Sweet dreams are made of .... Pocky

Warnings/notes : Seto/Joey, Mokuba, major weirdness bordering on insanity

Disclaimer : I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh.

written at 1st november 2003, by Misura

For Ramna Higurashi ; insanity in, insanity out I'm afraid. ~.^


Seto Kaiba was a lot of things, most of them not in the line of characteristics that made people like him.

One thing he prided himself on however was that when it came to Mokuba, he was the most patient, most forgiving and caring big brother there had ever been.

That Mokuba was the sweetest, easiest-going little brother there ever was helped too of course, but still, Seto would like to think his own attitude had contributed to the positive and cheerful personality Mokuba displayed most of the time.

That he knew what was best for Mokuba, even if Mokuba sometimes didn't see things quite the same way he did. Or even if Mokuba was yelling at him that he was a cruel, heartless monster.

Seto was sure Mokuba didn't mean it. Well, reasonably sure.

"And if you don't give it back *right now*, I'm ... I'm going to leave and never coming back again." Mokuba raged on, his face flushed with anger. "And I'll tell Joey what a meanie you are *after* telling him you've got a crush on him."

"He won't believe the last and he already thinks the first." Seto shrugged, preferring to ignore the threat of Mokuba moving out. Mokuba would never go that far. He hoped.

"And I'll tell Anzu you've got a crush on her too." Mokuba declared, with a glare that made Seto flinch.

This threat was crossing the borders of 'reasonable for an enraged teenager' to 'insane and highly dangerous'.

"Now, Mokuba-chan, calm down a little ... " Seto started, in a tone of voice he considered soothing.

"Don't you dare 'Mokuba-chan' me, Seto!" Mokuba yelled, jumping up from his seat and striding to the door. With his hand on the doorknob he turned. "Now, unless you want me to open this door to walk out so you never ever see me again, you have to give back my pocky this very moment. With apologies for taking it in the first place."

Seto put on his best glare, meant to stun anyone foolish enough to invoke his wrath. "I will do nothing of the kind. And you, little brother, will sit down again and finish eating your breakfast."

For a few seconds, Mokuba wavered under the sternness of that glare. Then his back stiffened and he defiantly raised his head. "Farewell, Seto. You're going to miss me."

After blowing Seto a raspberry in a gesture that he would normally find rather endearing, Mokuba stalked out of the kitchen, slamming first the kitchendoor, then the door to the hall and finally the door to the house behind him.

Seto sighed and decided he needed another cup of coffee.


The morning and afternoon slowly crept past at school, without the expected phone-call from Mokuba, to apologize and assure Seto his little brother still loved him. Seto was beginning to get worried, just a bit. Perhaps something had happened to Mokuba ...

A discrete inquiry to Mokuba's school quieted his unrest on this subject. Apparently he had simply underestimated the value Mokuba would place on what was, basically, an unhealthy, sugar-rich kind of candy that would spoil his teeth.

In time, Mokuba would come to the same conclusion as Seto already had ; that he should be grateful Seto had removed this dangerous and potentially addictive item out of Mokuba's reach, but until then, Seto couldn't help but feel a little depressed.

Usually, when he was in a state like this, he would find comfort in Mokuba, go play some new computer-game with him or something like that. Hearing and seeing Mokuba laugh always made him feel better.

Riling up Joey was a nice alternative, but the blond had disappeared at the first ring of the bell and Seto didn't feel like going to look for him. Joey was probably either at home, a place Seto despised since it angered him to see under what circumstances his -well, let's be honest here- love was forced to live, or he was with Yugi and those other annoying friends of his at the Gameshop.

If he'd bother Joey there, Yami would probably challenge him to a Duel, which -again, no use to deceive himself- he would probably lose. Resulting in his depression getting even worse.

Eventually, since everything at home would remind him of Mokuba's absence, Seto had decided to go to the park. He had brought his laptop too, of course, in an optimistic attempt to do some work.

His mind kept wandering though, from Mokuba, to Joey, to what had started all of this.


Could it truly be so good that it was a reason for his little brother to argue with him over it? He had a package of it in the pocket of his trenchcoat. He had considered it one of the few places safe from Mokuba. Now, he took it out, staring at it in puzzlement.

It didn't *look* very special.

A reading of the list of ingredients didn't reveal anything particularly extraordinary either. Still, it was possible, he supposed, that their combination created some special taste.

"Only one way to find out."

His hand reached out to unwrap the pocky, until something occurred to him and he guiltily put it away again. This was *Mokuba's*, not his. He couldn't take Mokuba's pocky away from him and then go eat it himself, could he?

Pondering this dilemma, Seto was disturbed by the sudden sound of approaching footsteps. Quickly trying to look fully occupied with his laptop, Seto waited for the unknown person to either pass or make his identity known.

"Kaiba?! What are *you* doing here? Don't you have an office to work in?"

Hmmm. It would seem Joey hadn't gone home or to Yugi's after all. Finally he had some luck today! Carefully suppressing his urge to grin, Seto looked up with a sneer.

"Aren't dogs supposed to wear a leash in this park? Where's yours, mutt?"