The Vengeance series is a continuation of the anime, but holds almost no relation with the movies (which were supposed to be out of continuity). However, events up until the defeat of Diaboromon in the movies were taken into account, as the anime series of Digimon Adventures 02 had noted those events' relations with the series.

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- Pilot Chapter -


It had been six months since the defeat of MaloMyotismon, and the Digital World had never experienced any attacks from any forces ever again. And thanks to Yukio Oikawa's sacrifice, therestoration processof the Digital Worldwas greatly accelerated.

The younger generation of Digidestined - Davis, Ken, Kari, Cody, Yolei and TK - all resumed their normal everyday lives back on their world. Their partner digimon - Veemon, Wormmon, Gatomon, Armadillomon, Hawkmon and Patamon chose to stay with them instead of remaining at the digital world like Agumon and the others. Despite being away from their homeworld for a longer duration of time, Veemon, Wormmon, Armadillomon and Hawkmon were now strong enough to retain their rookie forms as they were now as experienced as the original digidestined digimon.

The six younger digidestined were now on their summer break. Davis, T.K., Ken and Kari were going to enter their final year of elementary after the three months hiatus, while Yolei would be entering junior high. It was well-known that Yolei was not fond of the fact that she was older than any of them and by entering junior high meaning she had to don the green uniform which Sora wore. She claimed that the uniform seemed to emphasis herself as the old one. Cody in the meantime would continue his third grade at the same school which all of them, excluding Ken, were attending. Odaiba Elementary, that was what the school was called, the same school where their senior fellow Digidestined went to before entering high school. Ken, owing to his boy genius status, went to the well-known Tamachi's Mugen Elementary where everyone there were prodigies.

Tai, Matt and Sora were scheduled to continue their final year in junior high, while Izzy, being a year younger than the three of them, would be in his sophomore year after the summer break. Joe, the eldest of them all, would be in his final year of high-school, and was extremely busy with his studies as he hoped to achieve the best results to enter the best university, taking a degree in medicine as he had hoped to be. Mimi, who had moved with her family at the United States of America, was also enjoying the summer holidays there with her family.

The guardians of the Digital World were known as the four great Harmonious Ones. They were Azulongmon, the calm blue dragon of the east; Zhuqiaomon, the fiery red phoenix of the south; Ebonwumon, the wise northern black turtle, and Baihumon, the solitary white tiger residing in the west. Each guardian governed one-fourth of the massive plains of the Digital World.

Azulongmon, being the only one of the four Harmonious Ones who trusted humans, opened his sector to be entered by theDigidestined. It was the reason why the Digidestined had their early adventures only within Azulongmon's domain. However, only the eastern quadrant of his sector was opened, the rest of the sector was magically cloaked by the great dragon to make it inaccessible to the Digidestined. As the eastern quadrant consisted of a massive peninsular land and a cluster of islands around the peninsular, it was easy to make the Digidestined think of it as the Digital World.

On the other hands, Ebonwumon of the north had high regards to human as well, but claimed that he wasn't ready to permit anyone from entering his sector. The same was true for the guardians of the west and south, namely Baihumon and Zhuqiaomon.. Zhuqiaomon in particular, loathed humans while Baihumon preferred the solitude of which her sector had given her. Her opinions of humans were unknown.

However, it seemed that Zhuqiaomon had every right for his belief . . . as Azulongmon's trust in humanity was the very reason of their downfall, again.

For six months, the occupants of the Digital World had lived in peace without any evil forces trying to conquer their world. It was a relief because for many years, the Digital World had encountered numerous attempts made by various evil digimon to conquer the world. Some of them remained as legends; the names such as Devimon, Myotismon, the Dark Masters, Apocalymon, the Daemon Corp, the Digimon Emperor - the only non-digimon being that attempted to conquered the world, were only some of those who had tried, and all had been thwarted by the Digidestined.

Today, however, seemed like it was going to be a beginning of a new era of the Digital World .

