay his best mate Ron, blood pooling around him. Hermione was behind him, shaking slightly, an after effect of the Curciatus Curse.

"Are you kids alright?" Kingsley Shacklebolt asked kneeling down to check Ginny's pulse.

"He's dead, Voldemort is dead," Harry announced, saying aloud for the first time.

Kingsley looked surprised as he stared at Harry, "Where is his body?"

"Gone," Harry revealed, staring at the pile of ashes that remained.

"Cho, I'm afraid you need to come with us," Tonks said slowly pulling the young Auror to her feet.

Harry head snapped towards them, "Where are you taking her?"

"To the Ministry of questioning. She'll be fine," Tonks assured.

"Why do you need to question her? She didn't do anything wrong. She's a mess, she needs to be taken to St. Mungo," Harry demanded.

Kingsley placed a hand on Harry's shoulder, "We don't take Death Eaters to St. Mungo."

"She isn't a Death Eater, she was under a curse!" Harry snapped.

Tonks frowned, "I'm sorry Harry, that isn't for us to decided.

"Then who?"

"Wizengamot," chimed in another familiar voice.

"December, you know she didn't do anything," Harry said rearing on his former Defense professor.

"It's a process Harry, out hands are tied in this matter. If it is decided that Cho is innocent she'll be released without question. She'll be able to return to her training and her life," December assured giving Harry a confident look.

Tonks bided Cho's hands and seized he wand before walking her towards a portkey that would be used to transport them.

"You're treating her like a criminal," Harry snapped.

"O'Riley!" Mad-eye Moody approached limping slightly with his wand still extended.

"You know who wants to talk with Potter," he croaked, staring at Potter with his magical eye.
"Of course, but I think he needs to be check out at St. Mungo first," December argued.

"Nonsense, he looks in fine health to me," Moody announced.

Harry took a deep breath, he could only imagine the appearance he must be.

The Healers and Aurors were already examining the fallen group of students and Death Eaters. Harry glanced to see one of them turn over a groaning Draco Malfoy. Suddenly something clicked in Harry's head, as he felt a surge of panic flutter through him.

"Is anyone dead?" Harry demanded, looking around as his fallen friends.

"It doesn't matter Potter, you can't bring them back if they are. We don't have time for this, you need to come with me," Moody croaked again, seizing Harry's arm.

Harry snapped back, "Let go of me!"

"Don't make me hex you Potter," Moody warned.

"Go with Alastor, I'll make sure everyone is okay," December said calmly nodding for Harry to go.

Harry started to protest, but a sharp thump hit him in the back of head and everything when black. He awoke a time later with a throbbing pain.

"Sorry about that Potter, I didn't have time for you whining," he heard a grouchy voice announce as the room slowly came into focus.

Harry glanced around the familiar surroundings as a confused expression touched his face, "What are we doing at Dumbledore's?"

Moody waved his arms in annoyance, "Always asking why, you'd think you'd learn to deduce things before using that tongue of yours by now."

Harry started to speak but his voice caught in his throat as he was hit with an emotion that could only be described as seeing a ghost for the first time.

"Hello Harry."

"It can't be, you're suppose to be dead," Harry said in disbelief.

Albus Dumbledore no longer looked weak or broken. The sparkle was back in his mystical eyes. He nodded and let out a light laugh.

"So it would appear I've returned from the grave. Rest your mind Harry, all will be explained, I promise," Dumbledore said in a lightly tone, conjuring a chair up for Harry to sit in.

"I don't want an explanation, I just want you to tell me it's over," Harry spat.

Dumbledore nodded, "You honestly don't want to know anything?"

Harry shifted uncomfortably and took the conjured chair.

Dumbledore nodded, "Where to begin. Firstly, I'd like to apologize for my actions. I wish there could have been another way, but in order for you to figure out your destiny you had to figure it out on your own."

"Figure it out? You left me, what if I would have failed," Harry said coldly.

Dumbledore shrugged frowning slightly, "Let me tell you a tale. Eighteen years ago a prophecy was made, this part you know, but it is not where this tale begins. I told you that you and Tom walked a very similar path, and the paths and decision we choose are what defines us. Our world consist of these two paths, and like the prophecy, neither can coexist. Like a ever turning circle, our history must rotate between times of great peril and times of great prosper. Neither time can exist without the other. It was inevitable you would defeat Tom, just as many before you have done. Now our world with flourish, until the time of the next dark rising."

"You let me face it alone? You knew the entire time and you didn't tell me?" Harry asked.

"I beg your forgiveness, but in order for the transfer to work you had to unaware of it. You were the only one with the power to defeat Lord Voldemort. Like you, a door haunted his past as well."

Harry narrowed his eyes in confusion, but Dumbledore nodded and continued.

