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Note: All the human-like characters in the games were never specified as a certain species other than Hylian, but since this story involves other territories that weren't included in the games, the characters in this fic are going to refer to themselves as elfin. A kinda hybrid between the two species of man and elf. And, when you are reading this, imagine that the areas of land are a lot bigger. Yah…um that's about it. If any of that bothers you for some reason…well um…sorry?

Oh yah, and just to warn you, this chapter is VERY long and can be boring at times, but just bear with me because this is the beginning and there are a lot of things I need to get in there. Sooo, I will not bore you any further….


Millennial Witness Haze Tax

Intro Thousands of years have passed since the time of Kings and Queens in the land, no longer known as Hyrule. Technological Intelligence is growing ever stronger and the adventures of Link, the boy of legend, are now nothing but myths and ancient folklore told to children. And now, as a new evil threatens the world, will there be a hero to rise up against it? Or are those times nothing but the past?

Chapter One Forgetfulness

"Link…Link, please help me!"

"Link, can you hear me?"

"Watch out, Link!"

"Link, Listen!"

"Hurry, Link!"

"Link, I knew you'd come back."

"Link…Thou art courageous…"


"LINK!!! Good heavens boy, wake up! Its already 3:00, your going to be late for work again!!!" shouted an anxious woman from the outside of the bedroom door, jolting Link from his not so peaceful slumber..

"Huh-when-?" mumbled the exhausted boy who was now pulling himself unhappily from underneath a pile of untidy blankets.

He had had the weirdest dream…but he couldn't remember what it was about. He hated it when he couldn't remember his dreams because it always nagged at his mind for the rest of the day, or at least until he could remember it.

"Link, come now, do I have to drag you out of there myself and toss you out the front door like last time?" the woman called again, but relaxing a bit at hearing that her nephew was now awake and semi conscious.

"Wha-?" Oh! No, Aunt Penda!" he refuted, instantly springing out of bed at his Aunts proposal. "No, I'm coming right now!" Despite the fact that he had been up practically all night finishing his homework, he still had to wake at the crack of dawn for his job at the Flanders Fishing Company, and the remembrance of being thrown out the front door into the public hallway, with nothing on but a pair of boxers was good enough a reason for him to obey his aunt.

"Good to hear it," she muttered sarcastically while rolling her eyes in impatience "By the way, I went down and got some bread rolls from the Cafeteria, they're sitting on the kitchen table." Penda was a scientist of the Lake Hylia Research Center and was a terrible cook so she seldom conjured her own meals…to Links relief. He had had more than enough experiences with his aunts cooking to be thankful for the Center's cafeteria on the 3rd floor. "Be sure to grab one before you leave, you shouldn't go without eating some breakfast." And with that she descended the staircase that lead into the kitchen and began organizing her files that she needed for work.

Meanwhile, Link was clumsily tripping over various items in his room, desperately trying to locate all of the things he needed for his day, but to no avail. It was quite dark in his room, making it hard for him to successfully find all his belongings. Link's room had no windows so the only source of light he had was a small red lamp on his bedside table. This troubled him deeply for he had an utter fear of the dark…but he would never admit it. Admitting to fear was admitting to weakness and Link was not about to do that. Hastily making his way over to the lamp, he turned it on and let the luminous rays of light chase out the dark shadows that had congregated in the corners of his room during the night. He took a moment to admire the hypnotizing glow the lamp gave off. Link finally snapped out of his stupor and continued on his rampant search for his belongings.

After he managed to round up his possessions, which was truly an act of the goddesses for his room resembled that of a battle field, he reached for whichever articles of clothing that were visible through the many layers of papers and dirty clothes scattered across his exceedingly cluttered floor. This was generally how he dressed every morning, pulling on whatever was closest to him on the floor, whether it be dirty or not. In this case it happened to be a green long sleeved shirt, which he rolled up to his elbows so as not to reveal the frayed edges, a pair of ragged denim trousers with a dirty brown belt to match, and of course his old floppy green hat that he never left his room without. Ready. Not taking a moment longer to even check his appearance in the mirror, Link hurriedly tugged on his clothing, burst through his bedroom door and ran out into the hall, momentarily tripping over his trousers as he tried to pull them up.

