Sweet dreams are made of .... Pocky


Warnings/notes : Seto/Joey, Mokuba, major weirdness bordering on insanity, slight Bakura/Ryou and Yami/Yugi.

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written at 14th february 2004, by Misura

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[!] Warning : suggestive language


Seto sighed, staring after Mokuba, who was nearly bouncing on his way to more sugar and pocky. He could already feel the headaches coming up. But he had had no choice! If he had allowed Mokuba to finish his sentence ...

"Ooohhhh." Joey fell into him again, moaning softly and grabbing his head, reminding Seto that there were more important matters to think of than little brothers about to go sugar-high.

"What's your problem, mutt?" Seto scoffed, trying to pry Joey's hands off of him without appearing to be bothered by the blonde's touch. Surely Mokuba hadn't caused all of this? Had Joey bumped his head or something?

Joey made no reply, except for more moaning. One of his hands was traveling downwards, sliding down Seto's chest to finally rest on his thigh in a way that Seto found rather uncomfortable. He also could think of no way in which Joey having his hand *there* could help him keep his balance.

It seemed that there was a game being played here.

Ah well, if the puppy wanted to play, who was the master to deny him? As long as the puppy wasn't foolish enough to think he might actually *win* ...

"You want to know what my problem is, Kaiba?" Joey stared up at him, his cheeks flushed and his hair tousled. For some reason, Joey looked incredibly ... ravishable, for lack of a better word.

"Would I have asked if I didn't?" Seto replied. "Not that I care, but you're in *my* house right now and I don't want it to be said I mistreated one of my rare guests."

Joey managed a weak smile. "No, I guess not, eh? Wouldn't want to lose your reputation of hospitality and caring after all."

"Don't talk rubbish, puppy," Seto snorted. "Can you stand on your own now, or are you too much of a weakling to do so?" he sneered, knowing full well what the effect of that would be.

Unfortunately, Joey refused to oblige, instead strengthening his hold on Seto's clothing, clutching to him as if he was a drowning man and Seto his only chance to survive.

"Nobody can stand on their own all the time," Joey whispered. His warm breath tickled Seto's ear, making him feel uncomfortably aware of how close their bodies were pressed together. "Not me ... at any rate. I'm just a puppy, remember?"

"How could I forget, with you panting in my ear like that?" Seto answered drily. He wanted to get away from Joey, before his body forgot what his brains ordered it to do and simply did what it had desired to do from the first time he had met Joey.

"Yeah, well, you're my master. Or so you keep saying. So I guess it's all right if I lean on you a little, from time to time. And that it's okay if I want you to touch me and want to touch you as well."

Seto had thought it was impossible for the two of them to get any closer, but somehow, Joey proved him wrong by curling up even closer to him, until it felt like their clothes weren't there anymore, leaving the two of them skin to naked skin.

"I don't ... have ... any feelings for you," he managed, while his body denied his statement by rubbing against Joey's. A rational part of his mind was yelling at him to stop doing this, or at least take it to a place where there would be no risk of Mokuba walking in on them and being scarred for life.

"Don't lie to yourself, Seto. You want me." Joey grinned at him.

Seto frowned. He felt like he was losing control of the situation fast - and since when did he allow Joey to call him by his first name? Even more disturbing was the fact that he couldn't even bring himself to care all that much, that he was beginning to feel like maybe he should just relax and enjoy the ride.

Enjoy the ride ... Seto felt the blood rush to his cheeks at the mental image coming with *that* particular phrase, cursing himself for having picked it.

"You're blushing," Joey informed him. The blonde sounded much too smug to Seto's taste.

Growling softly, he grabbed Joey's wrists, effectively pinning the other boy to the wall. He'd simply have to pray Mokuba stayed occupied elsewhere and not wander around the house.

"First of all, as you said, I am your master. Not the other way around. You have no right to give me orders or to call me by my first name. Do you understand that?"

"You're a control-freak who doesn't like people getting close to him. Yup, I get that. Not that that's anything new to me or something ... " Joey was still wearing that infuriating grin of his.

"Secondly, I am *not* blushing," Seto continued.

"Sure, and I'm not a natural blonde." Joey rolled his eyes.