A huge, floating, disc-shaped fortress was seen hovering at the East sector of the Digital World . The fortress was mostly gray in color, and had many windows. A quick observation of the fortress would lead to the impression that the fortress looked like an extremely massive spinning top. Sparks of lightning were emitted occasionally from the fortress. The fortress was heading towards a mountainous area of the East sector, which situated mountains so high no one had ever seen the top of the mountains as it was covered by clouds.

Inside the fortress, in the bridge where the fortress was piloted, a young man was seen sitting on a throne, which was situated at the middle of the expansive bridge. The throne was built higher than anything else inside the bridge. A fleet of stairs were built leading to the throne. Around the bridge were control panels, computers, and wide displaying screens. All the devices were of advanced technology, and operated on their own.

The young man who was sitting on the throne was looking at the screen lazily as he petted a small, black cat with a long tail striped black and purple who was curling on his lap. The cat seemed to be sleeping. One look at the cat and all would agree that it looked a lot like a Gatomon. A black Gatomon to be precise, and that was exactly what the cat was called - BlackGatomon. The young man, in the other hand, seemed to look no more than twenty five years of age. His shoulder-length jet-black hair which was spiked towards the front was a total contrast of his shining, emerald eyes. His complexion was fair,with high cheekbones that defined his good-looking features. His choice of garments greatly resembled that of Myotismon only that instead of blue in color, the man had chosen black, with silver trimmings. The cape, on the other hand, was crimson, just like Myotismon's. All the clothes adorned well to his tall and well-built body, giving him an impressive and commanding look.

All the way down the throne, on each side of the foot of the staircases, stood two digimons. Both were in their Mega forms, and both were pretty famous. One was a Wargreymon, but looked more like a Black Wargreymon, although there were some differences in terms of color, while the other was a Piedmon. Both were mostly black-and-white in color, with the Wargreymon having his breastplate in gold, and the Piedmon had red sashes. A MetalSeadramon was seen curling behind the throne. He had blue armor instead of the usual gold which normal MetalSeadramon had.

"Chaos Generals!" the young man called out suddenly with a loud, yet clear, voice. There was a commanding tone in his deep voice, and the call made the three Mega level digimons looked up and acknowledged the command. "Go now to the East sector and capture Azulongmon for me. I want him alive!"

The Wargreymon bowed his head a little. "It is as you wish, master." Piedmon and MetalSeadramon followed suit. Wargreymon, Piedmon and MetalSeadramon were the Chaos Generals as referred by the young man. Their names were actually Chaos Wargreymon, Chaos Piedmon and Chaos Seadramon. Each one of them had the power far beyond a normal Mega.

The three digimon instantly vanished from the bridge, and the viewing screen built around the bridge showed the three digimon flying out of the flying fortress and flew at great speed towards the mountainous area. Suddenly, the clouds covering the peak of the mountains shone brightly and emitted white lights as a massive, transparent, bluish dragon-like digimon came out from the clouds. The blue dragon was covered with chains around his body, and had many white wings. The blue dragon, Azulongmon, was one of the Harmonious Ones, and the sovereign of the east.

"It looks like Azulongmon's in the bag now," the young man muttered silently to himself, a faint smile formed on his face as he watched the battle going on between the four powerful Mega digimon.

Azulongmon had successfully countered all the attacks of the three Chaos Generals, and was on the winning side as he tackled Chaos Seadramon down with a mere slap with his long tail. He watched with slight bemusement as Chaos Seadramon was thrown nearly fifty feet away from him before the metallic armored snake regained his balance.

"Be gone, intruders! Leave the East Sector now, or I will be forced to delete all of you!" Azulongmon shouted.

In terms of power and size, Azulongmon fared better. And the fact that he possessed far more immense power than any of the Chaos Generals made the battle to be on his side. However, while on one on one, each Chaos General was no match against the godly digimon but by working together they could pose as an equal match for the sovereign.

Thus, neither Chaos General backed off, despite the warning.