With not a moment to spare he reached the bottom of the staircase and entered the kitchen where he was greeted by his Aunt Penda who was now leisurely sitting at the kitchen table drinking from a mug of hot coffee and reading from Hylia's most popular newspaper, The Gossip Stone.

"Well, good morning to you Sleepy head," she cooed, "You just might be on time for work today. Astonishing." Link laughed. Penda often teased him but it was out of adoration and he knew it. She didn't have any of her own children. She was to busy to even go meet any guys.

"I wasn't expecting you to get ready that fast," she continued, "I suppose you have time to sit and have some breakfast with your old auntie, now don't you?" She then pulled up a chair and motioned for Link to sit.

"Okay," he replied looking at his watch to check the time, "I have a few minutes." Link then complied with his aunt's wishes and took a seat across from her, grabbing a bread roll as he did so. On an average morning Link rarely ate anything for breakfast and went strait to work hungry, which explained his lean figure. Penda then put down her paper, removed her reading glasses and looked up at Link expectantly.

"Sooo," she began, sitting up strait as she often did before embarking on a long and tedious conversation. Link cringed inwardly, she probably wanted him to go run an errand or something. "About your Birthday…"

Link looked up in surprise. He had totally forgotten about his birthday! In between his work at Flanders Fishery and school he didn't even have time to think of it. He was to be turning 15 years old and he had forgotten! He never forgot ANYTHING…EVER! He must be sick or something. How could he forget that it was legal for him to drive an automobile and get into pubs now! Not that he really wanted to. He had always been strange like that, not really caring to do what other boys did.

"Um, yes," he responded, trying not to sound to excited. He knew that they weren't that wealthy and that it was hard for his aunt to afford to buy him a nice gift, so every year when his birthday rolled around Link always tried to give his aunt the impression that he didn't want anything, so as not to make her go to the trouble.

She stared at him in disbelief.

"What do you mean, 'Um, yes! Don't you want anything-" she paused for a climactic effect, letting her words sink in "…Special?" she finished.

"No, Aunt Penda…I don't need anything…" Link was bewildered; he had never seen his aunt so ready to spend money. Sure she always asked him what he wanted for his Birthday, but never with such enthusiasm. She was hiding something…He stopped buttering his roll and looked up.

She was still grinning…

This was enough.

"Okay, Aunt Penda!" he blurted out, "What's your secret?" Penda's smile broadened. Leaning forward slightly in her chair she placed her delicate hands over his own and looked him directly in the eye.

"Link, I've just been informed that I have been appointed head scientist of the Center's newest project!" she cheered, "This is what we've been waiting for! We don't have to live in this ragged old flat any more, we're going to move into the observatory on the top floor, sure we still wont have our own bathroom, but it's going to be an amazing improvement!" she could hardly contain her excitement. "And I will be receiving a raise and everything! For once, Link, I will be able to get to a decent birthday present…one that you deserve," she rose from her chair and gave Link a hug.

"Whatever you want Link…I promise I will get it for you," she then released him from her bear-like grip and ruffled his already chaotic looking hair. "Remember, you're always going to be my wittle Inky," she teased, pinching his cheek. Link rose up from his chair ironically standing a good foot taller than Penda and returned her hug. Well, sorta little Inky he thought.

"Congratulations Aunt Penda! What's the project-not that I would understand or anything," he joked. He rarely understood what his aunt did for her a living when she explained it, so he eventually just stopped asking her. Penda clapped her hands together in delight.

"Oh! Link, it's SO exciting! We're exploring the bottom of the lake for historical evidence on this temple that is said to be one of the first places of worship for the Triforce religion and it is supposed to be located underneath the lake!!! Can you even think of anything more exciting? I mean, we are going to be taking some of the most advanced equipment known to elfin and using it for this project! Legend has it that the Hero of Time fought a battle there, but of course we all know that is just a silly child's story…but still it gives it a bit of excitement. Wow…can you imagine? An underwater temple…So much history just waiting to be uncovered…" Penda gave a sigh and stared off into nowhere clearly overwhelmed by her new prospects.


