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Animal Instincts

The war was finally over.

Hermione pried open her heavy eyes, blinked and then quickly closed them again with a frown. "What- -?" she groaned sleepily, her voice hoarse from all of the singing and cheering she'd been doing earlier that night. "He's so noisy.." she grumbled, when she heared something slam loudly in the distance. Rolling over, she shimmied herself deeper under her thick duvet so that they covered her head completely. It didn't help. Another muffled groan sounded from beneath the thick maroon duvet. Pushing it back, Hermione grabbed her spare pillow, rolled onto her side and pressed it against her ear. Silence. With a sigh she smacked her lips together, already drifting off- - another loud slam, followed by a smash.

Gritting her teeth, Hermione threw her pillow across the room as if it was to blame for her failed attempts at trying to block out the noise coming from outside of her room. Her brown eyes lingered on the canpoy abover her bed, before she sighed and began to kick her way out from beneath her duvet. Slowly, she dragged herself out of bed. Malfoy was going to get an earful when she got hold of him, what was his problem anyway? Drunk probably.

Not bothering to grab her dressing gown, she fumbled for her wand that was sat on her bedside table and then began to shuffle across her bedroom. "Ouch!" she hissed into the dark and bit back her lip. Grabbing her throbbing foot, Hermione hopped around the room comically on the other, cursing herself for not switching on her light. "Bloody books.." she mumbled, glaring at the the haphazard mess of books and boxes scattered around her room. She hadn't had the chance to unpack everything yet, having only arrived here yesterday. She made a mental note to do so in the morning as she carefully picked her way across the room, so there'd be no more accidents in the middle of the night. Then again, there wouldn't have been an accident if Draco wasn't being so bloody loud.

"Lumos" The end of her wand flared up with a brilliant white light, momentarily blinding her. Wincing against the harsh light, Hermione rubbed the back of her hand into her heavy eyes and yawned loudly. Another smash, followed by a pained and strangled howl. Howl? Hermione felt her heart drop, 'Werewolf. There's a werewolf here.' But how could that be possible? Was it even a full moon? Her clever brain whirrled. No, the full moon was days away yet. Then what was that?

"What on earth?" Suddenly anxious, Hermione pointed her wand down one end of the corridor and saw nothing but the painting hung at the end of the hall. Slowly, she pointed the light towards the other end of the corridor and walked forward so that she was stood at the mouth of the corridor that spilled out into the large circular space that was the common room. "Empty..." That left the bathroom and Draco's room. Automatically, her grip tightened around her wand. The last place Hermione wanted to go was Draco's room. Sure they had some sort of uneasy friendship now, if you could call it that, but Hermione wasn't 100 percent sure she could trust him. There was something very different about Draco, she'd noticed a change in him. He was hiding something from everyone and she wasn't entirely sure it was anything good.

Then again, she thought as she made her way towards their shared bathroom, maybe she was just being paranoid. Just because his family served Voldermort didn't make him evil. Hermione had always suspected that Draco had only been doing what his mother and father wanted, that he was scared of them, for them. That was why she'd decided to give him a chance, to make an effort with him. Yes, he'd been a horrible little git with herself, Harry and Ron in the past but he seemed to be making an effort now. At least he was making an effort with her. Maybe he felt bad for all the times he called her a mudblood? Hermione shook her head, this wasn't the time to be mulling over Draco's change in attitude.

The bathroom was empty. Hermione bit her lower lip, and walked back into the common room. That left Draco's room. With a resigned sigh, she straightened her shoulders and headed across the common room and to the corridor that lead to Draco's room.

Pressing an ear to the door, Hermione strained to hear anything. A long moment of silence passed in which she contemplated returning to bed when another smash followed by a sharp ripping sound had her jumping away from the door. "M-Malfoy?" she croaked, her heart throbbed uncomfortably against her chest.

Silence, followed by more rummaging and scratching, like nails being dragged across wooden floor boards.

After a moment of hesitation, Hermione gathered her wits about her and knocked on the door. "Malfoy, what are you doing?" she demanded, hiding her fear behind forced anger and irritation.

Silence again.

'No answer.. Maybe he'll finally shut up and let me sleep.' She grumbled mentally and was about to hurry back to her bed when the memory of the howl assaulted her mind. No, something wasn't right and leaving when Draco might need her help would be wrong on many levels.

Hopping from foot to foot uncomfortably, because she was starting to feel cold dressed in only her spaghetti strap pyjama top and pant bottoms, Hermione quickly pressed her ear to the door. "Draco?" she called loudly.


A shiver tickled it's way down her spine and an uncomfotable knot wedged itself in her stomach "Looks like im going in" she whispered, pulling her head back from the door. Taking a deep breath and mentally reminding herself that she's faced worse than a possibly drunk Draco Malfoy, Hermione readied her wand and turned on the doors golden knob. "Malfoy?" Peeking her head into the room, she found her eyes straining to seek into the dark. "Hello?" she whispered, pushing open the door further so that she could give the room some light.

"Oh my..." She trailed off, her mouth falling open. The room was a wreck and looked as though someone or something had ravaged it. The knot in her stomach tightened. Where was Draco? Picking her way over broken glass, Hermione stepped further in the room. Jagged pieces of shredded wood and robes littered the floor. Torn books and boxes lay scattered amongst the mess too. Bending down, Hermione picked up a familiar looking book. Hogwarts; A History. She'd barely lifted it from the ground before it fell apart in her hands. Only the cover remained and when she lifted it to the light, fear gripped at her heart. There were claw marks scratched across the surface.

Now Hermione was terrified. Where was Draco? Was he safe? Had the creature gotten him? She turned her wand and pointed it in all directions, searching for a sign of the blonde haired slytherin. Eventually she stopped at his bed. That too had been shredded. Feeling the palms of her hands wet her wand with sweat; she shakily brushed back a curl and licked her tongue over her dry lips. She needed to leave, to find help. But she couldn't move.

The door slammed shut.

Hermione shrieked and spun around to face the door. "Who are you! Draco!" She panted, trying but failing to contain the fear in her voice. She needed to be strong, it was never good to show an enemy fear. Pointing her wand in all directions, her dark eyes darted around the large room, searching again, for any sign of Draco. "This isn't funny!" she snapped finally and when all that answered her was more silence, she made a run for the door.

But it was too late, something had her by the wrist just as she reached for the golden door knob. A croaked scream tore through the room followed by a sharp gasp when Hermione felt her herself being yanked into something hard and warm. A body? She barely had time to gather her wits before she was sent flailing across the room, the iron grip that had been on her wrist gone.

The gryffindor winced when her body collided with a solid wall, her vision blackening at the corners of her eyes as she fell back to the floor. A quiet moan escaped her lips as pain coarsed its way though her body, wrinkling her nose and creasing her forehead. Blinking away tears, Hermione rolled her head to she side, her eyes searching for her wand. It was sat a few feet away, still emitting a faint glow, the only light in the room. Slowly, she rolled onto her back and looked up into the golden eyes of her attacker.



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