Epilogue: Into the Rift

Back together, the Armored Sailor Scouts along with Luna, Artemis, Tuxedo Mask, Sailor Saturn,
Sailor Mini-Moon, and Sailor Pluto stood in the pyramid (or rather what was left of it) at the
Demonics' hyper lock chamber. The Demonics were all too weak from battle to put up a struggle.

"Into the box," Armored Sailor Uranus ordered pointing her weapon at them in a threat.

With a sigh, Anubis dropped into the box. Squawker followed him. Next came Lockjaw, and then
Serpentor. Ramulus, glaring evilly at the group, put one foot into the box. For a moment, it
looked like he was going to make a run for it but the unconscious Felord hit him and they both
fell into the chamber.
A new lid, much sturdier than the previous one, was placed over the chamber. There was a hum of
electricity as the box was sealed.

"Finally, they're gone," Armored Sailor Neptune said.

"Hopefully, it'll be at least another century and a half before they're released again," Sailor
Saturn commented.

"Perhaps you should keep the armor around in case they're released again," Luna suggested.

"That's a good idea," Armored Sailor Mars complimented.

Outside, Armored Sailor Mercury, visor up, was staring off into the sky where the rift that took
Ash and his friends was. Tuxedo Mask walked up next to her. "Something wrong, Mercury?"

"I'm worried about Ash and the others," she said. "Where do you think Ramulus sent them?"

"I'm not sure," Sailor Pluto replied as she and the others came out of the pyramid and walked up
to them. "The banishment spell could send them anywhere. Forward in time, backward in time, to
another planet, maybe even to a whole different dimension."

"Wherever they are," Armored Sailor Moon said. "I hope they're all right."

The Anime Crossover Saga will continue in
Pokemon/Digimon: Netscape

And look for a sneak preview of my Pokemon/Digimon crossover in Episode 3 of Power Rangers in the
23rd Century.

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