Author: Those who have been reading my past stories will know that I put in Pokemon characters. But because I want Pokemon to be based on the superb manga "Pokemon Adventures" by Hidenori Kusaka, I've decided to change their names according to the manga.

Ash ( Red

Gary ( Green (It was Blue in English, but Green in Japan)

Chris ( Gold

Kris ( Crystal


Christmas is the time people celebrate. It is the time when we buy gifts for our friends and love ones. It is the time that families get together having parties. It is time when we hear fat old men shouting, "Show me your moves!" Wait, it's "ho ho ho!" But we must not forget that it is also the time Jesus Christ is born because he is the world's savior. Now begin the story.

Phone: ring

Game& Watch (G&W): Hello? Sorry, this isn't Caesar's Pizza Palace.

Zelda: That's about the tenth time.

Bowser: Where's the tree?

Pikachu: Outside.

Bowser: I mean the Christmas tree.

Pikachu: What Christmas tree?

Bowser: The green tree with spiky leaves.

Pikachu: Oh, that one. I found that tree ugly so I trimmed it a bit.

Bowser: No! This can't be!

The tree now only has branches.

After a while...

Mario: We're going to buy-a snack-a, drink-a, decorations, and da tree.

Luigi: It's cold out here.

Mario: There's many people around-a here. It will be hard-a to get through them-a.

Luigi: We may need to wait.

Mario: Da phone, Luigi, da phone.

Luigi: You mean to call home? All right. (Goes to phone) Hello? Is that you, Dr. Mario? What? Caesar's Pizza Palace? Sorry, wrong number. (Redials) It's you, Fox, we have a problem here, and you should come.

After a while...

Fox: You called me?

Mario: The store is filled with lotsa people. Pretend you are rabid-a and run among them and scare them off-a.

Fox: Are you insane?

Mario: It's da best way to do so.

Fox: Remember to reward me afterwards.

Mario: As you wish-a.

Fox acts mean and ran among the crowds, scaring everyone away.

Crowd: RABID FOX!!!!!!

Luigi: They're gone. They might call the cops.

Mario: Let's go shopping.

After a while...

Fox: That's everything on the list.

Luigi: Except the tree.

Mario: They ran outta trees.

Pid: You want a tree?

Fox: It's those two clowns again! *

*Read my fanfic "Return of Giygas"

Stu: We know a place filled with Christmas trees, and they're free.

Luigi: Show us.

Pid: You know that we hold a grudge against you all. We definitely won't give it to you so easily.

Stu: Let's meet at outer parts of Onett.

Fox: You mean to cut down the evergreen trees over there?

Stu: Just come, and I don't want to see anyone besides the three of you.

Both of them ran off.

Luigi: Let's go buy our own tree.

Mario: But a single tree cost-a more than $20. Why waste money when we can buy-a new one?

Luigi: $20 is very cheap.

Mario: We're low in cash-a.

Fox: I got a bad feeling about this.

So they went to their meeting place.

To be continued...

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