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Parings: Harry/Lucius, Draco/Hermione (mentionings), Draco/Severus, OC/OC

All gold does not glister


Chapter 15

Idling around gets you nowhere


#Hogwarts, the Snape living areas#


I let my thoughts flow, lying on my bed. Where was Harry? What was my father planning? Could this thing between Severus and I be something more than just sex? And what about the up coming new school year?

A gentle nudge to my rips awakened me from my thoughts. "Draco?"

I turned my head and found Mil – as I called Saramil – beside me. "Yes?"

"Are you all right?"

I nodded: "Yes", and ran my fingers through his soft long hair. For a moment we just lay there, mirth dancing in Mil's thunder-like eyes, my thoughts somewhere else. He didn't mind. Because he was in love with my brother Zamanirr.

I knew he loved me too, not as a lover, but as a friend. And it's fine with me, because I too loved him as a friend. Though, we have been lovers occasionally since our third year. Rather a normal thing in Slytherin.

Mil loved touching, he NEEDED it. Which isn't normal to admit to in Slytherin, but all too common. And I guess that was the most important reason why he had slept with so many people. Not yet including my brother Zamanirr. Though, something tells me, Mil will stay with him, and him only, when Mil finally gets him.

"Why don't you just seduce my brother?" I blurted out, my hand still in his hair. Very un-Malfoy-ish of me, not that Mil would actually care about that.

He turned his head towards me, humour dancing in his large eyes. His amusement surprised me.

"Actually, I tried. On our first year. He considered me a child and took it as a joke, so I decided to wait for a while. Wait till he comes to me", Mil said calmly, his narrow lips smiling. "That was actually nhara's idea. Though, father seconded it."

I noticed that he again used his father's nickname. It had started out as a way to make it easier on Severus, but now it seemed more like a habit for my friend – especially if the topic was unpleasant in some way. Our Head of House didn't exactly like his first name - which I can't seriously understand, he has a fine name. Mil and Dray – Mil's nhara, who gave birth to him – were the only ones who could call him Sev and live to tell the tale. Well, now it was just Mil who could, since Draylaner had passed away.

Everybody had been in shock, when Saramil Snape had suddenly appeared five years ago at Hogwarts, including Professor Snape himself, though he didn't really show it. The shock had been even bigger when they had announced that Mil had two fathers, and no mother. Mil called Draylaner his nhara, and Severus his father, or Sev, as it some times went.

"But... You were a child in our first year!" I pointed out, very intelligently, after I stopped trying to analyze the situation logically.

He laughed softly, stroking my cheek with his hand. "No, I was not. Just before we came here I was recognized as a grown up elf, no longer an elfling. The moon had influenced me two times before that, as it is customary among the Kae-Enathe elves. I was not happy because of Zamanirr's decision, but I was able to handle it. I go with the flow, mostly, as you should know by now."

I watched his feline-like features and grabbed his hand. Studying his long fingernails with interest. He had used some wizard nail polish, which made them look like they were made of silver.

"What's with the nails?" I asked, curious.

"I was bored", he said, sighing.

"Bored? You grew yourself long nails and polished them 'cause you were bored? Why can't I see any logic in that?"

"It took only an hour", Mil explained, smirking. He could be really good at that, when he wanted to.

Oh yes, I had forgotten. He was a shape-shifter, just like his nhara had been. And they were, as all Kae-Enathe elves, also able to make their skin or nails or things like that grow faster – or heal for that matter – than was humanly possible. But they weren't humans, which kind of explained it. Besides the drop of human blood, from Snape, Mil had elf blood, and according to him, also some feline blood. Which explained Mil's love to change into any cat shape.

It was late and we snuggled down in my bed without my trying to force any more sense out of my friend. It was a habit of ours, sleeping in the same bed, from the first year at Hogwarts. It made the both of us feel less lonely.

"G'night, Mil."

"Night, Draco."


Saramil was preparing breakfast, humming to himself, moves precise and sure. Cooking always calmed him. The delicate half-elf liked cooking and had made a deal with the House-Elves: they would let him make breakfast for his family and he would let them do the rest.

When Zamanirr finally appeared at the entrance of the kitchen in the Snape living quarters, he immediately got a lapful of happy and energetic Saramil.

"So good to see you", Saramil murmured to the dark elf, after having leapt on him. The half-elf's legs wrapped tightly around his waist and Zamanirr just hmm-ed and sat down on the nearest chair. He was strong but knew the other had no intention of letting go in the near future, and he had no real defence against the treatment, especially as he'd known to expect it. Though, had they been somewhere public, he would have tried, even if it would have been just for appearances.

Saramil purred with contentment, he was partly feline anyway.

After a moment Severus stalked into the kitchen: he wanted his morning coffee, badly. Ignoring the elf pair, he proceeded to help himself with his daily caffeine intake, pretending his son wasn't wrapped around his friend's adopted son at 8 o'clock in the morning.

"Sir, I believe I have found Harry", Zamanirr reported.

"Where is he then?" Severus inquired, sipping his coffee after placing himself across from the two boys.

"In Muggle London. He's been on the streets for most of the time, according to the information I received. Though he hasn't been sighted very often. You are looking for him, correct?"

"Indeed." The Potions Master breathed in the strong aroma from his cup. "What else did you found out?"

"He goes apparently under the name Halcyon and he works for Madam in one way or another, as her underlings refused to tell me where I could find him. My source knew Harry and probably could have given some information as to where to find him", Zamanirr shrugged. "But he was under direct orders not to give that kind of information without permission. Which did not surprise me as it is quite common amongst the organised people of streets."


"She is one of London's crime leaders. I know her, to a certain point, and she knows me as well", the dark elf replied. The rather not-so-pleasant sneer that accompanied the comment left little doubt about what the two might think of one another. Of course, being raised by Malfoys, the sneer could be a look of fondness. Or it could have been the same one Zamanirr had as his "normal facial expression", the Potions Master never quite knew for sure.

Severus lifted an eyebrow, but said nothing. "So, will you be able to get this Madam to give you more information?"

Zamanirr pushed Saramil away from his lap; he had had enough of the closeness. The small half-elf pouted, but complied with the less-of-a-request-and-more-of-a-demand gesture.

"If I can take Saramil with me. He needs to make up some good reasons for us to be looking for Harry, who just happens to be Madam's Halcyon. She is fiercely protective of her property."

"I see what you mean, Mr. Malfoy." Merlin knew the dark elf had been in enough trouble with the Potions Master for Severus to know Zamanir was no good with witty explanations. Though, he had surprisingly rarely gotten caught after pulling a prank with the Weasley twins or creating some other kind of nuisance. "Are the two of you going to manage, or will you need some assistance?"

"I believe we will manage. If not, we will let you know, father, you know that."




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