Went to school today.  It was uneventful.  Well, mostly.  I had a much harder time sitting there listening to Queen Ashleigh be bitchy when I was just bursting to scream "If you aren't nicer to me I've got a dad, godfather and godmother all ready to eat you!"  Which, of course, I could not do, being sworn into the Scooby Club of Secrecy.  Bleh.  Also, I told Ham, etc. that Uncle Giles would be thrilled to be our adviser.  He's not really thrilled, but I thought it sounded nice.  He actually coughed when I asked and started grumbling that he had spent enough time in a high school to last him well into the great beyond, but Mom poked him.  So, we've got an adviser.  Yay! I'm actually taking a much greater interest in supernatural stuff…considering I'm living in a family pretty much made of some.

My classes are same as usual.  It's kind of strange knowing Ms. Madison might actually turn me into a rat if I turn in some late assignment.  Creepy.  We're doing Biology in science class, but it's sort of humdrum since I am now one of the trusted few who know that science doesn't really have much to do with anything if you don't want it to.  I mean, come on.

Jenny's List of Things Science Cannot Explain that Are In My Life

My dad, Uncle Angel and Aunt Dru are all walking talking corpses My mom was brought back from the dead Aunt Willow makes things float, light up and all sorts of funky stuff Mom and Faith have been endowed with WAY super-human powers Anya was a demon.  She lived for over 1000 years. Uncle Xander knows all this but is still attracted to her ME!!! I am the child of a Slayer and a dead guy. Uncle Giles can fit like an entire library into his brain

So there you have it.  Come on, you knew I was gonna work at least one list in here. I make lists.  It's something I do.  Anyway, Cat might be coming over for dinner on Friday, so I have to figure out how to scare most of my family away.


Freaky. Freaky. Freaky.  I thought I had totally defined "freaky" with my life, and now it's just gone freakier.  There is a dude sitting in my living room with military clothes.  He's really big.  Not fat, just big.  Impressive.  Dad and Uncle Angel both look really pissed, Mom looks really uncomfortable and Military Man looks confused.  What a shocker.  Oh, wait, hearing something…

"Well you can take your bloody chip out of Drusilla!"

"Forget it! She's a danger to society!  Buffy, help me out! You understand!"

"Spike has a point…"

"WHAT? You've all lost it! I can't believe you married this, this THING Buffy!!!"

Oh my.  This dude isn't gonna know what hit him.  How dare he call Dad a thing!  And did Mom just call him Spike?  Why did she call him Spike?  I thought that was just some creepy nickname Uncle Angel had for him when he was evil.  So Aunt Dru has a chip.  This could get interesting. That's probably why she came here all of a sudden.  Hmmm…more deliberation might be in order….