Imhotep's Key Chapter

By Joseph Black

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Spoilers: Buffy to present.  Rainbow to Bear and the Dragon.

Authors note 1:  I am adjusting the Buffy time line slightly, this fic starts just after "Never Leave Me", moving things back about a month.

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Authors note 3:  This is a continuation of the story started in 'Rainbow Over Sunnydale'.  It would be helpful to read that fic first.

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What has come before:

Jack Ryan, President of the Untied States is informed that a US General, in charge of a top-secret anti-supernatural taskforce, believing him to be the Anti-Christ has gone AWOL with most of his unit.  Investigation of the files left behind led Secretary Brentano to believe that the Generals plan is to open the Sunnydale Hellmouth to thwart Jack's plan for humanity.

Ryan and his Senior Staff are briefed as to what the Hellmouth is and who is defending it.  President Ryan decides that he cannot send normal Special Forces troops to the Hellmouth because General Billingsly had been recruiting from these troops.  Instead he decides to send the anti-terror group Rainbow, commanded by an old friend and colleague John Clark to defend it.

Outside Bob Holtzman, a reporter with the Washington Post had been alerted to the meeting by a source and managed to get photos of the Finns as they arrived.

Riley Finn and his wife Samantha brief Clark and his partner Ding Chavez on what goes bump in the night, and the goings on in Sunnydale while they are on their way to Sunnydale.  Sam left to gather the rest of their team that had been on leave while Riley, Clark, and Ding head to Sunnydale.  Reaching Sunnydale they meet Buffy Summers on patrol and watch her dispatch four vampires.

Back in Washington Ryan is calling it a night when Andrea Price-O'Day, the head of his Secret Service detail informs him that she wishes to investigate the possibility of recruiting some of the Scoobies, and possibly Faith into the SS to help protect Ryan better.  Ryan okay's the mission but insists that he is the final word on Faith.

Riley explains to Buffy what is going on and points out that a group of trained soldiers striking when and how they choose may be more than she can handle.  Buffy invites the three men back to her house where Anya informs everyone that Clark is a former CIA agent that D'Hoffryn is interested in because of a campaign of vengeance against a group of drug dealers that had killed Clark's girlfriend many years ago.

Clark and company stood watch.  During Clark's watch he had Riley brief him in on some of the stuff that had come up that night.  Then talked to Buffy and set up some ground rules.  He also hires Buffy to help train his men against some of the stuff they might run into around Sunnydale.

The next morning a Forest Ranger shows up at the front door and explains that he has a family treed in a local national park and he would like Buffy's help as the mother of the family claims that it is invisible wolves that did it.  Ding volunteers to go with Buffy and when the Ranger, Robert Broadman discovers that Ding doesn't have a rifle they stop by a local gun shop where Buffy discovers that her secret ID is even less secret than she thought.  She gets a new crossbow and Ding picks up a rifle and puts an order in with the shop owner to add some more heavy weapons to Rainbows arsenal.

The Scoobies and Clark meanwhile research and discover that the demon that has the family treed is likely a 'shadow hound', a beast that is used to hunt down people but that can go feral very easily.

Holtzman met with a source he had at Andrews Air Force Base who told him that Clark and Chavez, two people that Holtzman had him looking for had taken off last night with two people that sounded like the Finns.  Holtzman had been able to identify Riley from his West Point Year Book.  He managed to find Samantha from a story done about her escape from 'drug runners' that had wiped out the village where her Peace Corp group had been.  He also learned that Riley had been there from a photo he received from a friend that showed that Riley had been in the area of the attack.  From the same friend he learned that Riley had been a teaching assistant at the University of California at Sunnydale after he had disappeared into what Holtzman assumed was the world of black ops.  Holtzman had also questioned the explosion in London and found out from one of the staffers on the paper that the building had been the HQ for a shadowy organization called The Watchers Council, which the staffers source believed was an Illuminati type organization that believed could possibly had been the power behind President Ryan's ascension.  At the site Holtzman discovered an Email by 'lttlrdwtch' that didn't think too much of that idea.  Asking the head of The Post's IT department to run down this person he was soon handed a piece of Dooggie Howzer Fan Fiction.  He was about to throw it away when he noticed that the Author had a UCSD email address.  He sent an email off to her asking for an interview. 

 Fearing that one of his girls may be a potential Slayer Ryan calls Sir Basil the head of English Intelligence and asks him what he knows about the Watchers Council.  Basil replies that they are dead.  He goes on to explain that an explosion that had happened in London was in fact the Watchers Council HQ.  Basil then informs Ryan that it appeared that a Watcher had in fact survived and had fled to the US.  Ryan promised to alert Law-Enforcement to help find Rupert Giles, and three young ladies traveling with him.