"It is a part of our magical past few know, it predates all written history, back to the beginnings of the foundations of magic itself. How magic was discovered remains unknown, but what is known leads us to the knowledge we know today. Magic was divided into two realms, the magic used to serve others and the magic used to serve one self. The ability to control these forces was divided between two beings who coexist quite harmonies most of the time, such as the time of Slytherin and Gyrffindor . When one force tips the scale, the other counter acts, it's simple physics really. To every action there is an equal reaction. Tom Riddle tipped the scale, allowing the dark magic, in lack of a better description, to out weigh the pure magic."

"So where do I come into this?" Harry asked cautiously.

"You see Harry, you were magic's way of balancing out. Voldemort had to be destroyed, and you were the only person who could destroy him. Sadly another will fill his shoes and rebalance out the scale. It is fated. You have to open your mind up to the larger picture. Without both sides, magic cannot simply not be. Do you remember what I told you at the end of your fifth year?" Dumbledore asked.

"You've told me many things," Harry stated flatly.

Dumbledore nodded, "True, most that didn't make any sense at all I suppose. I told you that you were full of a power that Voldemort detest, the power you tapped into tonight."

"The door in the Ministry of Magic?" Harry questioned.

"That's where its secret is kept, but it goes much deeper than that. I described it to you as love. You discovered that love is much more than lust or desire. Love can be defined as a senseless act that does not benefit oneself, and by discovering this you unlocked your door," the old headmaster explained.

"I don't understand, I don't understand why you couldn't just explain this all to me!" Harry said hatefully.

Dumbledore sighed, "The answer is simple, destiny is something one must discover for themselves. You were born to be a great wizard, but it was your decision on which path you would choose. We all have a destiny Harry, but our free will is what defines us. The choices we make allow us to tap into the powers that surround us, therefore allowing our world to be full of magic of all kinds. The only difference between a muggle and a wizard is his ability to believe."

"Can Voldemort come back again?" Harry asked letting the words absorb.

Dumbledore smiled, "No, Voldemort is gone, but it leaves a very unbalanced doesn't it?"

"Someone will rise in his place?" Harry said quickly, it was more of a statement than a question.

Dumbledore nodded, "I'm afraid so, but until a latter time, we need not worry about that."

"Is there a prophecy?"

The old Head Master laughed, "Prophecies Harry are merely educated guesses that someone has failed to deduce. With the forces of light flourishing, the forces of darkness must counteract. Yes Harry, there is already an another dark wizards rising, yet we do not know who that yet maybe. It's time for our type of magic to stand alone for awhile," Dumbledore concluded with a wink.

Harry sighed, it was all so much to take in, "So what now?"

"We continue living. You've always desired a normal life, now is your chance. NEWTs I do believe are fast approaching. I suggest you take them and then decided if you still want your place to be in the magical world."

Harry lowered his head, he knew normality would never be in the magical world, he'd be haunted with his past until the day he died. "I'm so tired of people looking at my scar and judging me on something I had no control over."

"Alas, it is your decision," Dumbledore revealed.

"What about everyone who was in the village, are they alright?" Harry said suddenly remembering the after effects of the battle.

"Some of them did sustain terrible injuries but all will live, the only death tonight was that of Lord Voldemort," Dumbledore revealed.

"What about Cho? Tonks said she had to be questioned," Harry continued.

"Miss. Chang will be tired by Wizengamot, I would not fret about her fate considering I have been reappointed to the position of chief warlock," Dumbledore said with a wink. "I do believe she's being treated with a memory charm at the ministry to help her forget the terrible things Tom made her do."

"What about the Death Eaters who were capture?"

"I'm afraid they too will be tried, and they are found guilty they will be placed in Azkaban. The River Trolls seem very keen on keeping their new positions so the Dementors will not be returning, like other dark creatures, they will casted out of our world," Dumbledore nodded.

"And the Vampires and Giants?"

"I do believe the minister of magic will take steps forward to make sure these magical beings never feel the necessity to join against us again," Dumbledore revealed. "I do believe it is time of for you to head back to the castle, it's time for you to get some rest. Madame Pomfrey has prepared a dreamless sleep potion for you to take. Rest your mind, you are right in saying that his part of the war in indeed over."


Harry sat in his dormitory room alone. It was late that night and the events of the previous had yet to transpire from his mind. Dumbledore's words rang through him providing little clarity. Part of him wanted to turn his back on the magical world, what had it ever done for him, and yet another part of him couldn't bare the thoughts of leaving.
He sat at his desk fondling the necklace Cho's mother had given him the previous year. A protection crystal to fend off evil spirits. An open book lay on the desk top, one of the defense books Sirius and Remus had given him a couple of years ago. On the floor lay his parent's broken pensive.

Harry sighed, " reparo." The broken pensive repaired itself but the memories did not return. He knelt down and pick it up, the once silver liquid flowed white and empty. He sat the bowl on his desk prodding the liquid with the end of his wand. He slowly brought it up to the tip of temple and removed a long silver cord leading it down into the pristine bowl.

