Washing the dishes

Warnings/notes : slightly silly, Aya/Ken, Yohji/Omi, kissing

Disclaimer : I don't own Weiss Kreuz.

written at 29th may 2003, by Misura


"Aya, you're really great at cooking." Ken said with a contented sigh.

Yohji nodded. "Though you *did* make a mess of the kitchen."

Aya glared, as Ken replied : "As long as I don't have to clean it, I don't care."

"Well," Yohji snapped, " don't look at *me*! I'm not going to clean it either."

They both glanced at Aya.


The redhead spoke merely one word, but his two teammates knew him well enough by now to hear a thousand other things in it.

Amongst them was certain death to the person who would dare to suggest Aya cleaning up.

It's between us now, Hidaka. Yohji regarded Ken coolly. The blond had a date later this evening (when didn't he?) and had no intention of ruining his soft hands by something as dreadful as actually working. The flowershop was bad enough.

Oh yeah, and you're going down, Kudoh. Ken returned Yohji's look with equal cool. There was a soccer-match on TV this evening and he didn't want to risk missing part of it because he hadn't finished cleaning yet.

"Why wouldn't you do something useful for once, Kudoh?" Ken opened the verbal attack, figuring it to be the best defense. Yohji was good with words, doubtless due to his busy social life. The only people Ken had regular contacts with were the kids he taught soccer.

"Because the schedule says it's not my turn to wash the dishes." Yohji replied smugly.

"What schedule?" Ken demanded at the same time Aya asked : "Schedule?" thus causing a kind of echo-effect. It earned Ken another glare, which he missed because he was staring at Yohji.

"*My* schedule." Yohji smirked.

"Oh, right. I bet that says you should rest most of the day so you can spare your energy for the evening." Ken sneered.

"Why, Kenken, how did you guess? You surprise me ; apparently you're smarter than you look."

"The longer you wait, the harder the cleaning will be." Aya remarked. His gaze was directed in Yohji's direction, giving Ken some hope he might wriggle out of this.

"Then Ken had better get to work huh?" Yohji smiled sweetly, making Ken want to punch him. The only reason he didn't was because Aya probably wouldn't approve. Earning the redhead's disapproval at this moment would most likely result in having to scrub the kitchen for the remainder of the evening so Ken limited himself to a dirty look. Yohji ignored him.

"You never do anything. Make yourself useful or be prepared to be banned from dinner next time I cook." Aya didn't even look smug when he set his ultimatum. Ken felt his jaw drop ; had Aya really just defended him, saddling Yohji with the unwanted task?

Yohji seemed equally surprised. Then, with a snarl he grabbed the cloth they used for cleaning the table and shooed Aya and Ken out of the kitchen.

As soon as they were gone, he reached for his mobile-phone, quickly typing in a number.

"Hello, sweetheart. I'm really sorry about this but I have to cancel our date this evening."

He flinched when the person on the other end of the line started to yell at him, then hung up, a defeated expression on his face. I'll get you for this Ken. And you too Aya.

This evening was supposed to be something special and you *ruined* it all.

Thus, thinking vengeful thoughts that gave him energy and distracted his mind a bit, Yohji set to work. He managed to resist the temptation of calling again, to try and smooth things over.


"Thanks a lot, Aya! Without your help I definitely would have missed the first half of the game. And I have been looking forward to it all month."

He plopped down on the couch in front of the TV, surprised as the redhead sat down next to him, without a word. Didn't know Aya liked soccer too.

"You're welcome." Aya replied absently. "Ken."

"Didn't know you liked the game too." Ken remarked, slightly confused at the fluttering sensation in his stomach when Aya had said his name.

What's wrong with you, Hidaka?

It's perfectly normal for people to use your name, so why would it matter if he does too?

Even if he mostly calls me 'Siberian'.


It doesn't mean anything, nothing of what just happened does.

That he saved you from cleaning.

That he used your first name.

That he sat down next to you.

That he's staring at you with those beautiful violet eyes of his, calling, inviting ....

Ken tore his gaze away from Aya, pressing the 'on'-button of the TV.

The game had already started, but he found himself not really minding that. In fact, the game couldn't seem to keep his interest this evening, his eyes straying time and time again.

~to be concluded in the second part (I hope)~

Oh, and Omi will pop up in the next part too.