Okay, people, because you asked (and asked and asked and asked and asked), here is the third
installment of my Anime Crossover saga. Again, you don't have to read the two privious pieces
to understand this one but it'll definitely help. Anywho, this is so long, that I have to post
it in parts. Some will be short, some will be long.

I understand that this might not fall within the content of the series, but as someone once told
me, if fanfics followed continuity, they wouldn't be interesting.

So sit back, get some cheesecake and ginger ale (or whatever) and enjoy the third installment of
the Anime Crossover Saga. I assure you, this won't be the last.

I don't own most of the characters in Pokemon, Sailor Moon, Ranma 1/2, or Dragonball Z. Some
characters I thought up on my own.

Pokemon/Sailor Moon

Moon over Meowth



Same facts apply as in 'The Wish.'

Sailor Moon

I'm going to delete the speeches the Scouts make whenever they encounter a foe for the
simple reason that they are so annoying. The only speeches I'm going to write are a couple of
brief ones done by Sailor Pluto and Tuxedo Mask.

In Japan, Uranus, Neptune, Saturn, and Pluto are called the Outer Senshi. Here, they'll be
called 'the Rogue Scouts' because they do things differently then the original Sailor Scouts.

I'm unsure as to what series this would fall under. But what I do know is that it involves all
eight scouts. So humor me here.

Saturn has a power attack, called glaive slash.

In The Wish, while in Nerima, the witch Cologne hinted of a power called Dragonballs. It is in
legend that whoever brings all seven of them together will get to make a wish. Cologne hinted
that they could use it to bring Misty's memory back.

Taking a private plane, they found themselves on an unnamed island continent in the company of
the Dragon Force, Goku, Piccolo, Vegeta, Yamcha, Tien, Chao-Zu, Krillin, and Gohan. Terror soon
came in the form of the Super Saiyan Seven Squad, a team of rogue and mutant Saiyans from the
planet Vajita.

A race for the Dragonballs ensued but despite their combined efforts, the Dragon Force and the
Pokemon Crew were unsuccessful. The final battle took place near Goku's house and only after an
intervention by Goku and Charizard were the good guys able to triumph.

But victory came at a price: Ash's life. When the kid tried to recover the one-star Dragonball,
he fell into the lava. Misty, rather than ask for her memory, asked Shenlong to resurrect Ash.
In reward for her selfless act, the one-star Dragonball gave her memories back.

Now Ash and his friends are on their way to Tokyo and to their next big adventure.

Prologue: Return

Deep within the country that natives and foreigners alike call Egypt, there was a pyramid. But
this wasn't a pyramid that served as tombs for long-dead kings like everybody thought. This
pyramid served as a prison, a prison for long forgotten demons.

The top that contained them was brittle from age and erosion. So one day, it crumbled, just
fell apart. Blue lightning emitted from the coffin-like container and when it subsided, a group
of creatures stood. They were a mix of man and animal. The animal shapes included those of a
dog, cat, snake, ram, parrot, and crocodile.

The crocodile-head one stretched and cracked his neck. "Finally. I thought I never get out of
that stuffy hyper lock chamber."

"It feels like it's been forever," the parrot-head agreed. The dog-head one looked around.
"Seems like somebody has been neglecting on the cleaning."

The ram one shifted his eyes around. It was true. The entire room was full of cobwebs and dust.
"Serpentor, head up," he instructed.

"Right, Ramulus." The snakehead one, Serpentor, extended his neck until his head was almost at
the ceiling. When he was close enough, he fired energy beams from his eyes, which drilled a
hole through the ceiling. Serpentor stuck his head up and looked around in all directions.
When he was positive he saw nobody, he lowered his head back down.
"The entire area is emptier than Anubis' head."

"Hey," the Dog-head, Anubis, growled. "I resemble that remark."

"You said it, not me."

"Yeah, I... uh... Wait a minute!"