"Well," exclaimed Link, thoroughly uninterested in the history of some old temple that probably didn't even exist, "I know your going to do a great job," he pulled away from her and grabbed his school sack off the table. "I mean, you are the best scientist in the whole Union of Hyland!" The Union of Hyland was the country Link lived in, made up of what once was several different ancient realms that had existed in the Old Ages, a time when elfins and other creatures were first starting to inhabit the lands. Or so Link thought…he rarely listened in school but somehow managed to get excellent grades in all his classes. It wasn't that he didn't care about his schoolwork, he did. He just didn't see the point in sitting in a classroom all day when he could be out exploring the few untamed forests of the Union. But he knew that an education was more important than gallivanting around in the sun, besides, he didn't think he was a very athletic person anyways. He didn't participate in any of the traditional elfin sports held at his school, like archery, and horseback riding, and swordsmanship. He simply didn't have time for it, he lived on the other side of the city from his school and when he wasn't doing school related things, he was working at Flanders Fishery. Plus, only jocks participated in the school sports and Link was anything but friends with them.

Popping the last bit of his roll in his mouth, he gave his aunt a goodbye kiss on the forehead and ran to open the door. "And," he stated as an afterthought, "There is absolutely nothing that I need for my birthday." Before she could revolt Link jumped out the front door and shuffled down the hallway, only to be called after by his aunt who was now leaning halfway out the door.

"Don't forget to stop by the grocery store on your way home," she shouted to his retreating back, "We need some more butter!" Link nodded his head in agreement and continued his trek down the corridors. He loved his aunt, but sometimes it felt like she was just an older sister rather than his aunt. But he couldn't blame her for that; she had only been 16 when his deceased parents, Faelic and Devra Arian, had left him in her care. Actually, he didn't really know if they were dead or not. All he knew was that they had disappeared when he was only a newborn baby. They had gone off across the Great Hyland Sea, but no one had ever told him why they had left him at such an early age, or what had happened to them… All he knew was that they had never returned, and that he had remained with his aunt, Penda, to live out his childhood, and Penda had not been allowed to live out her own because of it. He had often thought about his parents and felt angry at them for leaving him. When he had been younger he wished every night for them to come home and had even planned out what they would do together when they did…But as the years went by and as Link got older, they never did come back and he eventually lost hope and forgot.

Reaching the elevators, Link pressed the big orange button labeled "down" shaking his head in attempt to rid his mind of any thoughts about his parents. That's the past, he told himself. It can't be changed.


The elevator had arrived. And was nearly bursting with people.

Quickly scanning the compartment for an empty space between the many blue robed scientist who were already up and about, Link carefully made his way inside of the elevator shaft, pulling his school sack closer to his body to conserve space as the elevator door closed. Giving a small lurch, the elevator began its long trip down to the lobby floor, making momentary stops to release and pick up the different Lake Hylia scientists waiting on each floor. The ride down was mostly silent other than the few coughs and grunts made by the various passengers who were busy studying the charts and data in their folders. One absently looked up from her files and gave Link a fleeting glance and then shook her head once she had seen his untidy appearance. Link just ignored her, he was used to being looked at in that way by his classmates at the school he went to, Parkins Academy for the Gifted. It was a school made up of anything but gifted people, thought Link to himself.

At one point during the ride down, two particularly noisy women stepped into the compartment, one tall and one short, each holding large cups of coffee and several enormous pink File Folders labeled Project F658: For eyes of appointed personnel only. To Link's relief, the women completely shattered the awkward silence that had filled the shaft and had been making Link feel very uncomfortable. He absolutely hated silence…it gave him the chills.

The two women continued to shove their way through the crowd, until they found an empty spot by Link in the back of the compartment, where they once again commenced in chattering. The disgruntled passengers all turned their heads to glare at the disruptive duo only to be blatantly ignored. Link too glanced over in curiosity and immediately recognized the two women as friends of his aunt's, Cassa and Johalen, he believed there names were. He remembered them from a staff party his aunt had forced him to attend when she had been trying to match him up with another scientist's daughter who had, to Links relief caught a cold and had not been able to attend.