Willow asks Clark what he knows about Bob Holtzman and panics that he might want to interview her.  Clark tells her not to worry and to just write him back and insist that any interviews be done face to face.  He assures her that no editor would pay to send a reporter on so flimsy a piece of evidence as an email.

Buffy, Ding, and Broadman manage to rescue Dr. Sandra Sanchez and her two kids.  They get them down off of the mountain and into ambulances.  On the way back to Sunnydale they fail to notice that a Reporter for the Sunnydale Press watching on the side of the road.  He uses a cell phone to contact someone, and then destroys the phone.

Clark had contacted Dan Murray Director of the FBI about the possibility to remove Andrew Wells, the last surviving member of the Troika to Los Angles.  Andrew had been captured by Willow while he was buying blood in an attempt to complete a ritual that The First Evil was trying to get him to do.  He had already murdered Jonathan Levenson the other survivor of the Troika in an attempt to do this. 

Murray sent Pat O'Day, one of his chief troubleshooters, who was in San Francisco on a serial killer case to pick Andrew up, and to check out the local FBI office.  Clark Pat, and Willow went to the local FBI office and quickly discovered that the two agents there were aware of what went on in Sunnydale.  The had originally been sent to cover the office when the former agents had either died, been arrested, or disappeared in the wake of the investigations spawned by the death of Mayor Wilkens in the graduation explosion.  The agents had discovered the true nature of Sunnydale when Agent Conners, the junior agent at the office was attacked by a vampire one night while jogging.  When they reported what they had found they discovered that the Initiative was in town already and said they were handling the problem.  Frayne Murphy, the SAC of the office, and Sue Connors were then kept in Sunnydale because they already knew what was going on. 

O'Day and Clark agreed that the two FBI agents where probably on the level and briefed them on what was going on and called Dan Murray the Director of The FBI to let him know.  The night before Clark had had a Radar Imaging Satellite map the underground of Sunnydale.  Murray sent the take from the satellite to Sunnydale,

Buffy and Ding returned from rescuing Dr. Sanchez and her kids.  Buffy had just found a note from Willow to call her when she heard Giles downstairs.  Buffy got down there and found Ding and Giles facing off against each other.  Buffy broke it up by introducing the two.  Ding and Buffy were surprised when three young women came into the house.  Giles introduced them and explained that The First had destroyed The Watchers Council and that the three girls where potential Slayers.  He went on to explain that he had sent word out for all potentials to gather in Sunnydale as The First was trying to destroy the line of The Slayers. 

Buffy remembered that Willow wanted her to call her.  When Willow picked up she pretended that Buffy was someone else and ducked into another room.  Willow explained that the President had told Clark that the British had requested that Giles be put into custody. Before Buffy could respond Clark, who had followed Willow requested that he be allowed to talk to Giles.  Buffy told him that he couldn't have him and Clark reassured her that he wasn't interested in putting him in jail.  Clark talks to Giles and convinces him to come down to the FBI office so they can talk.

Riley and Xander had gone out to look for a base for Rainbow and his team to use.  Xander showed him the warehouse where Buffy had first run into Glory.  Riley decided to take it, then asked Xander about some of the things that had happened while he was gone.  Xander let slip that Buffy had died and they had been brought back.  Riley was so upset he ordered Xander to wait in the car.  While he was getting his temper back under control D'Hoffryn appeared and told him some stuff that Xander had left out, such as the fact that Spike had tried to rape Buffy the year before.  D'Hoffryn offered to do something to Xander if Riley would give John Clark an amulet so Clark could contact him.  Riley refused, but told the demon lord that he would let Clark know that you wanted to talk him.  Once outside the warehouse Riley punched Xander in the head.

Xander and Riley headed for the FBI office. Outside the office Xander returned the favor and decked Riley.  Inside Riley told Clark that the warehouse would be suitable.  Clark asked Riley what had happened between him and Xander.  When Riley explained Clark told him that if he couldn't work with the Scoobies he would be sent back to Washington.

Buffy and the rest arrived and examined the maps.  Giles and Clark reached an agreement then Buffy and Giles went to check out where Buffy had last encountered The First.  Their Buffy ran into a powerful vampire who Giles identified as Trifurcates, the first vampire.  While she was beaten Buffy still managed to get away.