"Enough of this mindless squawking," parrot-head ordered. "Why would those wretched creatures
just lock us in here and leave us without any guards?"

"They probably didn't think we would get out so there was no need," the cat-demon commented.

"I don't think so, Felord. The Mages wouldn't have done this without leaving at least one or
two sentries. They're too smart to do something this reckless."

"So what do we do now?" Lockjaw, who was the crocodile-head demon, asked.

"You stupid, Lockjaw? We bust out of here."

"Beekbrain's right," Ramulus replied. "We bust out of here."

"The name is Squawker," he corrected.

"Who cares?" The demons ran through the exit and down a hallway. They made their way through
the passageways until they came to a dead end.

"Ram horns!" Ramulus rammed himself through a wall, creating a hole big enough for the Demons
to exit. Once outside, they discovered the validity of Serpentor's statement.

"There's nothing here." Squawker, as always, stated the annoyingly obvious. "Not even a camp
where two soldiers would stay. It's like they were never here."

"Something's happened. Anubis, try smelling for the Mages." Anubis sniffed the air and finally
settled on a direction toward the east.

"That way. Let's go." The demons took to the air leaving a pyramid with a hole in it.

Chapter 1: Appearance

Ash Ketchum along with his friends Misty, Brock, Kojiyoshi, Ayako, Duplica, Sabrina, and
Professor Oak through the streets of Tokyo; they have just arrived and checked into their hotel
and was now walking around, getting the lay of the land.

Ash spotted Kojiyoshi writing in a notebook. "Hey Yoshi, what are you doing?" Ash asked.

Yoshi turned toward Ash, ripped from deep thought. "Oh, well I was thinking of all that happened
to us and I found something interesting."

"Don't tell me, you discovered that if you rearrange the letters in our names, it spells Amka
Natchingko?" Ash asked sarcastically knowing how Kojiyoshi's pondering usually lead to
absolutely nothing.

"Hardly, Ash, look." Kojiyoshi showed his notebook to the others. On it, he had written the
Pokemon Prophecy on one side and the names of the enemies that they faced on the other. There
were three question marks towards the bottom of the paper.
"Part of the Pokemon Prophecy says that the giant, the bullies, the demons, and the monsters
will all fall before their power. Well, the Nikaron that we faced in Nerima was a giant. And
the Seven Super Saiyan Squad or whatever they were that we faced with Goku and the others were
the bullies."

"So in other words, as we go on this Pokemon tour, we're fulfilling the prophecy?" Misty asked.

"That's right," Yoshi acknowledged. "So we're most likely going to face the demons soon."

"That's a little disturbing," Brock commented. Sabrina nodded

"Are you sure?" Ayako spoke. "I mean how do you know that we won't face the monsters next,
then the demons? Or what if nothing happens while we're in Tokyo and we face the demons at the
place after this."

"Maybe that's what will happen," Yoshi told his cousin. "We don't know that for sure, but it's
just a theory."

"Oh man. Each time we faced a villain, one of us almost gets killed," Misty complained.

For once, Ash found himself agreeing with his redheaded companion. "Yeah. What if this time,
one of us does get killed?" Nobody even wanted to think about that possibility. Even Misty
thought to herself {Ash may be annoying and a little brat, but not even he deserves that sort of
fate. }

Trying to get the subject off of death, Misty told the assembled group, "guys, I'm worried about
Togepi. Are you sure Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle can handle it?"

"Relax, Misty," Ash assured her. "I'm sure Togepi is giving them no trouble at all."

"Togepi! Togepi! Togepi!" Togepi called out as it ran through the hallway of the hotel they
were staying in. [Fun! Fun! Fun!] Running after it were Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Yoshi's
Charmander. The three Pokemon saw that Togepi was about to fall over an edge. Like lightning,
Bulbasaur released a vine whip and caught Togepi just as its feet left the edge.

"Char-charman-charmander." [I didn't know this was going to be tough.]