"I know! I couldn't believe it either!" The shorter woman, Cassa, babbled, brushing her frizzy red hair away from her bright green eyes, "Our very own Penda, the head scientist!"

"Only 31 years old too! Why, I say, I don't think I have ever heard of someone that young being the head of a project! But of course I always did know that girl had talent-"

"Oh yes I agree," Cassa continued, cutting Johalen off completely.

"I mean honestly, at this rate she's going to be telling us what to do pretty soon!" The two then joined together in a hardy laugh. Link couldn't help but chuckle as well.

Johalen heard Link and glanced over in his direction and immediately beamed.

"Your Penda's nephew, aren't you? Link, right?" Cassa turned over to Link as well ready to but in on the conversation at any given moment. Link smiled.

"Yeah, that's me. How are you Mrs. Johalen?" he greeted, not knowing any other way to address her. Johalen laughed, throwing her head back as if she had just heard the single funniest thing in the world.

"Oh Dear, don't be ridiculous, you can call me Jo! Mrs. Makes me sound so OLD!" Cassa then joined in on the laughter as well.

"That's because you ARE old you coot! HOHOHOHO!!!" The two women erupted in laughter, receiving more disgruntled mumbles from passengers who had now begun to make fervent coughing noises in their direction. Link could do nothing but look on in amusement. When Cassa finally regained her composure the elevator gave another DING! And it was time for Link to get off.

"Well, it was nice seeing both of you," Link said politely, making his way to the front of the elevator accompanied by several other scientists who were now very eager to escape the babbling Cassa and Johalen.

"YOU TOO!!!," they shouted back at him in unison right as the elevator door began to close. Link smiled to himself as he made his way out the front door of the Research Center building. Maybe it wouldn't be such a bad day after all, he thought to himself. He looked around the lobby, it was sparse and resembled a doctors office for the lack of style. The floor was made of white tile that sparkled in the light and the walls were covered in dull light blue paint that matched most of the employee's lab coats. The room's only redeeming quality was the Research Centers Crest, a green potion bottle and inside it was a picture of the first Observatory on Lake Hylia, painted on the ceiling.

As Link passed the front desk he saw a tall slender woman with short bouncy golden hair and dressed in a green lab coat standing behind it and staring at the schedule for the week.

"Good morning Miss Dalton!" he called to the woman. The woman looked over her shoulder recognizing the voice.

"Hello, Link! Heading off to work now?" she asked, removing her glasses and wiping them off as she did so. Nodefi Dalton had been Link's aunt's best friend since college and had helped pay for Link's medical expenses when he and Penda had been broke. She and Penda were practically joined at the hip, which was why they had both applied for a job as assistant scientist at the Lake Hylia Research Center together back when the two were fresh out of college. Over the years the two had really made a name for themselves in the Center, most of the people that worked there had nicknamed them "Terrible Two" because of the well-known pranks that they often pulled on their associates. Every memory that Link had of his childhood included Nodefi, from learning to tie his shoes, to going to the academy for the first time, Nodefi was there. She was like a second aunt to Link.

"Yah," he responded.

"Well, tell that old man Flanders that I'm going to come doing later today and buy two large trout so I can cook it for my date tonight, all right?" she said. Link laughed, it seemed like every week Nodefi had another date and another guy, and when she wasn't out scouting for her own potential mate, she was trying to set up Link's aunt with someone else. This irked Penda because she insisted that she was simply too busy to go on dates let alone have a boyfriend, but despite her attempts to convince her friend, Nodefi never gave up.

"Sure, Ms. Dalton," he answered, and with that he exited the front door and continued on his way to the fishery.

