Land Before Time XI

By: Random Story Girl

Chapter One


The night was as quiet as any in the Great Valley, but unlike every other child in the valley, a young bronze colored longneck moved around in his sleep restlessly. He had been like this for almost an entire year, yet no one had found out.

He woke up out of his dream, shaking.

Looking down at his feet he muttered, "No one knows."

He looked back up at the sky and stared at a bright star, it was always his favorite one. Why? Because it was a star his mother pointed out to him one night when she was still alive. He remembered it like it was yesterday...


A baby Littlefoot stared at the starry sky with wonderment. Unlike most hatchlings his age he was already curious about the world around him, and he wasn't afraid of staying away without his mother right beside him.

"Littlefoot?" A caring, soft voice asked.

He looked around to see his mother staring at him. Then she asked, "What are you doing awake?"

"What are those shiny things in that big thing?" He asked in his cute baby voice.

She smiled and said, "Those are stars, and that big thing is the sky."

Littlefoot stared up at them and said, "Why are they there?"

"Well, no one's really sure, but I believe it's to give us hope," She said to him.


"Well, when I look at them I feel comfort and I feel like everything will be ok, and right now we need to feel like that," She said softly so she wouldn't wake her mother and father.

Littlefoot stared at them then said, "I like that big shiny one."

She followed his gaze and saw he was pointing out the brightest star in the sky and said, "Oh yes, that's my favorite to. Want to know how I always find it?"

"How?" He asked her.

"It's the eye of a Longneck...see those light stars around it, well follow your eyes around it and tell me what you see," She said.

He did then said in an excited voice, "It's a Longneck."

She smiled and nodded, then picked him by in her mouth by his tail and put him on her back and said, "If something happens and I can't really be with you just look for that constellation at night, and it will be proof I'm always with you."

"Where would you be going mother?" He asked her.

"Nowhere yet, I hope at least," She said and nuzzled her little son.

He giggled then said, "I know you'll never leave, I'll always be able to watch the shiny things...stars...with you."

~End Flashback~

He sighed sadly and shook the tears away from his eyes. He was never able to look at the stars with her again.

Littlefoot stared at the ground then curled up again and before falling asleep he said, "Dad..."


"Where's Littlefoot?" A yellow colored three-horn said as she ran into the clearing where her friends were.

"Me no know, why Cera?" A small brown flyer said. His name was Petrie.

"Because I had to tell him his Grandpa wants him," Cera said in a huffy voice.

"We didn't see him today, nope, nope, nope," Ducky said. Spike just shook his head no and went back to eating.

She sighed then said, "Oh well, lets start the game."

"What we gonna play?" Petrie asked.

" about...Hide and Go Seek?" Cera asked.

"Sure, but your it!" Ducky said laughing as took off.

"Grr...oh well," Cera said and started counting as the others all hid.


Littlefoot sat in a cave behind the Thundering Falls. It was only small so no one noticed it.

"Littlefoot!" He heard his grandfather call out.

He sighed then jumped through the falls and crept around the bushes, making it look like he had come from the forest and said, "Yes Grandpa?"

"Oh good, there you are, your Grandmother and I want to talk to you," he said, he had a serious tone in his voice.

"Sure," He said and followed his grandfather.

When they got to their nest Littlefoot noticed their serious faces and said, "What's wrong?"

"You're Grandma and I are worried Littlefoot," Grandpa Longneck said.

He was about to ask why when Grandma Longneck said, "We've seen you just staring at the sky for hours at a time during night...for the last year almost."

Littlefoot stared at the ground.

"What's the matter Littlefoot? Something must be bothering you," Grandpa Longneck said.

Tears welded up in his brown eyes as he looked at his grandparents.

"Oh dear, what's wrong?" His grandmother said and nuzzled him a bit.

"I...I miss mom," He said in a whisper.

Both look taken back by this and Grandpa said, "After all this years, why now?"

"I guess its cause I met dad and it just brought back memories," Littlefoot said honestly, then said, "I'm going for a walk." And without waiting for an answer he walked away.

"Oh dear," Grandpa Longneck said.

There was a pause between the two fully grown Longnecks then Grandma Longneck said, "Despite how happy I was that he came back with us...I fear now that it was a mistake."

"A mistake, why?" Grandpa Longneck asked with surprise.

"We're all he ever had. Now he met his dad but he's not here. Bron might as well have died too for all the good its doing Littlefoot," She said.

Grandpa Longneck said nothing.


Ever since his little talk with his grandparents Littlefoot started getting more and more distant from everyone. No one could understand why.

Littlefoot jerked awake from his sleep and said, "I can't take it anymore...I've got to find dad."

He stood up and stared at his grandparents sadly and said, "Sorry grandma, grandpa, I do love you, but I need a real parent now."

He started walking towards the mountains when a warm wind suddenly passed by.

'I'll lead the way son...don't won't be lost,' A warm voice said in his mind.

"Mom?" He muttered, then got a determined look on his face and left the Great Valley with nothing but a backwards glance and the trust in his dead mother.


Ok this was my first fanfic so be easy ok? And yes I know it seems so stupid, but give me credit for trying. Oh and this is for my little sister who is in love with these movies. I must admit, I grew up watching Land Before Time, it's a really cute movie and I know I'll be buying all the movies no matter how old I get! Well see ya'll later!

~Random Story Girl~