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Whenever, Wherever

Chapter 1: Safiya, the Pure Heart

       In Egypt, stood a princess upon the Palace's grounds, it was a cold night yet the princes still stood still on the balcony of her room.

       Her long, silky black hair was swaying to the wind's rhythm as it caressed her face. Her lavender eyes perfectly reflected the shining blue moon. Her dark, tanned skin just seemed to shiver in the cold blaze of the night.

       Who was this beauty beneath the shining night? It was the Pharaoh's younger sister, Safiya. Yes, Pharaoh Yami's younger sister.

       She is known to the whole Egypt as she is said to be the most beautiful of them all. She is known for her beauty, kindness, generosity, mildness, modesty & her name. What was so special about her name? The meaning, Safiya, in Egyptian means, pure. And, yes she was pure. Pure in heart, pure in soul, pure in mind & pure in body, her name captures everything she is. There was nothing bad about her.

       Yet, for her she isn't what she seems. For her, she isn't perfect at all. For her, she is just a common citizen. Yes that is true but she is more to that. More than to what everybody seems.

Safiya's POV

       I gazed upon the outstretched desert & the starlit sky as I thought about myself. Who am I? What am I? Am I even a human?

       I thought about my life as the younger sister of the great Pharaoh Yami. What was so special about being a princess? You sit around the palace not doing anything. I don't even know why so many people are intrigued about me & my brother's life. Is royalty that special?

       Just then when I closed my eyes to think I heard a voice……

Normal POV

"You're still awake"

"Yes brother, I still am" she answered back.

"Why don't you sleep?" Yami, Safiya's older brother went closer to her.

"I can't…… I feel something is coming. Something, it's very near."

"Are you becoming delusional or is that dream?" he asked.

"I don't know Yami……… I don't know………"

"Why don't you try to get some sleep?" he suggested

"I'll try. Well, goodnight brother thank you!"

"You're welcome. Goodnight!" he gave her a hug & went out of the room.

       Safiya closed the lights & got into the bed covered with black silk & velvet blankets. She lied down & closed her eyes 'I hope it's just a dream……………'

-----other side of town-----

"Master, it's time"

"Then let's get started"

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