Link took a deep breath as he entered the fresh air. It was beautiful outside. The sun hadn't quite yet peaked over the mountainside so it gave the sky a deep velvety color and made the waters of the lake look like stained glass. He had lived on the lake for so long now he could hardly remember what it was like to wake up to the cold gray concrete of the city like he once had. Even though the shores of the lake were scattered with stores, and hotels, and restaurants and layered with concrete roads and sidewalks, Lake Hylia was still one of the only beautiful places left in the Union of Hyland, which took up almost all of the Eastern Hemisphere. Link sighed at the thought. He often wondered what the land had looked like before it had become covered in skyscrapers, littered with automobiles, and devastated by pollution. He yearned to travel the world and explore the four hemispheres and see the thousands of different unions that the world had to offer. But he hadn't the money to travel the world and until he did, he would just have to settle for looking at them in textbooks, and learning about them in school.


How he hated school.

Out of all the schools in the city, Penda had picked the hardest, meanest, and farthest away of all. Link lived in the southern side of Parkins City, one of the largest provinces in the Union, the city was divided into four sides: north, South, East, and West. North was known as the more sophisticated and noble side, south was considered dumb, broke, and filled with country bumpkins, east was where more of the wealthy community lived, and west was considered dangerous and rowdy. Normally a child would go to school on their own side, not only because it is closer but also because they wouldn't be picked on by other kids if they went to school on another side. But of course Link's aunt, being the over achieving nitpicking woman she was, made Link go to school at Parkins Academy for the Gifted on the Northern side. She said it was the best school in the city and that the most important thing in a child's life is their education. So Link ended up going to a school where a good portion of the students made fun of him every chance they got and nicknamed him "Hick Boy" because he was from the southern side. He learned to deal with it though. Luckily not everyone teased him. A lot of girls actually kind of liked him, or so he thought…he didn't know…he couldn't read girls like a lot of boys his age could. All he knew was that they were always following him, and talking to him and stuff. He didn't get it.

Link stepped onto the large flat barge that took passengers from one side of the lake to the other. It didn't look much like a boat, more like a flat rusty plank of wood with a steering wheel and rudder. It didn't appear to be very stable but Link knew better. He must have ridden on it every morning since he was 9 years old and it had never failed him once. He was the only person riding the barge other than an old woman who was leaning against a pole with her eyes half open and the man who was operating the barge. This wasn't surprising, there was rarely anyone up at this hour they were all still enjoying their sleep. No one in their right mind would get up this early thought Link as he yawned deeply and looked down at his watch, which now read 4:30 AM. No one, absolutely no one would willingly get up at this time unless they were mentally insane. He laughed at the thought…he was insane.

The barge made several great lurches throughout the trip across the lake while it swayed from side to side on the clear pristine water, its motor rumbling as it did so. When they finally made it to the other side of the lake, Link eagerly hopped off now that he was a little more awake and ready to begin working. Waking up in the morning was not one of his favorite things, but working was, and he worked harder than almost any boy in the Union.

Up ahead in front of the fisheries building was his grizzled old boss, Talice Flanders. Talice was widely known all over Parkins City for the enormous fish he sold and his cheap prices. Link was easily one of Flanders' most valued employees and everyone that worked there knew it. He worked hard, always got the job done, and caught some of the biggest fish Hylia fisherman had ever seen. He was a fisherman's legend…

Great, he thought, I'm worshipped by fisherman. What more could a guy ask for?

"AHOY THERE, LINK!" Old Flanders shouted from the end of the docks, "YER EARLY TODAY! MIRACLES DO HAPPEN, EH?"

And of course, no morning was complete without Talice and Link's mock insults.

"NOT A MIRACLE, FLANDERS, SHEER SKILL!" Link called back, ready for the ritual game argument.

"SKILL? SKILL? BOY YOU CAN'T EVEN TIE A KNOT WITHOUT BREAKIN A SWEAT! DO YOU CALL THAT SKILL?" the rest of the men that worked at the fishery erupted in laughter, they all enjoyed Flanders daily insult battles with Link. They could become quite amusing. Just the fact that Link was able to joke with there boss was amazing to them for Flanders was not the, well-easiest person to get along with. But Link always had a way with people, he could get inside their head, understand how they thought. He was able to relate to others and sympathize with them, if he had one redeeming quality his people skills would surely be it.


