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Pulling Her Down

by: aishiteru_inu

Part 1:

InuYasha had just grabbed a hold of her upper arm the same time she said 'sit'. At the tug of the necklace, his grip unconsciously tighten and when he went crashing down into the ground, he unwittingly pulled her down along with him. It took several moments before he could raise his head, and when he did, he had something angry ready to say upon his lips, but then his eyes caught sight of the downed girl beside him. He started to laugh.

His grin was from ear to ear seeing her like that, and, of course, he changed what he was going to say to, "Now you know what it feels like!" and continued to laugh.

Kagome laid there prone against the ground, trapped by his hold and his arm that had hers underneath it. There wasn't anything she could do to free herself, and until his subduing spell wore off enough she was trapped against the floor as he was. All she could do at the moment was feel the pain in her face, taste the blood in her mouth, and listen to InuYasha laughing.

Slowly, she shifted her other arm around the top of her head to allow her forehead to rest against it as her hand slid underneath the strands of her hair that was spilled out around the side of her face. She laid there trying to keep herself silent and still, but the latter was a lost cause because her body trembled slightly as she suffered with the pain and quietly cried.

The hanyou had seen her move her arm around her head, but laughter suddenly died when she just laid there. Three different scents assailed him all at once, and each one tore him up. One was her blood, the other was the salt from her tears, and the last one…was that she was in pain. A lot of it, and he could feel her underneath his hand as she tried to concealed the quaking of her body.


He was in shock. He didn't think. He hadn't given it a thought, as he laughed and mocked her, that she would be hurt going down like that. It wasn't the same as it was for him. He was at least half demon, and although it wasn't a 'wonderful' feeling, and he might get his brain a bit rattled, it never hurt him……not like it would her.

"Ar--Are you alright?" The words hurt his throat as he said them, already knowing that she couldn't be, and there wasn't a thing that he could do except stare at her. "Kagome, please… I'm sorry. I… Please don't cry. It's Ok…"

It's OK? Lame words! But he didn't know what else to say. He wanted to give her arm a squeeze, offering a weak replacement for not being able to do anything else, but his grip was already tight enough. She'd probably have bruises because of it, but he didn't have control enough to release her either.

"Please, don't cry…" he repeated again, his voice ached with a mournfully low tone, then laid his head back down, his cheek pressed against the ground while his golden eyes watched her unblinkingly.

"Kagome," he whispered. "please…"

Kagome became aware that the spell was wearing off when the hold on her arm slackened. He was still unable to rise, but she, on the other hand, was able to move and pull herself from under his arm and out of his grasp. Yet it was not without consequences. His claws, not fully able to retract them out of the way, slid across her, and InuYasha was more than acutely aware of what they did as she drew away from him.

The new injury was of no concern, mattering little compared to pain she felt elsewhere, as she moved the hand of the arm that had been captured, directly to her face. Slowly, she pushed herself up and back into a sitting position, with her butt on the ground and her bent legs against her to either side like a 'V'.

When she stirred, InuYasha lifted his head and noticed the blood starting to stain the white of her torn sleeve. He could not see her face as it was hidden by the curtain of her hair, but when she moved back he saw the small pool of blood where her face had been, and then the trail of dark splotches on the earthen floor that made a path away from it in the direction that Kagome went.

His immediate instinct was to go to her. He tried, only to realize he was still glued to the ground.

He turned his head, as far as he could, to see her. She sat there with her hands cupped against her face, eyes squeezed shut, and under them were tracks of tears running through the smudges of dirt on her cheek. His chest constricted as he also noticed a stream of blood that made a spiraling course around her wrist to the front side of her arm on its downward path.

"Kagome," InuYasha groaned, straining once more against his invisible bonds. He renewed his struggle a bit more forceful baring his teeth and taking his eyes away from her, momentarily, to squeeze them shut, as if a simple jester as that would aid his strength. The effort was futile as the spell wasn't going to allow him to budge.

He returned his gaze just in time to see her open her eyes. She didn't -- wouldn't -- look at him, but he saw the stark pain that was in them nonetheless, and an involuntary, but short, low howl rose from his throat. She still did not pay him any mind, nor did she even look at her hands to see the evidence of the damage upon them as most people would do. Instead, she cast their gaze over to the door that was slightly off to the left of her.

Keeping the hand that shielded her from his sight over her face, Kagome dropped the other to the ground to assistance in pushing herself up to stand. The sight and smell flooded his senses, and if she still had not noticed that her palm and wrist were covered with blood, the hanyou most certainly had.

"Kagome," was all he seemed to be able to say, but her name was strangled as it rose from his throat.

She got up and stood there a moment to steady herself, then proceeded to walk with awkward stability. She sagged briefly against the door frame.

"Kag…" he only got out barely louder than a whisper before she managed to push herself away and disappeared outside.

InuYasha didn't think he ever strained so hard in his life, even more so than he had those first few times she had 'sat' him. He needed to get to her, he needed to see about her, but his struggles were to no avail. The charm would only release him when it was ready and no sooner. But just because he couldn't move didn't mean he couldn't hear every word within range that transpired out of his sight.

