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Time frame: after The Zeppo, evening and before bad girls.

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Summary: Faith got an unexpected visit


Faith's motel room

Faith was lying on her bed, idly watching TV when heard a knock at her door. #Who the hell could that be?# She rolled off her bed. #Buffy?# She stand up her feet and went to answer it. #Nah.# She opened the door and looked outside.


#What the fuck!?# She stepped outside her room to look for the stranger as she knocks her foot to something.

She looked down and saw a basket. Her eyes widened. A warm feeling suddenly ran along her spine as she saw what was inside of it: a little black labradour puppy, curled up asleep with a plaid blanket. After a moment of sheer warmth and fuzzy feelings she quickly looked around again and ran down the stairs to outside. She looked up both sides of the road, but saw nobody and went up to her room again. Not wanting to wake up the little puppy she gently picked up the basket and went inside.

She carefully checked out the rest of the basket. There was a box beside the puppy, with food in a little plasic bag and a letter. She frowned when she read what was written.

/ Dear resident,

I'm sorry for the inconvience. I can't take care of the puppy and I hope you or someone you know who can be a home to her.

Thank you very much. /

She stared at the letter and then back to the puppy again. Her thoughts were devided between her feelings from the past when she had begged her mother for a doggy and that of responsibility. Her life was crappy and she knew it. A puppy would deserve better. But the heartbreaking feelings of wanting to love and beloved was overwhelming. Her tough decision was made for her when the little dog opened her eyes and the sweet deep dark eyes bored into her own, straigth into her soul.

She smiled brilliantly and her eyes gratefully returned the warmth, while her heart did little flip-flops. After a few moments her conscious restored and she tore her gaze away. #Fuck! I can't take care of her . . .#

She started to walk around her room thinking, until the puppy made soft little noises which stole her heart again. She bent down and petted the black sweetness. Her eyes wettened as she gently caressed the pup with her hands and slowly a little tear rolled down her cheek. She ripped open the plastic bag and offered it some food from her hand. It sniffed carefully and than gratefully ate all the food from her hand, before it whimpered for more.

After she had taken care for the pup, she jumped up and made a little dance of joy. Then she picked up the box, opened it and saw its contents. It was a care kit, with a note of how to take care of the puppy and a little booklet about responsibilities. She quickly scanned the contents and her happy face turned quickly in a worried and most of all a very depressed one. #Damn! I can't do this.#

She looked at it again, maybe there was a way out. The first line said it all: /You and the puppy are home. This is when the responsibility hits new parents./

She wanted to scream out of injustice as she quickly took the basket and walked out of her motel room straigth into a person standing at the other side. She stopped as she saw him knocked down to the ground by her force and looked down at him. #Xander?#

"Uh, hi," he said nervously.

She stared into his face. "What the fuck are you doing here?"

"Oh, I, uh, I was in the neighborhood and I thought to see how you were doin'."

"What do you want?" she growled. "I-I . . ." he stumbled and stopped as he noticed the basket.

She saw him looking at her puppy and took a protective stance. She saw his questioning look and flipping his eyes between her face and the puppy. "It's not mine," she stated, "Someone laid it at my doorstep."

Xander stared for a moment and his face turned into one of recognition. "Oh . . ."

She saw him slowly standing up, not letting her out of side while she nodded.

"You gonna keep it?" he asked curiously.

She glanced at the brown eyed guy with a hint of disgust. #Buffy's geek boy . . .# Her eyes quickly trailed his features before she answered. "Yes." #You can ran to your little miss perfect and tell her that *I* have at least someone responsible for!#

He squinted his eyes into her motel room and than back to her. "Here?" he asked.

Her eyes narrowed a bit. "What's wrong with that?" she asked angry. #Since when do you care?#

"You can't have a dog in that place, Faith," he simply said, ignoring her intimidation.

"And _I_ can!" she yelled.

"Well, that's up to you, Faith. But having a dog is irresponsible."

She pointed a finger in his chest, furious. "So you worry about my little dog, while I can rot inside here!"

Xander didn't back away. "You can't take care of yourself?"

"Hell, I can!" she snorted.

Xander sighed a bit. "Then why are you living in here?"

Xander's relaxing composure didn't have any effect on her. "Where else can I live!?"

"I don't know. Why not with Buffy? Haven't you ask . . ."

Faith's eyes openened at the most ridiculous thing she had ever heard. "What !?"

Xander almost backed away from her by the increased fury in her tone. "Uh . . ."

"That bitch doesn't care a damn thing about me!" she yelled not listening to Xander's little protest. "She fucking pushed me out of her house and from her precious mom the very first day I arrived here." She calmed what when she saw the puppy looking terrified from its basket at her.

Xander blinked and paled a bit. "Faith, . . . I-I," he sympethatically tried.

She walked back into her room, but before she could close the door Xander quickly put his foot in between. "Faith, you are not going to take care of the puppy alone."

She didn't raise her voice as she was afraid to scare her little dog even more. "I fucking will. I am gonna take care of her," she exclaimed as she pointed to the basket.

She walked back into her room, but before she could close the door Xander quickly put his foot in between. "Faith, you are not going to take care of the puppy alone," he said seriously.

She didn't raise her voice as she was afraid to scare her little dog even more. "I fucking will. I am gonna take care of her."

Xander stared her in her eyes, ice-cold. "If you keep her here than I'm gonna kill you." The sudden cold in his voice and look made the tough girl actually shiver. He calmed himself. "Faith, I mean it. You can't keep a puppy here, 'cause Buffy didn't accept you . . . And you know it."

Especially the last four words rang to her mind. "Fuck it, Xander. I have no place to go and I won't give my doggy up."

"Why not with Giles?"

"Yeah, right."

"What's wrong with him?"

She lowered her voice in a mocking one as she narrowed her eyes. "Nice Watcher for his lack of interest in me," she snarled, "Not even once he asked me how I lived or what my past was like."

"Hey," Xander defended, "He might be a stuffy old brit, but he isn't bad. He means it well and was even willing to offer his life for B . . ." He stuck in the her name as he realized his mistake when she saw her eyes narrow. "Faith, I-I . . ."

But Faith was really pissed when he made her point himself for the way Giles favoured Buffy and had ignored her. She pushed him out, "Out!" she snapped furiously.

"Faith, I'm sorry. I just . . ." He suddenly found himself lying on the ground while Faith had a quick glance at him. She narrowed her eyes again. "Ah, now I get it . . ." she hissed, "You wanna offer yourself for this noble mission, don't you? So that you can show your parents and geek friends your latest conquest."

Xander's eyes widened. "Faith, no . . ." he tried as she slammed the door shut.