Slam dunk 2

Note: This is my upload of the first chapter; I do note that I have indented some stuff to make it easier to read. I also changed the peoples in the classes¡¯¡­thanks to my friend I found out that Mitsui was in 3rd grade so¡­sorry for the inconvenience. ^^~



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Summary: 2 gorgeous, smart, and talented girls come to enroll in Shohoku high. They want to enroll in the BOY¡¯s basketball team? Well, it is the only basketball team. The other boys think the girls don¡¯t deserve the place and cannot possibly be chosen. Surprise, surprise they got chosen! Will there be a war in Shohoku or will love blossom?

~Chapter 1: GIRLS?!~

¡°Dad! I¡¯m going to go to my new school now k?¡± yelled Rei Kamikaze, checking her reflection in the mirror once more.

¡°Sure honey!¡± her dad yelled back. Sighing Rei thought: it¡¯s going to be a long day.


¡°Excuse me! Pardon me! So sorry!¡± were the only words that Chikato Teamiko said as she pushed through the crowded hallways of Shohoku high, hoping to make it through to the office.

¡°Oh good finally.¡± Sighed Chikato.

¡°Ahh, you must be¡­Teamiko Chikato, I¡¯m I right?¡± greeted the stout blond secretary. ¡°Yup.¡±

¡°Okay here is your new schedule, I¡¯ll have someone show you around.¡± said the secretary handing her a schedule.

¡°Thanks.¡± So I¡¯m in class 10-4¡­okay.

¡°Um¡­you called ms. Yakima?¡± said a pretty girl with shoulder length brown hair and kind caramel eyes.

¡°Yes, miss Akagi. Do you mind showing miss Teamiko around?¡±

¡°Hi! I¡¯m Haruko.¡± Said the pretty brunette.

¡°Oh hi! I¡¯m Chikato.¡±

¡°Nice to meet you, anyway let me show you around¡­¡± it¡¯s gonna be a long day were the thoughts of Chikato.


¡°Class! Please sit down!¡± said Mr. Tenaka. Apparently the class paid no heed.

¡°SIT DOWN!!!¡± yelled Mr. Tenaka. This got the student¡¯s attention.

*Sigh* ¡°Anyway I have an announcement to make. Today we will have 1 new student in our class. Her name¡¯s Rei Kamikaze. Please make her feel as welcome as possible. The door to the classroom slid open.

A girl of about 15 years old, with long, straight dark hair, fairly tanned skin and almond fudge colored eyes came in. The boys drooled and the girls glared.

¡°Please sit beside Sakuragi.¡± Said the teacher. The boy known as Sakuragi raised his hand.

He¡¯s so¡­tall¡­and such strange red hair. Thought Rei. She walked next to Sakuragi and sat down. Whispers were heard through the room.

¡°Silence! Now since the introduction was made let us begin. Turn to page 113 in your history book¡­.¡±

Yes, definitely a long day.