First there was a sharp intake of breath, followed by the resonance of the monk as he uttered with concern, "Oh, Gods", along with "what happened?"

InuYasha could only close his eyes against it, but what good was that when it was the ears that could hear.

He heard Kagome's trembling reply of, "I--I fell" and nothing more than that. No 'that bastard', or 'that jerk', or even 'that asshole' -- just 'I fell'. Then he heard her give a sharp painful cry, and the monk saying, "It's not broken though."

'Oh, Gods,' The hanyou's mind cried out as he felt a painful rip within his chest hearing her soft whimpers now that she was away from him. He could still smell the salt of her tears, visualizing her trembling body….

"Let's go clean the dirt and blood from your face."

He had not screamed or yelled, yet his voice sounded hoarse even to his own ears as he issued her name once more from his lips, then, with eyes still closed, he dropped his forehead back against the ground.


InuYasha rushed out of the shack, his head turning, eyes searching until they finally came to rest on the girl and the monk a short distance away. She was sitting on the large, unearthed root of a tree while Miroku knelt in front of her, one knee upon the ground, wiping and dabbing at her face.

The hanyou stood and watched for a moment, seeing that the monk was more concerned about the care he was giving Kagome than he was to take advantage of the situation to grope her. The guy might be a pervert, but when it really came down to aiding his friends, he was a real decent guy. Yet, even though he was glad that the houshi had been there for her, a feeling of unwarranted jealousy stabbed at him.

That infuriating voice which would pop into his head, every now and then, kept repeating, "You caused this. You hurt her." and he couldn't help but flinch because of it.

"You might have a bit of a shiner on you come tomorrow," InuYasha heard as he approached the two, seeing the other man putting the finishing touches on the bandage around her arm, which had the sleeve removed to the point just above it.

When he finally stood there, Kagome kept her head down and off to the side, not willing to look up at him. He hunkered down beside the two, his gaze never leaving her face…of what he could see of it. He didn't need to look at the monk to know that he was suppressing his ire, though he never knew the monk to ever speak loud or spiteful even in his anger. But Miroku wasn't his concern: the girl was.

"Are you alright," he asked quietly receiving just a brief nod in response, still not able to look at him.

Almost as if he were asking the hanyou if it were true, or if there was something more to it, Miroku said, "She says she fell", but the reply he got was "I know" and nothing more.

"Kagome," The houshi heard the unusual gentleness in the half demon's voice. "Let me see…"

She shook her head as a new spring of hot tears slid from underneath her lashes and down her cheeks, but InuYasha was persistent. "Please,… let me… see how bad…"

She would have shook her head again, only a hand gently cupped her chin. She resisted at first, but then allowed her face to be turned toward him. She did not see the conflict, which showed in his eyes, dimming their otherwise golden glow, nor the expression he made when he saw the real damage that was done.

Her nose was red and a bit swollen and there was still some blood encrusted around one nostril. Her bottom lip was slightly swollen too, and there was an angled gash across it where it had split when she landed against the ground. There was also a skinned bruise that was clearly starting to make it's way out high upon her right cheek bone. And on top of that her face was wet, not from the water that the monk had used to clean her with but from the tears that coursed their way down and onto his hand.

At first she wouldn't look at him, keeping herself hid behind those lashes, and, if he thought looking at her injured face caused him to ache, he wasn't prepared for the look in her eyes when she raised them to his own. The look of her pain and self consciousness in those expressive chocolate rich eyes he loved so much was more than he could bare. His mouth drew into a thin line, which indicated how angry he was, but his eyes revealed an altogether different emotion, as their dull gaze expressed how much it bothered him to see her like this. He dropped his gaze only to catch sight of her bandaged arm which showed signs of blood seeping into view.

Blood. He still had flicks of blood on his claws, which he had forgotten about in his urgency to get to her. Her blood, and the sweet stench of it rose up to his nose.

InuYasha made a grimacing face, and he stood up and stepped back away from her at the same time. He needed to wash the blood off.

'You did this.'

'Shut up.'

'You hurt her.'

'I said, shut up.'

'Look at what you did to her,'

'No.' Feeling her searching gaze, he turned his face away.

'Look at the damage you did and remember you laughed at her.'

'That was before I knew…'

'Does it really matter? She still was hurt. And her blood is on your hand too.'

'Just shut up.'

'You hurt her.' The voice continued to accuse. 'You hurt her. You hurt her. You hurt her….'

'Shut the hell up!' He deepened the scowl on his face, and took another step back. 'I'm sorry, Kagome. ('You did this.') I didn't… ('You hurt her.') I didn't mean…' but the words wouldn't come out of his mouth. An instant later he bounded away from there, away from her.

-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* End of Part 1 *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-

Important Note Before Anything Is Commented About: It's InuYasha 'retracting' his claws. IF YOU want to think of them as literally being 'retracted' that's up to you. I, on the other hand, actually was thinking of him 'retracting' them as in moving them out of the way, lifting them up, because so far I hadn't seen InuYasha withdrawing his claws to make them shorter except when changing from demon form to hanyou or to human.

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