AN: Time for three one shot Christmas fics! This is dedicated to all the brave soldiers in Iraq, fighting for our freedom, and dedicated to Christmas.

There will be three chapters in this, each one a little one shot. The first will be Specs/Dutchy, the second will be Mush/Blink, and the third will be Skitts/Snitch. Three stories, all taking place between a soldier and his boyfriend, separated by war. These are pure fluff, people.

Here we go!



            "Come on, Dutch. Cheer up. It's Christmas."

            I smiled weakly for my mother, but I'd completely lost my appetite. Sure, the food on my plate was the best I would get all year, but I just couldn't bring myself to eat it. After all, Specs was probably on limited rations, sitting in a tent with other soldiers right now, deprived of all this warmth and family.

            "Dutchy? Are you okay?" My father asked, setting down her fork and looking at me with concern. I once again forced a smile.

            "I've just got a headache," I said, and then I sighed deeply. "I think I'm gonna go lie down for a few minutes."

            I pushed back from the table and stood up, and my little sister was simply beaming. I found this pretty odd, since I was walking away from Christmas dinner, but she would probably enjoy all the attention focusing on her.

            I took a few aspirin and dragged myself up to my room, sighing again as I looked at the pictures beside my bed. One of me and Specs at the fair, a candid shot of us in front of the ferris wheel with his arm around my waist. That was back before he enlisted, and we didn't have to hide our displays of affection all the time.

            Another one was of him at his graduation from basic training. In a perfectly pressed uniform, his hand at the brim of his hat in a crisp salute, and his face set like stone. He's really cute in uniform...but also off limits when he's in uniform. Which sucks.

            I collapsed down onto my bed and grabbed the teddy bear he'd gotten e last Christmas, clutching it to my chest and crying softly. This wasn't fair. He was supposed to get leave for Christmas, not still stuck in the middle of a desert where he could be blown up or shot any second. It just wasn't fair.

            I'm doing this for you. Because I love you, and I want you to be safe.

            His words came flooding back to me and only made the tears come faster. He'd been out there for five months. Five fucking months.

            I couldn't take this.

            I must've cried myself to sleep, because the next thing I knew, my little sister was shaking me awake and the sky outside my window was pitch black.

            "What do you want, Steph? What time is it?" I muttered, noticing that she was practically vibrating with excitement.

            "It's midnight, and Santa's on the roof!"

            I looked up at her, then I laughed and ruffled her hair.

            "Go back to bed. It's your imagination."

            I rolled over and started to go back to sleep, but she started shaking me again, saying, "No, it's not! I heard sleigh bells!"

            "It's the wind."


            "Go to sleep."

            "Will you just come and look for me? I'm scared to go out on the roof…"



            I shouldn't have looked up at her, because the second I did, the puppy dog eyes took over. And I knew I couldn't say no.

            "Fine. I'll look, but only if you promise to go to bed."

            She grabbed my hand and pulled me out of bed, and luckily I was still fully clothed- I hadn't changed into boxers yet. Otherwise it would've gotten really cold really fast.

            I walked to the window in her room as she sat down on her bed. Her window led out onto the flat part of our roof, and in the summer it was a perfect place for a picnic while watching the horses graze. Not right now, though; it was covered in half a foot of snow.

            "There's nothing out there, Steph," I said, looking out the window and peering through the gently falling curtain of snow.


            "I'm going to bed," I mumbled, turning to walk out of the room and ignoring her protests. However, just as I reached the door, I heard an odd sound.

            It was the sound of sleigh bells. And it was coming from outside the window.

            I slowly walked back to the window and looked out again, but I saw nothing. I knew it hadn't been just my imagination, so I took a deep breath and unlocked and slid the window up. 

            I slowly stepped out into the snow, shivering as the snow fell even thicker. I looked around, but it wasn't sight that alerted me to someone else's presence on the roof. It was sound. A soft voice was singing, a voice I recognized.

            "I'll be home for Christmas…You can count on me…I'll be home for Christmas…If only in my dreams…"

            Then I finally saw something through the haze. A figure perched on the gentle slope of the roof off to my left, wearing desert combat fatigues and holding a set of sleigh bells.

            It was too good to be true. I had to be dreaming. "Specs?" I asked gently, my voice trembling, not from the cold air.

            "Merry Christmas, Dutchy."

            Oh holy mother of God…it really was him. He was here. On my roof. On Christmas Eve.

            He stood up and slid down the slope, and I leapt forward into his arms. He continued singing softly to me, and the snow became obsolete. It was freezing cold out here, and we were standing on the roof, for goodness sake…but it didn't matter.

            It was Christmas Eve, and he was safely home.

            I was home.


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