I do not own G-Gundam or any of its characters.

This is a one-shot, inspired by reading Jen23's and GoldAngel2's stories.

Somber Storm

The house was dark, quiet - the way Domon Kasshu liked it. For once the weather report had been right, and a storm was pounding on his and Rain's house as if to beat it into submission.

Rain. A gentle smile stole over his lips and his deep chocolate eyes softened from their normal sternness. She was sleeping on the couch, the lull of the water lashing outside being too much for her to resist. He sat in a recliner across the living room from her, just enjoying watching over her as she slept.

They hadn't been married long, only 2 months, but those months were the best the young Gundam fighter had ever known. It was difficult to believe how much he liked this...this peace that he had with her here. For so many years it had been all about fighting; if it weren't for the lovely Gundam mechanic/doctor, he may have never known anything different.

A violent lightning strike illuminated the room, and he waited for the inevitable roar of thunder to follow. Rain jerked in her sleep at the sound; Domon could just make out her whispering his name. He frowned, wondering if his beautiful wife would ever be able to sleep well again.

She was a slave to horrid, tortuous nightmares that stemmed from her captivity in the Dark Gundam. Domon always held her when she woke up, her body trembling, tears often in those big cerulean blue eyes that he adored. He always felt so helpless then, for how could he fight what he couldn't see?

"Domon....help me...Domon!" He was across the room in 3 long, powerful strides, kneeling beside the couch, his hand reaching to stroke her petal- soft cheek.

"Shh, baby, I'm here. You're safe, Rain." His words were whispered with loving tenderness, concern radiating in his brown eyes. She did not awake, but a small smile fluttered over her lips, and he leaned down to press a reverent kiss to her forehead.

He would always be here to protect her, to take care of her, to love her. Domon could think of no other thing as wonderful as being her husband. Rain had broken down the walls around his heart and melted the ice from his soul.

The storm raged on, drawing power and strength from the Pacific Ocean. It battered the Kasshu house, the wind whistling and ranting in maddened fury, but it did nothing to draw Domon's attention. He was thinking of rain, yes.

His Rain.