"WOULD YOU TWO SHUT UP? PLEASE! WE ARE TRYING TO BLOODY SLEEP HERE!" cried a woman leaning out her hotel window clearly fed up with the ongoing conversation. Link blushed like mad and pulled his hat down to obscure his identity while Flanders ducked behind a crate and snickered at his employee's misfortune.

I'm going to get that old man for this thought Link, immediately beginning to think of an outrages prank he could play on his boss.

"OH-ER-SORRY MA'AM," he called ….She had already slammed the window.

Link turned away from the window and ran past the laughing fisherman as they pointed at Link and started shouting things like, "Nice!" and "Ya really have a way with the ladies, don't ya boy?" all the way down to the dock where Flanders stood snickering behind his hand.

"That was interesting…" Link commented, taking of his hat and ruffling up his hair, he didn't like it when it got too neat.

Flanders regained his composure, "Aye, I do believe it was," he replied although he was still chuckling to himself. "Well I reckon it's about time you got ta work, eh? First I need ya ta take those there crates of fresh fish off the boats and deliver them to the Water Fairy Hotel. You know, the one on Lakeside Avenue?"

Link smiled. Of course he knew.

"Yah, I know," he replied, "My friend works there, the one with red hair."

"Oh right," Talice scratched his furry beard in thought, "Well, don't go thinkin' that you can lollygag around just because your with yer friend, I want you coming strait back here when your done. Got that? I don't need no dilly dallying." He wasn't really worried, he knew Link would do his job. He always did.

Link nodded to Flanders and began loading the crates into the delivery truck.

The sky was just beginning to lighten when Link arrived at the back entrance of the Water Fairy Hotel, the entrance deliverymen used. It was not nearly as charming as the front side of the building that was constructed of hard wood panels and painted an off white color with a dark blue brim. The Inn keepers had obviously not thought about making the Hotel look pleasing for the deliverymen. But who would?

Link could feel the brisk air penetrating through his clothing making him wish he had brought his heavy coat with him. His hat posed as some warmth but still didn't compensate for the rest of his body that was now beginning to feel icy. He never forgot to think ahead. Why did he forget his jacket? Maybe he was just excited about his birthday. Yes that had to be it…

But then why did he feel so weird? He had been feeling strange ever since he had started having those dreams that he couldn't remember. No that couldn't be it, there was no correlation between the two at all.

Link shook off the thought as he always did.

Quickly loading the crates onto the trolley Link ran into the back end of the Hotel where the staff lived, trying to escape the bitter cold that he had not anticipated. The warm inside of the Water Fairy was a relief to his hardened bones, which now felt about ready to freeze solid and break off. Link had been through the halls of the Water Fairy enough times for it to feel like his second home. His good friend Alden Felta lived in the staff quarters and Link had known him since the first day he had moved into the Research Center. He had been the only little boy that had excepted Link and had been willing to be his friend even though he had been from the roughest part of Parkins City, the west side. The two of them had become such good friends that Alden's parents had even allowed him to switch schools and attend school in the north end with Link. It made being called a "hick" a little easier for both of them, as long as they were hicks together. Alden had stuck by him through the prejudice times of Link's life and Link intended to do the same for Alden if the time ever came up.

Link reached the door of the kitchens, the place where Alden worked as a dishwasher. He pushed open the door, not even glancing to see if his friend was around and immediately began unloading the crates in freezer hoping to finish before Alden was able to spot him hauling dead fish around. Alden liked to tease him about how he was a fisherman, not that Link cared; was just as easy to make fun of Alden for being a dishwasher.

No such luck.

"Ho there Link, you weren't going to sneak out of here without saying hello, now were you?" Link recognized the joking voice of his friend Alden and turned around to greet him before he was able to make a fisherman crack. But, as always, Alden was one step ahead of him. "Now, I know you're very busy hauling around your dead fish and all, very important business I'm sure, but couldn't you manage to take just a second out of your very busy schedule and say hello to an old friend?"

The boy never misses a beat, thought Link.