"Imbeciles!" Azulongmon roared, his voice thundered in all direction as his body shimmered in silverish blue light. The lights became brighter with each passing second, and soon all the Chaos Generals had to cover their eyes to protect themselves from blindened by the lights.

"Aurora Force!"

Azulongmon coiled his long, serpentine body into a circle, with the area covered by his body glowing with silverish-blue lights.It was a magnificent sight to behold, as the godly digimon prepared to give his all to thwart his enemies. The great blue dragon then unleashed the contained lights in multiple directions. The lights generated out from Azulongmon's body separated into smaller lightbeams, and were targetted towards the Chaos Generals.

Chaos Wargreymon saw one light-beam coming towards him. Smirking haughtily, he raised both hands towards the skies and channelled his powers to both hands to form an attack powerful enough to counter Azulongmon's powerful attack.

"Terra Force!"

A large orange energy ball formed from his hands and the dragon digimon hurled the attack to collide with the incoming lightbeam. The result was a deafening explosion which blew off the other light-beams away from Chaos Piedmon and Chaos Seadramon.

Chaos Piedmon snorted slightly and glared towards his comrade. "You may have stolen the spotlight now, Chaos Wargreymon, but the show is so far from over."

"Show off!" Chaos Seadramon added.

Chaos Wargreymon cocked his head towards the other two. "Let's see whether you two can do any better."

Azulongmon watched the three Chaos Generals warily with slight amusement, yet he knew all of them were powerful opponents and should he made one small error he could jeopardize his own safety.

"I'll show him!" Chaos Seadramon slithered his way towards the ten-times larger Azulongmon but was stopped by Chaos Piedmon.

"Let's not be too rash, friend. Azulongmon swiped you away easily just now."

"What do you have in mind?"

"Watch!" Chaos Piedmon eyed Azulongmon with those pair of yellow eyes behind his black-and-white face mask. He muttered something which neither Chaos Seadramon and Chaos WarGreymon understood and took out a black hankerchief. Azulongmon however, knew what he had in mind.

"Don't you have some other trick, bozo?" Azulongmon asked wearily and initiated a force-field around him. He was well aware that Chaos Piedmon's hankerchief had the uncanny ability to turn any living thing it touched into a keychain. Two jets of thin yellow lights shot out from two of Azulongmon's four eyes and burnt the hankerchief. "I won't fall into the same trick twice, Piedmon!"

"Piedmon? My, you must have mistaken me with a common Piedmon, friend," Chaos Piedmon replied and laughed airily. "I am no such digimon. I am, in all actuality, a much more powerful digimon than my multi-colored cousins. The name is Chaos Piedmon, remember that as I am going to be your downfall."

Azulongmon was however unimpressed. "I see no difference." Yet, he recalled how Piedmon, the Dark Master he had encountered a long time ago, had defeated him using his hankerchief easily because Azulongmon and the other sovereigns had overlooked the hanky's unexpected ability. Knowing Chaos Piedmon would be even more powerful than a normal Piedmon, Azulongmon dared not to underestimate his opponents. Especially Chaos Wargreymon, as he was not familiar with the digimon's battle technique. The battle he had with Piedmon, MetalSeadramon and the other two Dark Masters long ago hadgiven him somei nsights on how Chaos Piedmon and Chaos Seadramon's own ways.

Inside the ship however, the young man was growing impatient.

"This is getting too long and boring," he noted as he stroke the BlackGatomon who was sleeping peacefully on his lap. He thought for a while, and smiled coldly.

"Perhaps a dose of Digiranium-embedded rings should do the trick just fine . . . " he muttered and left the words hanging as he gave out the command.

Five huge, thin silver rings looked like larger versions of the Digimon Emperor's Dark Rings then flew out from the fortress towards Azulongmon and the three Chaos Generals. The five rings came to Azulongmon from all directions and generated a barrier around him, trapping him in the process. Azulongmon tried to break free from the rings, but to no avail. Instead, he felt himself weaker as if his power was being drained. The five rings let out dark green lights which filled the enclosed barrier.

