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In the main meeting room of the Nautilus, Captain Nemo was waiting for the other members of the LXG to join him in another meeting concerning the updating of the League's weaponry. However, the other four members of the League were a bit late.

Suddenly, the door flew open and in came a hat that appeared to be floating in midair.

"Skinner!" exclaimed Nemo. "You're late. And where are the others?"

"Don't ask me, cap'n," said Rodney Skinner. "None of them appear to be speaking to me at the moment. In fact, the only member of the League still speaking to me is you."

Before Nemo could ask why, the door flew open again and in stalked Tom Sawyer, toting his rifle. He glared at the hat floating in midair, and then sat down at the table as far away as possible from it. He slammed his rifle down on the table.

Nemo winced. "Sawyer, please do be careful. This table is made of the finest cherry wood, found only in the woods of northeast America."

"If I ever get back home, I'll send you a new table," said Sawyer through gritted teeth. He still appeared to be glaring at Skinner.

"Would the two of you mind telling me what is going on? And where are Jekyll and Hyde and Mina?" As Tom and Skinner gaped at him, Nemo realized his mistake. "Okay, so we don't really need Hyde, do we? But where are Jekyll and Mina?"

"Mina's locked herself in the bathroom and won't come out," said Tom in a sad tone. "Jekyll's tried to get her to get her out and calm her down, but he isn't doing very well. He went to his room to take a potion so Hyde can break down the bathroom door."

Nemo jumped up from the table. "Is Henry out of his mind? We can't have that monster charging around the Nautilus. What does he think Hyde do when he does break down the door? Give Mina a big hug? No! He'd probably kill her!"

"Captain, to be completely honest, I never even knew Jekyll was in his mind to begin with," commented Skinner. Tom wanted to laugh, but couldn't. Even though what Skinner said was true, Tom was still very angry, and the League had had a secret discussion about being nice to Jekyll.

Nemo just glared at Skinner. "Enough." He turned to Tom. "Well? What are we waiting for? We've got to stop that man!"

"You stop him," hissed Tom. "The way I am now, I'd probably end up strangling Henry to death."

"Nothing wrong with that," muttered Skinner.

Nemo shot Skinner another very nasty look. "Skinner, go to Henry's room and try to stop him from transforming into Hyde. Sawyer, sit down. I'm going to pour you a nice pot of Indian tea, and we're going to discuss why you're so angry."

Tom didn't feel like drinking tea with Nemo to calm himself down. He felt like grabbing invisible Skinner's invisible throat and strangling it until it wasn't invisible any more.

"Tom, this anger isn't good for you," Nemo pleaded with him. "And I'm not used to seeing you this way."

Tom sighed. "Fine."

* * *

Skinner was too late. Dr. Henry Jekyll had taken his potion, transformed into the beast Edward Hyde, picked up a broomstick, and stalked off to the bathroom to force Mina out.

Skinner spied a wrench lying on the floor. A random crew member had been making repairs to the ship's piping and had left the wrench lying there. Skinner picked it up and threw it right at Hyde. Hard.

Hyde was very big, but he could still sense it when someone threw a wrench at him. He whipped around as fast as he could (which, considering the sheer size of him, wasn't very fast) and saw the hat floating in midair. Hyde wasn't very bright, but he still knew what the floating hat meant. Skinner had been the one who had hit him.

Hyde threw his broomstick at Skinner, who leapt out of the way. Skinner grabbed a fire extinguisher off the wall and started to spray Hyde with it. Henry Jekyll would have thought this very funny; a fire extinguisher just floating in midair. Hyde didn't think it funny. Hyde thought it was simply annoying.

Hyde turned his back on Skinner to avoid being sprayed with water, and looked for something to attack with. There was nothing he could throw at Skinner, except the wrench Skinner had thrown at him, which had just landed by Hyde's feet. But to Hyde, the wrench was so puny that it was completely useless. Seeing nothing else to attack with, Hyde just turned and started chasing after Skinner. Hyde couldn't really run that fast, but those tall legs gave him an advantage of covering more ground.

Skinner dropped the fire extinguisher and ran, too scared to take off his hat, making himself invisible to Hyde. Hyde was so terrifying, even to the members of the League, that when confronted with him, League members simply ran.

* * *

Back in the main meeting room, a servant had poured Indian tea for Nemo and Sawyer. Sawyer was still sitting with his arms crossed, looking angry. Nemo was still very concerned.

"Now tell me," said Nemo patiently. "What did Skinner do?"

Tom snorted. "Real gentleman, he is."

"Sawyer, will you just stop complaining and get to the point?"

"Fine." Tom dipped a finger into his tea to test how hot it was. "You see, it all started a few weeks ago. Skinner's become more and more interested in chemistry. He's been sneaking into Mina's laboratory at night when she's asleep and fooling around with her things, just curious. He's even been making a few potions of his own. Anyway, tonight at dinner, Skinner slipped something naughty into Mina's drink."

Nemo practically choked on his tea. He had missed dinner due to the need to conduct an inspection of the control room of the Nautilus, but this would have been the last thing he expected to have happened. "You're kidding!"

"No, I'm not. I'm totally serious."

"Well, how naughty was it? Is Mina okay?"

"No. The minute she swallowed, the.the skin on her arms and neck got all purple and blotchy, and her eyes turned this real sickly yellow. Her face was really pale and sweaty. Skinner started to explain that the potion was supposed to make her breasts bigger, of all things, but he made some mistake in the ingredients, and now Mina's a mess. She can't be seen like she is. And the nerve of Skinner to test her for any potion without her consent first!"

Nemo nodded, understandingly. "That was awfully naughty of him. I thought we all had a discussion on not taking advantage of Mina." (They had held discussions on everybody.)

"Skinner's such a sick, perverted man," said Tom angrily, squeezing his fists. "He shouldn't be allowed near Mina."

Before Nemo could say anything else, Skinner burst into the room, followed by Hyde, who looked about ten times as angry as Tom.

"Help!" Skinner yelled, starting to run in circles around the room, his hat still on. "The beast's trying to kill me!"

Tom and Nemo just looked at each other and sighed. Another typical day on the Nautilus.


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