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Parings: Harry/Lucius, others?

Summary: Why is Harry drawing pictures for money in the street? What happens when Lucius walks straight ahead and decides that he has something to say about the matter? And what if Harry actually let the Sorting Hat put him to Slytherin?

Warnings: slash, kind of AU

Rating: R (just to be sure)


All gold does not glister


I sat on a bench, drawing picture of my client. It was a nice sunny day, some weeks after school had ended. For some reason, never been able to pinpoint it exactly, I haven't ever staid in Hogwarts over summer. Even though Dumbledore has sometimes almost pleaded.

   Shrugging the feeling off I let my hand work on the paper; soft and hard lines building carefully the portrait that would keep my stomach full. My hand didn't stop even when a familiar feeling of a magic-aura passed by and then came slowly back. I knew who it was, and though perhaps I should have been afraid or something, it only made me tense a little.

   "Potter?" he asked and I could heard his surprise from his usually better controlled voice. He stood there his white-blonde hair standing in right order without any… Well, without anything. I wondered idly how did he do it. My own hair was unruly mass of black locks, no matter what I did. Though it wasn't too bad when it was longer, dropping over my shoulders.

   "Yes, Mr. Malfoy?" I addressed him, glancing politely to his direction, never letting my hand stop. My client almost moved, almost. My voice was cool, not cold nor warm, rather calm, and simply accepting and stating the fact.

   "Why are you here, Mr. Potter?"

   Ah, ever so polite.

   "As you can see, I'm earning my bread."

   This was not even the worst thing I have done to keep my stomach full. When you don't have a choice you took all the chances you can get. All of them. Even if it means to 'bend over and be quiet'. I've done it, too many times.

   But I loved drawing, so it's not too bad.

   Lucius looked a bit taken aback, from what I could see from the corner of my eye. There was no bitterness in my voice – I guess it really surprised him.

   Last line and the portrait was ready. I showed it to my client, who studied it for a moment, paid me happily and left. Sifting my eyes for the fist time to actually look at Lucius Malfoy, I gathered my things ready to go elsewhere. Besides, I was hungry.

   "Harry?" his soft voice run over me. I tried not to shiver.

   "Yes?" I stated, tilting my head to one side. Hearing my name from his lips was… intimate.

   "May I offer you lunch?"

   "Why of course. All though, I don't understand why you would want to." The look in his face made me to add: "You don't need to explain."

   He studied me for a moment, something like interest flashing quickly in eyes. Too quickly to be analysed properly. Then he nodded and held out a hand, which I took bewildered, helping me to stand up. To confuse me more, he did not let go of my hand, merely placed it to his forearm and led the way. I obeyed silently, amused of my submission. Usually I fought tooth and nail.

   What was with this man suddenly? Though, this was the first time we really met, or he touched me.

   It might be his touch, I mused.

   Now, would Lucius mind if I drew him? He has, after all, interesting features…

   I glanced the elder (A/N: please tell me if I have gotten the wrong idea of the word. I hope it doesn't mean that he is an old man, not just older.) man. He was so much bigger than me, in high and muscularity. I tried to shrug the odd feeling off. But all I got was… I wanted to kiss him.

   Oh, shit.

   "Yes, Harry?" Lucius asked, one elegant eyebrow high.

   Very well done, Harry, very well indeed.

   Oh, shut up all ready.

   "Would you mind if I draw you, Lucius?"

   There. I settle on the best alternative I could get when my mind wanted to do something as intense as kiss.

   I once heard someone say: 'Insanity is natural. Everyone has it.' She said she couldn't remember who had said it, but she agreed with it anyway. I didn't comment anything, but now I think I might just have to.

   I agree.

   The elder Malfoy hasn't yet said anything. Why is it so hard to answer to simple request?

   Yes, this really is my day, is it not?



Well, what can I say? It struck me and they insisted. Though, I have no idea where this is leading, except to the bed of course… An, so I have to wait till they get another… err… strike?

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