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Whenever, Wherever

By: Blue Savage

Chapter 37: Everlasting Vows

Safiya's POV

I wiped more tears from my face, smudging the thick kohl that outlined my eyes. I sniffed even more, and stared out my window. "Bakura…I wonder where you are now." I gave an agonized sob and continued to cry painfully.

"Damn brother…just because he's Pharaoh he can do whatever he wants…even to his own flesh and blood." I stood up from my silk sheets and sat in front of my dresser, brushing my thick, black hair.

I took a white piece of cloth, and started to wipe my face. I removed my tears and the kohl that stained my entire face. I heaved a deep sigh and ran a hand through my messy hair. 'Oh how I wish Bakura was here…'

I pictured him standing behind me, his palms placed on my shoulders, while a smile graced his lips, his brown orbs glistening vibrantly. And as I touched his hands that were on my shoulders, his form began to disappear and materialize into smoke that blew out the window. I shut my eyes closed and bit my lower lip.

"I need you,"

Suddenly I heard a rustle behind me. I jolted my head to the sound, and found nothing. "I-is anyone h-here?" I called, "brother? Akila?" and silence merely answered me.

I stood up from my dresser and went to my balcony door, and saw it was partially open. A cold wind blew in my room, making me jerk to the open window. I could've sworn I closed all of my doors and windows. Suddenly, I saw a form emit from the curtains. I backed away a bit. I stumbled and fell on my posterior, as cold sweat poured down my face.

"W-who are you? S-stay b-back!" but before I could continue with my chain of words, the person's own voice ceased me of my worry.

"Shh…Safiya, keep quite, it's only me, Bakura."

"B-Bakura? Is it r-really you?" I fumbled with my words, as I attempted to stand up, and approach the white-haired thief.

"Safiya…" he smiled warmly, despite the fact that it was completely dark; I could still see his features. He approached me slowly and helped me get up. We both looked at each other, and smiled, as we encircled our arms around each other.

It felt like forever when we finally parted. Tears poured down my face, while my lips tugged a grin of mirth.

"And here I thought I'd make you happy, by sneaking in here…but instead I made you cry." I simply chuckled at his remark and held him even tighter. He caressed my cheek softly, and wiped the tears that poured down my eyes.

"Have you been crying all night?" he mumbled, his face buried in my hair.

"How'd you know?"

"Your eyes are red…but why?"

"It's n-nothing," I sighed, "But I must question Bakura, how did you get pass the guards. Yami told me the palace is heavily guarded-"

His sudden laugh though, faltered my inquiry, "Safiya, why must you doubt my abilities? Besides, I would do anything, anything just to be with you." He said the last part so sternly that his eyes remained solid, looking directly at me.

Suddenly, he dipped his head so low, that our lips finally met. It didn't take long for our kiss to actually deepen. I moaned under his control and tried to take in more air, hoping this kiss would never end.

He softly laid me down on my bed, and began to slide the straps of my dress, down to my shoulders. We molded our bodies together, a perfect fit. It felt like the gods really made us to be this way.

I raked my nails on his bare chest, and removed the piece of clothing that shielded his upper body. In return though, Bakura took his shining knife within his belt, and ripped the upper part of my dress, leaving me with my skirt, and my chest revealed to his yearning eyes. We parted away for much needed and air, reveled within each other's eyes. I smiled at him and he smiled at me.

He assaulted my neck; his soft breathes yielding every part of me. He licked my neckline, and then slowly moved to the valley between my breasts. I simply moaned within his touch, and slithered my hands to his well-toned chest.

Suddenly, I felt wetness and a steamy breath succumb somewhere beneath my belly button. Bakura's tongue whirled in that place for quite a long time, before I felt his hands; straddle my waist, and the skirt, which protected me of my chastity.

But all of a sudden, Yami's voice rang in my ears, and demanded me to remove my body from Bakura's. I did what the voice told me so, and parted away from my lover. Bakura gave me worried eyes, and a frown appeared on his lips.

"Safiya, what's the matter?" he murmured, getting closer to me, with every step.

"I-I'm sorry Bakura, it's just…Yami...he...forgive me, it's nothing, let's continue." But when I got closer to him, his hands softly pushed me away. I scrunched up my face, and showed my façade of complete confusion, "Bakura, I don't understand."

When I said those words, I received one of the most bewildering replies in my entire life, he shook his head, "No Safiya, I don't understand. Why is it that I traveled the desert, just to meet you, and when I get here, we almost make love, and that's when your brother enters your mind!" he said all of those words so harshly, that tears just seemed to roll down my eyes again. I was beginning to label myself as a crybaby now. And here I thought I was a strong lady.

I bit my lower lip, and cast my eyes to the tiled floor, "I d-don't know Bakura. It's just…" I collapsed from my bed and onto the floor, as the words would not escape my trembling lips.

Bakura kneeled down in front of me, and hushed me sympathetically while he encircled his arms around my shoulders. He began to smoothen my back, and whisper considerate and soothing words into my ears.

Moderately, he stood me up and settled me back on my bed, his arms still caging me. My tears began to cease, but the words I badly wanted to tell to Bakura still would not be free. My lips felt like it was a rather large padlock that sealed in all of the secrets I wanted to tell to him.

However, because of my uncertain musings, I never realized that Bakura was already kissing the stains where the torrents of tears fell from my eyes. He outlined my lips with his tongue, and he licked the marks where the drops of silver bore from my eyes.