"Bulbasaur-bulba-bulbasaur-saur." [You should've seen it when we took it on vacation.]

"Yup, no problem at all," Ash reinforced his thought.

"Okay," Misty replied, still a little weary about being without Togepi. "Hey Professor, are we
getting any other help for this convention?"

"Yes, we are, Misty. We're getting some volunteers from the Odaiba and Ginza Districts.
I hear that those areas are known for their intelligence and rich cultural."

"But Serena, you promised Raye and Amy that you'd help them set up for this convention that's
coming to town."

"But Luna, there's a Sailor V marathon on TV that I have to watch or I'll die from lack of
Sailor V." Luna sighed, she couldn't believe that the crying screaming girl gripping the street
sign like it was her last lifeline was the same girl that defeated the Negaverse, Dark Moon
Kingdom, and all those other villains. The same girl that at one time wielded the most powerful
energy artifact in all of history. Luna was beginning to think that maybe she made a mistake in
thinking that Serena was actually the daughter of Queen Serenity. Luna even hoped that Darien,
Serena's boyfriend, and ally in battle was able to convince her to act her age and not the size
of her fingernails. Alas, it was too much to hope for. Luna tried to pull on the cloth of her
skirt but only resulted in tearing a piece off.

"Hey, Luna, what's up?" Lita and Mina appeared, each holding a couple of shopping bags.

"Serena agreed to help Amy and Raye set up for some sort of convention that's coming to town,"
Luna explained. "But she thinks watching Sailor V is more important than volunteering."

"And what's wrong with Sailor V?" Mina asked with a scowl. Luna almost forgot that Mina,
before joining the Sailor Scouts, was known as Sailor V.

"Nothing," Luna replied. "But don't you think it's rude to promise something then back out at
the last moment?"

"She does have a point there," Lita commented.

"True. Come on." Putting down their bags, they pried Serena off the stop sign. Lita took
Serena's hands and Mina took her legs. Together, with Serena screaming and complaining the
whole way, they carried her off.

Ash and his friends were walking along the street when they saw this incident take place.
"People here sure are weird," Ash commented.

"You've said it," Ayako agreed.

Team Rocket were also walking along and eating ice cream, which they got by having Arbok crawl
into an ice cream store and stealing them, when they saw Lita and Mina carrying Serena off
toward the convention center.

"People here sure are weird," Jessie commented.

"You've said it," James agreed.

"Can we get back to the topic at hand?" Meowth asked. "We need to lay low for a while. If the
boss ever found us, we'd be in deep trouble."

"He probably is going to find us. He didn't get to be head of Team Rocket by being stupid,"
Jessie said.

"Well, if we don't know where he is," James figured. "Then it is likely that he won't know where
we are. And if we keep low like this, we can keep cool for a few weeks, then get back to
stealing that twerp's Pikachu."

"Yeah, let's lay low," his two companions echoed.

But Giovanni had already seen them and was now spying on them from the top of a nearby apartment

{Those fools must know they can't hide from me no matter how hard they try,} he thought. {But I
can't worry about them right now. I have more pressing concerns that need my attention.} He
turned his back towards them and walked to the center of the rooftop, Pursian, as always, at his
{Ketchum. Now there's a name I thought I would never hear from again. Had I known that the boy
survived... I should have destroyed his mother the moment she saw who I was... Bah, too many
'ifs.' The only way I can do this now is that if I confront him with the truth. Yes, that's
it. I'll confront him with the truth. No doubt that it will destroy him, leaving those fools
to pick up the Pikachu. That way, I kill two birds with one stone.}

Giovanni smiled sinisterly. "Beware, Ash Ketchum, you are about to be confronted with a truth
that will destroy you completely."

(What is the "horrible truth" that Giovanni is talking about? Who are the creatures who escaped
from the pyramid? Will Serena ever grow up? These questions and more (or less) will be answered
in chapter two.)