"Will you shut up?" Seto glared at Joey. "You were the one who started this with your 'I'm weak and I need you'-speech ... "

"Ah well, actually, *you* are kind of supposed to shut me up. By, like, kissing me? I'd also settle for being dragged off to your bedroom I think, though I'm not sure."

Seto stared at Joey. The blonde didn't look like he was kidding.

Still, he kept having this nagging feeling that something wasn't quite right about this whole situation. Might this be another daydream?

Well, there was a simple way to find out. He closed his eyes -

- and opened them again to come face to face with a mop of golden hair. Joey's hand was still on his thigh, creeping upwards to a spot where Seto most determinedly didn't want anyone to touch him. At least, not in the middle of a hallway through which innocent children like Mokuba might pass.

"Uhm ... " What was he supposed to say to get his point across? Shoving Joey away seemed a bit harsh. Knowing Joey, he'd probably take it as a rejection and refuse to listen to any arguments from Seto.

"Am I making you uncomfortable?" Joey looked up. His hands didn't stop moving though.

"Ahhh ... " Maybe he should take up the suggestion of dream-Joey and drag off his puppy to a bedroom. He felt like he would be a lot more comfortable without his clothes and, probably, Joey would as well.

"Gotcha!" Joey's triumphant cry was accompanied by something stiff brushing past Seto's inner thigh.

"Joey ... " Seto began.

"Is something the matter with you, Kaiba?" Joey peered at him worriedly. Seto felt slightly confused.

"Why would there be?" he inquired, slightly annoyed.

"You just called me by my first name," Joey clarified. "You never do that."

"That's because - " Why was Joey acting like this? Was it ... was Seto supposed to 'shut him up'? "Oh, never mind that. How about we go to my bedroom?"

Joey gazed at him in utter confusion. "Why would we ... ? Ah, I get it! No, thanks, I feel fine again. Guess I was just a bit hungry. But this should keep me going for a while." He held up something for Seto to see. It took the CEO a while to recognize it as the pocky he had put in his pocket earlier that day, to keep it away from Mokuba.

"That's not yours," Seto stated, frowning and reaching for the candy.

Joey shook his head. "It is now. Besides, you're rich enough to buy more. And I told you I was hungry. You're my master after all ; it's your duty to keep me fed." Joey winked.

"Your master, eh? So if I were to order you to come along to my bedroom, you would do so?" Seto asked, feeling smart. That feeling lasted about five seconds.

"Of course not!" Joey appeared ... amused? "But, hey, you're not as bad as you look. Thanks for the pocky and ... everything. I'll see you at school Monday, eh?"

"Yes, of course. Mutt." Seto felt numb. When had things gone wrong? How could this perfect set-up result in *this*?

Joey chuckled. "Money-bags."

Seto still hadn't figured out what had gone wrong when the door had fallen shut behind Joey.

"Big brother?" Mokuba came strolling down the hallway, an opened box of pocky in his hand. "Are you feeling all right? I'm really sorry for bumping into you earlier. And for yelling at you this morning. And for - "

"It's not your fault." Seto lifted his hand to stem the flood of words from Mokuba. "I'm fine, don't worry."

"You look like you need some pocky," Mokuba observed wisely, offering Seto his box.

Seto shook his head. "I think I'll just go lie down for a little." Maybe he'd get some nice dreams about Joey, now that he hadn't got the real thing.


Seto woke up by the sound of someone slamming open the door. He opened his eyes to find himself in his own bedroom, with a very angry-looking Mokuba glaring at him. The alarm-clock next to his bed told him it was about six o'clock in the morning.

"Seto! I want my pocky back! I know you took it," Mokuba informed him. "And if you don't give it back *right now*, I'm ... I'm going to leave and never coming back again."

Getting an odd sense of deja-vu, Seto wordlessly held out the key to his safe.

Mokuba blinked, before quickly accepting it. "Thanks, big brother. You're the best!" Mokuba beamed at him. "Oh, and by the way, Joey called to ask if your dinner-date for tonight is still on. He sounded really nervous."

"Maybe he's had bad dreams ... " Seto murmured.


A/N : I'm not entirely happy with this ending but ... I kind of blame it on Ramna Higurashi, whose request-fic this was after all. ~.^