While Holtzman is researching Sunnydale his editor comes in and tells him that he needs to go with the President because the President seems to have declared war on a US Senator that is running for reelection.  Holtzman locks up his files and heads out.

Rainbow Team One arrived and Clark sent Willow and Ding to meet it and secure some place to stay since Buffy's house was full between the potentials, Giles, and Anya, plus the people that normally lived there.

On Air Force One Holtzman meets and old colleague John Plumber who has information on Clark and the Explosion in London.  Holtzman explains some of what he knows and Plumber some of his stuff.  Plumber mentions that the man the Brits are looking for, and that which the US is not giving up was a librarian in Sunnydale for several years.  Holtzman sighs and begins negotiation with the other journalist as to how they are going to share the story.

Willow, Ding and Colonel Stanley the XO of Rainbow got rooms at a local hotel and Willow performed a revocation ceremony to make them vamp resistant.

Team One arrived at the FBI office and Clark explained what was going on.  Major Peter Covington looking the office over told General Clark that he didn't think that the office was defensible and that they should find a different site to set up if possible.  Riley and Xander managed to get the warehouse so as soon as Buffy got back they moved there. 

Once there Colonel Stanley discovered that one of the potentials was a niece that he and his family had believed killed in a traffic accident with her mother 13 years ago.  He confronted Giles with this information.  Buffy stopped it from getting physical, but when she found out that sometimes the Council did kidnap potentials she went to work off some steam. Ding followed her into gym where he watched as Buffy pushed herself through exercises to burn off some of the anger.  Buffy explained that the council did have killers working for them, and told him about how she and Faith switched bodies.  Ding asked about Faith and Buffy filled him in.

Clark followed Giles up on to a catwalk.  Giles explained some of his back history, and the back history of the Council, promising to look into the circumstances of Molly being in the council's care.  Clark accepted this but told him he wanted the stories on the other two girls too.

Everyone got back together to be briefed.  One of the troopers, Lt. Kenshin Hiedoki, a loaner to Rainbow from the JSDF told Maj. Covington that one of his ancestors had been a Slayer, and that he had served on the team that deals with the supernatural in Japan.  At the briefing Clark laid out who was going where, and what the equipment load out would be.  Two of the soldiers that had been assigned super soakers loaded with holy water were a little upset but Clark explained how effective holy water was.

The soldiers still complained about it while waiting to leave and Annabelle, one of the potentials overheard them and panicked.  Once everyone had left to do the mission she snuck out. Trifurcates who had fought with The First over keeping Spike alive had gone out to feed.  Annabelle was noticed missing and Clark, Riley, and with the two FBI agents to act as guides went looking for her.  Clark heard her scream when Trifurcates grabbed her and he managed to kneecap him and escape with Annabelle before she was killed. 

Willow had agreed to accompany Pat O'Day back to LA when he transported Andrew Wells.  On the road back they were ambushed by a group of thugs that were after O'Day.  The First had detected them trying to remove Andrew and brought the thugs along to deal with all of them.  Andrew was shot saving Willows life and she lost it.  The First noticed something going on back in Sunnydale and left right before Willow changed.  She disarmed and immobilized all of the gang bangers and was about to start on them when Pat discovered that Andrew was still alive but fading fast.  He pointed this out to Willow so she performed a spell that she said would bind her and the gang-bangers together and told them that they needed to go and confess to whatever crimes they had committed.  If they didn't she warned that she would look them up when she had more time on her hands.  She then gathered up Pat and Andrew and disappeared.

The attack on the base was largely a success.  They managed to rescue Spike with a minimum of casualties and got some experience going up against supernatural creatures. 

At the hospital where Willow teleported them to they got Andrew the hands of doctors and into surgery were they began working on him.  Willow was depressed at how close she had come to being 'Darth Willow' again and O'Day not understanding what that was about had no way of snapping her out of it.  The local police in the form Lt. Jonathan O'Connell show up to question them about the shooting.  Pat told him an edited version of the story and O'Connell left apparently satisfied.  Buffy and the and the crew who had raided the lair brought their wounded in.  Spotting Willow she found out what happened and decided to take Willow home. Clark and the people from the warehouse showed up and Clark informed her that President Ryan was going to be in the neighborhood and wanted to meet with her.

Trifurcates managed to get back to the lair and found The First looking at the manacles where Spike had hung.  He chided the First about how he should have let Trifurcates kill him when they had the chance.  The First seemed unconcerned.  When Trifurcates asked him what they were going to do about it, The First told him that, "That in times of trouble a girl should have her family around her."