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~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Daine walked wearily out of the stables. It had been a long night and the sun was just starting to peek over the horizon. One of the mares had foaled the previous night, but she had had difficulties and a near breach-birth so Daine had lent her services. How could she not?

The dawn bell had not yet tolled as she walked up the stairs to her room. It was freezing and she shivered as she walked up the spiraling stairway. She was drained! It didn't help that she felt like someone was trying to hammer a wooden post into her head!

She was too tired, and even climbing the stairs seemed a hard task. That was strange for her because she had not over-exerted herself? But she had felt terrible before the long night. 'Just some sleep,' she thought amid a yawn, 'sweet sleep'.

Not realizing what she was doing she sank to the stairs and pressed her throbbing head against the cool stone wall. Despite the morning breeze of early spring to cool her she felt as if she was inside one of the cook's large ovens.

Numair descended the stairs still not entirely awake after retiring late, studying for a change of course. He was jolted awake when he realized he had nearly stumbled on someone! He looked down to see none other than his student curled into a fetal ball against the wall. She appeared to be asleep.

'Must have been more births,' he thought. 'That's one of the annoying things about spring.' Horses, wolves, cattle, deer, you name it, it insisted on arousing his student at wee hours of the morning. He did not truly mind though, if she loved, he loved it; and plus, it was his job to teach her.

He reached a hand down and shook her gently.

Her eyes blinked open slowly. "Numair?" she asked the fuzzy figure in front of her.

"What are you doing out of bed?" He said questioningly.

"Mare..." was all that she could manage while sleep still clouded her mind. But Numair understood.

"Well Magelet, it is off to bed with you."

"Fine." she yawned.

And gently he helped her up and into her room.

Daine did not bother to change out of her soiled clothing, she was too weary. She simply sank into the soft linen of her bed, and was asleep when she hit the pillow.

Numair watched as she sank into the bed. 'She must have really exerted herself the past night.' Ever so gently he tenderly stroked the back of her head. He then quickly pulled the covers up over her, grasped her hand quickly, and turned to leave.

~*~*~*~*~*~ Daine turned over and stared out of the window. Wow, she must have slept for quite a time, judging by the sun anyway. But she still felt terrible!

"Kit?" she mumbled to the figure lying next to her bed. She was answered by a small chirp.

She would have replied, but the world began to sway violently. Placing a hand to her head she tried to make it slow down, but did not succeed. As the world spun she began to feel violently nauseous, but just as she would have gone to the adjoining bath chamber the world went black and she fell back lifelessly against the pillows.

Kit watched the whole thing, and her scales took on a shade of grey, of worry. In her mind she had only one though, Numair.

Quickly, running on four clawed paws she sped out of Daine's room in search of Numair.


The scuttling of Kit's claws on the stone floor made much noise as she ran through the castle. Her mind skimmed over places where she could find him, and then she remembered he was teaching the pages today.

She continued gallivanting down the hall past a few startled pages!

When she came to the door, instead of stopping she simply slid straight through it; and straight into a very surprised Numair!

When he regained his bearings, he scowled disapprovingly at Skysong. The pages in the room had quite a laugh at this.

"Kitten!" he bellowed.

But instead of acting like she was sorry, or the normal way she did when she was being reprimanded, she started talking in a fit of whistles, clicks, and chirps while tugging at his shirt.

"I can't, I'm teaching!" he snapped at the dragon. But again she paid no heed, and continued to threateningly chatter at him.

"Fine," he muttered then turned toward the class. "Oh alright, class dismissed!"

They all cheered. "But not a word of this to Tkaa, alright? He will have my hide!"

As soon as 20 or so smiling pages had filed past him, he stared at Kitten, suddenly serious.

"Kit, you better have a good reason for this."

She chirped a response and pulled him off toward Daine's chambers.


Kitten pointed a forepaw directly at Daine's door, he couldn't miss that.

Numair got the message that he was supposed to go in Daine's room, but why? She was probably still asleep; he chased all of the sudden ideas that popped in his mind as he slowly opened the door.

He walked up silently to the bed and took a good look at his student; and instead of seeing a slumbering Daine, what he saw made him gasp in surprise!

It was still Daine, but she was pale and shaking, her breaths were no more than shallow gasps for air. Numair could feel his stomach clench in fear for his magelet. He gently picked up one of her hands, but he nearly dropped it when he was shocked, she was burning up!

"Kit. Kit get Alanna quick!!"

Skysong's scales suddenly turned to a very panicked grey, but she immediately, sensing urgency, ran off to do his bidding. ~*~*~*~*~*~ Okay everyone, please review! And to anyone who has read 'Changing Winds', the next chapter is coming very soon! The 2nd and last chapter for this should be up by Sunday, I am already close to completion. Thanks everyone! ~Roccovende