"It cannot end like this!" Azulongmon thought desperately as he summoned his powers. Although the rings were weakening him, Azulongmon was no ordinary digimon and he felt that he was still capable of fighting. Unfortunately however, he felt that his power was being drained at an alarmingly speed.

"Aurora Force!" he called out and the lights emitted from his body blasted off from his body and tried to impale the barrier. The green lights however had reduced his prowess, and the barrier was too strong that his attack simply backfired. The rings then proceed by decreasing Azulongmon's colossal size slowly until he was no larger than Chaos Wargreymon.

The Chaos Generals watched with interest. "The master surely has some style in capturing digimon," Chaos Seadramon noted in awe.

"Agreed." Chaos Piedmon didn't know what else to say. "I'm only glad over the fact that he had never used that on us."

"Hmm," Chaos Wargreymon grunted as he descended near his two comrades. The two other generals however, just scowled back at him in annoyance and flew back towards the ship escorting the trapped Azulongmon, which was pulled towards the ship by some kind of force generating from the ship itself. Chaos Wargreymon shrugged and followed them.

In the bridge, the young man was smiling evilly towards the screen, as he watched his prize being brought to him by his minions. Four computer generated images appeared before him, showing holograms of a blue dragon, a red bird, a black turtle, and a white tiger. The four images positioned themselves to form a square, and the image of the blue dragon was covered with a yellow barrier.

"Azulongmon is captured," he said and watched the image of the black turtle intently. "Ebonwumon of the North is next. It will be only a matter of time before I have my ultimate prize."

Later that day, various digimon had gathered at Asuka City. Alarming news had reached them, saying that the four Harmonious Ones had been captured once again by an unknown force. It had caused uproar throughout the Digital World, making everyone began to fear for their safeties. The digimon who had showed up were all the partners of the Digidestined, including Agumon, Gabumon, Biyomon, Tentomon, Palmon and Gomamon. Their allies were there as well, all were familiar faces such as Leomon, Ogremon, Centarumon, Frigimon, Meramon, Wizardmon and Andromon.

A young man, clad in a cream-colored set of long robes with a hood with brown linings and black inner shirt and pants, was seen within the group of alarmed digimons. He was a tall man, roughly around 6''1. His dark brown hair was tied in a ponytail, complimenting his good looks. He stood in silent, watching the commotion while thinking of the best way to silence all of the digimons to begin planning for the best way to handle the situation.

As he set his shining blue eyes on the six Digidestined digimon, he silently thought to himself that he couldn't blame them for being so alarmed. After almost half-a-year of peace, the sudden news of the capture of the four Harmonious Ones was not something that they had expected. All began to wonder whether a new evil had set sight on their world. The young man, known to all as Gennai, one of the protectors of the Digital World, was shocked as well after hearing the news, although throughout the times of peace, he had constantly reminded himself to be constantly on alert for situations like this.

The crowd was growing larger, with more and more digimon coming there to participate in the meeting. Although in dire situation like this, Gennai couldn't help but to think that at least he was glad to see all digimons, with various shapes, sizes, classifications and types, all united as one, ready to stand up for their world.

"It was what that had kept us together," Gennai thought to himself. "As they say, united we stand, divided we fall. Now is definitely the time to unite." He scanned the area, and watched the digimons shouting out their opinions towards each other.

"I say we gather up all of the Megas and Ultimates to go and attack the flying fortress!"

"Send a few spies to go and report us of any activity happened there!"

"I'll go there myself if I have to!"

"No! We have to do it together!"

"Who's behind this? Just wait till I get my hands on him!"

Gennai cleared his throat loudly, and beckoned all digimons to listen to him. Suddenly, and surprisingly, the noises, the loud chatters, all stopped abruptly as each and every digimon present focused on Gennai, anticipating of what he was going to say. Seeing that the crowd all had their eyes on him, Gennai spoke up loudly on what he had in mind.

"In my opinion, it is time to call back our human allies."