This will be the last chapter of the story. I wrote these two chapters together, and I can't release them separately, because I'm too excited for the story to be over! Enjoy.


So, what happened after Mina drank the potion? The story can't end there!

Mina kept her inflated breasts for about a week. They made it easier for her to attract men from whom she could drink their blood. But she eventually got tired of them, and wanted her old breasts back, so she drank McCane's antidote. She told Skinner that if he ever tested a potion on her again without her consent, she would kill him and drink his blood. She was totally serious.

She also thanked Dr. Jekyll for his kind support during her earlier ordeal by giving him a kiss on the cheek. Jekyll asked for another, but Mina just rolled her eyes and ignored him.

Tom Sawyer destroyed all of his voodoo dolls, and, after getting Nemo's permission, also destroyed Nemo's book on voodoo dolls. He vowed never to make another voodoo doll again.

Even though McCane turned out to be an okay guy after all, Nemo decided he would check the backgrounds of each new crew member before hiring them. Someday, one of them might not be as nice as McCane had been.

Skinner quit his chemistry prospects for good, and returned to doing what he did best: annoying people just by making his presence known in the room. Thanks to McCane, he also formed an interest in football, and enjoyed playing often with Sawyer.

After getting his kiss from Mina, Jekyll had a new sense of confidence. Why worry about his own problems when he could always help other people out? Helping other people also made Hyde stay away from him, because Hyde was too disgusted to say anything.

Hyde just kept on being Hyde. No changes there. However, he did get banned from playing football after he almost flattened Sawyer during a game, angry that Sawyer had stolen the ball from him.

Last, but not least, McCane soon went back to the Atlantica. He redid the entire ship, and now it serves as a cruise ship designed especially for the League, complete with an indoor graveyard (for Mina,) a strip bar (for Skinner,) and a room for target practice (for Sawyer.)

But McCane never spends time on there anymore. He's in London now, working on cures for various skin ailments. As far as the rest of the League is concerned, he's their emergency sixth member.

And that's the story of how the LXG almost ended.



I hope you all enjoyed my silly little story. It was only meant for fun, so don't kill me in the reviews.

Also, GREAT NEWS! Dr. Logana Jekyll, a faithful reviewer, has agreed to put part of the story down in comic form! I'll let you all know where to find it on the internet as soon as it's done!

Yeah, I'll write again, if it's okay with the rest of you. I think my next story is going to take place on the Atlantica during a vacation, and I hope to focus it around Jekyll (for Panzergal, who asked first.)

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