"Yah, well, I guess I was going to try to avoid you. Didn't want you cramping my style. I mean if I ever want to become a respectable old fisherman, I can't have simpletons like you around me all the time. Don't take it personally, it's strictly business," stated Link playfully as he shoved the last crate of fish into the freezer. Alden slapped him on the shoulder and smiled, his bright red locks falling around his light skinned face. Alden's features were a bit uncommon in the Union, strong features, bright red hair, and a lanky body with rounded ears instead of pointy ones like Link's. He and his family had immigrated from Barlok, a small country located North of the Eastern Sea (a good deal away from the Union) with a very small population with few people who were willing to move away from their home country. Alden's family had not been one of them. His parents had been told that they could make a better living in Hyland and that it was a safer place to raise a family, they hadn't been told that there was prejudice. Alden's accent was still noticeable causing many of his peers to mock him. He acted like it didn't bother him but Link knew that deep down it hurt to hear his classmates talk that way about him.

"So, you excited about the Field trip?" Alden asked as he walked over to the coat hanger and grabbed his favorite gray jacket. He is obviously thinking ahead…Unlike me, Link thought.

Wait…What field trip?

There was a field trip? How many more things could Link forget? His coat, a field trip, his BIRTHDAY! What was wrong with him? Why had he been forgetting things so much? Usually his memory was as sharp as a tack, maybe he could be ill. He had been having strange dreams, maybe he was sick.

"What field trip?" Alden repeated, raising an eyebrow and looking at Link skeptically as if he couldn't tell if he was playing a joke on him.

"Are you serious? Ink, come on, you've been looking forward to this thing for WEEKS!" Alden stared at him, waiting for Links mind to make a connection.

It didn't.

"Ooookay, you don't remember. Fine, I'll tell you," Alden inhaled and began, "Our school, along with EVERY other school in Parkins City, is going to meet at City Hall to hear a speech from the only living blood member of the Royal Family, you know, that Zelda girl? Yah, anyway, apparently there is going to be some huge competition between all the schools, some thing that only happens every hundred years or something like that…Ring any bells?" Alden paused, Link looked at him blankly, "I can't believe you forgot that, your such an idiot," Alden shook his head in mock disgust.

The connection was made.

"Ohhhh right!" Link really did feel like an idiot, there really was something wrong with him.

Alden walked to the kitchen door and pushed his way out, holding it open for Link. "Well, ready to catch the bus? I don't know about you but I wanna see this Zelda…I wonder if she is hot…" Alden looked sideways at Link. He obviously had just thought of another funny joke he could throw at Link. "But of course, I doubt you will care, since you already got a girl." He waited for the reaction.

"WHAT?" Link blurted, "WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?" Link had obviously reacted exactly the way his friend had wanted.

"Awe, come on Link, you know you've got a little thing for Nara," Alden said, batting his eyelashes as he did so. Nara was a girl at their school that very obviously had a crush on Link but Link had always denied it…either that or he just didn't notice. But it wasn't that he didn't like her, or didn't think she were pretty or anything. He just wasn't really interested in girls…in general. They made him uncomfortable.

Link laughed. "And you think I'm the idiot. I do NOT like Nara, okay? And she doesn't like me."

"Well, someone is in denial," Alden countered, but Link decided to ignore him until he changed the subject. "Okay, whatever. Lets just go," Alden said, slightly annoyed that Link didn't get as unnerved from his joke as he wanted.

Together the two walked down the hall, both now bubbling with excitement for the upcoming trip. Link didn't know what it was, but he could feel that something was going to come out of this meeting…something important, and whatever it was, had his stomach doing flips.

"Hey!" Link, stopped in his tracks on his way out the back door. Finally he thought.

"What is it?" asked Alden slightly irritated now that his curiosity about the field trip, and more importantly Zelda, was at a bursting point.

"Oh, nothing really," Link stuttered, not wanting Alden to get suspicious, "I just remembered this dream I had."

Alden stared at him. "Good goddesses," Alden muttered slapping his palm to his forehead, "That's it?" He then walked out the front door muttering something about false excitement while Link merely thought about what his dream could have possibly meant…

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