"Why do you keep those thoughts inside your mind? Why do you not let them go? Let them be free? Why do you keep them for yourself? What am I to you, if you do not even tell me the words you want to escape from your lips?" he said all of them so calmly, that I just wanted to bring myself to him. Tell him everything, my heart and mind desires.

I shut my eyes so tight that I felt as though I was about to go blind, I bit my lower lip even more making it bleed slightly, "Yami," was all that could slip out of my mouth – the name of the almighty pharaoh, the name of the ruler of Egypt, the name of my brother.

For some reason I felt Bakura's eyebrows narrow and a burning heat surged his mind, "What about Pharaoh?" he mumbled dangerously.

And that was where my mind made several pathways. One way was to remain faithful to my brother. Right then and there, I could call any guard, or even brother to just barge in the room and take Bakura from me. But a pang of betrayal will always stain my mind. The fault that made me lose the only lover that cared for me so.

However, on the other pathway, was to remain faithful to Bakura, but to turn away from Yami – my brother, the only family which cared for me for the past sixteen years.

My heart crumbled into pieces, as I had to make one of the most crucial decisions of my entire life. Why is it that brother cannot accept Bakura for what he is? Even if he is a notorious criminal…

I slowly turned away from Bakura, and opened my mouth; I was about to say something when his baritone voice interrupted me, "Run away with me."

I immediately closed my mouth and let my eyes widen as I still tried to register those four words he said to me. Time seemed to stop when he spoke that small phrase. I still couldn't believe what he was proposing. Run away with Bakura? Sure, it has always been my dream to be with Bakura forever, but it never struck me to actually run away with him. Leaving my home and the only family that has been there for me – Yami. But then again, I would regain a new home with Bakura; perhaps even have children. And there, I would have my own family. But it would never be the same.

I shook my head slowly, and I faced Bakura once again with mystified orbs, "Bakura…this-this is all going too fast for me. First, we've just been in the war of the millennia, then brother commands me to never see you again, and now you're intending that I run away with you-!"

"Wait a minute! Did you just say that Pharaoh commanded us to never see each other again?" he interrupted all my flabbergasted thoughts, and his lips stayed in a thin line.

I nodded painfully, biting back the tears that never seemed to end for me. "That what was I thought too Bakura," I implied, reading his mind with only his facial expression, "I believed that both of you already settled your differences, and started anew. I even thought you guys made a pact of peace."

Bakura chortled softly, "Why would you ever think that Safiya! Pharaoh and I were born to be enemies, even before birth, Osiris already wanted us to be rivals! If a day will come where your brother and I will make peace, then the gods must have gone insane. Sure Pharaoh and I somewhat gave generosity to one another during the war, but our rivalry shall not stop there, there's more than you'll ever know."

An innocent surface seemed to hover over my features, when he said that. How gullible was I to believe that long-life foes would become colleagues. But then again, it could be possible.

We both smiled thoughtfully at each other, and lay down on my bed once more. We brushed our lips together, and slid our tongues, uniting the love and promise we hold together.

A moan escaped my lips, and we both parted, gasping for air. His eyes glimmered in the moonlight's radiance, while his muscled body relaxed.

Suddenly, he flexed his hand, fishing something within his cloak, which was sprawled on the floor. When his pale hand came about, there was a black box buried within his touch.

My purple orbs, somewhat gave off a suspicious gleam, thinking what could have been inside the tiny container. Bakura smiled at me and sat up, also helping me sit up, he showed the box in front of my face.

"What is it?" I asked, giving a small cheeky grin.

"Kiss me first," he replied, puckering his lips. For some reason, I laughed at his childish action, and kissed him softly on the spot. He blushed slightly, and kissed me back, just as gentle.

After our small 'kissing game' he opened the box, and to my eyes revealed a golden ring perched inside of it, just like a clamshell and its pearl. My eyes grew wide, seeing the treasure nestled in the small package.

"H-how did you g-get that?" I stammered, while a nervous sweat and a nervous chuckled escaped my lips. It came to my mind though that he must have stolen it.

But he merely shrugged, "Doesn't matter,"

A few minutes of silence elapsed Bakura holding the golden ring, and me staring at it astonishment. And when I finally realized it, our faces were merely centimeters apart, his hot breath capitulating on my face.

"Say you'll be mine." He murmured within my gaze.

I shed off a compassionate veneer and opened my mouth, whispering within his ear, "I always was Bakura…and I always will."

He smiled broadly, a few of his canines coming into sight. He took out the ring, and lifted it to the moonlight, where the Egyptian hieroglyphs that were inscripted began to appear.

"What does it say?" I smiled, holding the hand that held the small hoop.

"We will always be together, Whenever, wherever."

We both smiled, and he slid the golden ring in my ring finger. I let the final beads of tears of the night shed from my eyes, as I embraced my lover – My Tomb Robber.

"So I shall fulfill that promise eternally."

"I shall too," I replied huskily, kissing him passionately on the lips.

And so our vows were made, the everlasting promise that shall not break.

And from that moment, I forgot about all the thoughts that bubbled within my mind moments ago. About choosing the right path, or remaining faithful to my sibling or my lover; even the thought of running away with Bakura diminished from my mind. The only thing that stayed though was the notion that I would always be with Bakura. No matter how far we are, our hearts will always be bonded.

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