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The Journey
Chapter one!

Link had been tired and bored. After he saved princess Zelda from King Ganon everything lost its appeal. He has gotten used to life without Navi constantly reminding him of his nonstop hero business. He even has finally realized that nobody knows what he did for them in the future. Everything in the land of Hyrule had been peaceful since he had returned to his former ten year old self six years ago and, Link was fed up with it.

On a sunny afternoon day link had settled himself under his favorite spot in the fields right outside of the kokiri forest. When he decided to embark on a quest to visit the world. Link quickly ran back to his treehouse snatched up his bag of rupees and his shield. (He's too big to use his old kokiri sword.) Running to the nearest port Link realized what all he was leaving behind to start this new quest. He stopped and wrote a letter to his friends, delivered it to the nearest mail carrier and departed for the Zora Port. There he purchased a small ship for one man (don't ask me how he afforded It.) and set out on the vast blue sea.

'The winds are sure nice out on the ocean' Link thought to himself while passing by the very outer gates of zora port. 'I sure hope nothing goes wrong in Hyrule while I explore.'

"Hey there sailor, be sure to watch out for that vicious storm 5 miles away from here." "Don't worry I'll be fine by myself" replied link

Links boat suddenly started to zoom towards the storm. Link could've sworn he saw the Triforce glow above the storm but he soon blacked out. When Link awoke he was crashed ashore an island with people staring at him

"sister look at those pointy ears he has." "Karika don't stare", "Hey there mister are you okay you looked ravaged." "Look at those torn clothes they won't due come with me boy and I'll hook you up."

"Yes miss I'm okay," "but if it isn't to much trouble can I have some new clothes." Replied Link.

"Sure you can but you have to tell me your name first, mines Kalis." "My names Link."

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