"I love you Harry Potter…."

He watched the face of Cho drift around and disappear. He removed another cord, and like Cho the faces of Ron and Hermione cornering him in the corridor after he had locked them it the broom closet submerged into the white liquid. Suddenly he stopped.

"I wish I knew what to do," he muttered to himself.

A smile crept across his face as he pulled out a present that he hadn't opened. It was the wishing potion Parvati Patil had sent him for his seventeenth birthday. He tugged on the bow and a poof of pink dust sprayed him in the face. He sighed and muttered his wish again. Although he knew that these potions didn't work, it was a nice thought to distract him. As Hermione had once said, "If they did work, everyone would use them."

He picked the vial of dreamless sleep that Madame Pomfrey had left it and stared at it. He then tucked in safely into his desk drawer, he'd save it for another time. He felt the warmth of the sun creep into through his windows until it touched his toes. A new day had begun.

Harry made his way into the common room, it was still early and the students had not yet greeted the day. He made sure his Head Boy badge was securely fastened to his robes.

He ran into a few Ravenclaw on his way to the Great Hall, they smiled as they passed. The long tables were decorated in food, but the hunger in Harry's stomach was nonexistent.

"Good morning Harry," greeted Remus Lupin who suddenly appeared behind him.

"Morning professor," Harry returned with a deep sigh.

He suddenly pulled Harry into a fatherly hug, "Thank God you're still alive."

"He's dead, it's finally over," Harry said returning the hug and fighting back the tears.

Remus nodded, wiping his face with the back of his hand, "Well, the Prophet should be arriving shortly and the whole school with know about your victory, those outside these walls already do."

"I want to go see everyone, to make sure they're okay," Harry said looking at Remus smiling face.

He nodded, "Of course, we can floo from my office."

Harry felt a wave of gratitude for Remus wash over him as he visited his first room at St. Mungo. Ron Weasley was laying in Hermione Granger's lap. His head was bandaged, but he looked okay.

"HARRY!" Hermione shrilled jumping up and engulfing him in a hug, "You did it! I can't believe you did it."

"Are you guys okay?" Harry asked embracing Hermione and looking Ron.

"Alright, by head hurts a bit though. Ginny still has woken up yet but the doctors say she'll be fine," Ron nodded.

Harry lost his breath as a bear like grip engulfed him from behind, "WHAT IN THE NAME OF MERLIN WHERE YOU ALL THINKING, YOU COULD HAVE BEEN KILLED!"

"Molly, you're squeezing the breath out of him," Remus laughed.

"Where is everyone else?" Harry asked.

"We're right here Harry," Michael Corner announced with a smug look on his face.
In the door way was his group his friend who had stood by his during his trial against fire.

"Alright?" Harry asked them, feeling a wave of warmth wash over him.

Parvati and Padma took Molly's place in giving Harry a hug.

"Nobody would tell us where you were, we were scared they had thrown you in Azkaban!" Parvati said in a dramatic fashion.

"I told her she was over reacting," Padma said sharply.

It felt so good to laugh again, the sun shining from outside made everything seem so perfect. The group sat around laughing the rest of the morning. There were retelling of the bold events of the previous nights. A game of chess that Ron actually lost, though he blamed it on his bloody head. Ginny finally awoke, and there were even more tears and hugs than Harry could ever envision. As noon approached others came to celebrate the victory of the Defeat of Lord Voldemort. Several members of the Ministry of Magic and the Order of the Phoenix came by to pay their respects to the slayer of Lord Voledemort. Even Rita Skeeter popped in to ask for an exclusive.

Harry face was already prominently displayed on the front cover of the prophet. The title read, HARRY POTTER SAVES THE DAY FOR A SECOND TIME

"Harry, you have another visitor," Remus smiled, as he tapped Harry on the shoulder to interrupt his chess game with Ron.

"Ha, check!" Ron said with an evil grin.

Harry smiled, "I'll be right back."

"Harry!" Cho cried as soon as he caught sight of her, "I'm so sorry, I didn't know."

"It's okay," Harry said feeling tears tugging at the corner of his eyes.

"I love you," Cho said quickly throwing her arms around his neck, "I've been cleared."

Harry smiled and gave her hand a quick squeeze, as he lowered his head towards hers. As they two pulled away from the shared kiss Cho's hand lingered up towards his face, lightly touching his scar.

"You're a hero," Cho whispered.

Harry seized her hand holding it onto his forehead. He wouldn't be defined as the "Boy Who Lived" any longer. He had proven himself and his first confrontation with the Dark Lord, ceased to be his finest hour.

Harry smiled at her and took a deep breath, "I meant what I told you last night, I love you. If you truly want to love me in return the first thing you must know about me is this mark is nothing more than a scar."


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