Chapter 4

Peach: Morning's here! It's time to get up and... EVERYONE GET UP!!!!!

Smashers: What?

Peach: Presents under the Christmas tree!

Under the tree, they saw pile of presents and a sign saying, "Enjoy your gifts, signed Master and Crazy Hand" Everyone opened their presents.

Mario: It's da golden cape! It's great-a for reflecting things thrown at-a you!

Peach: The lovely golden dress I always wanted!

Zelda: A set of make-up accessories!

CF: My present is the biggest! It is the motor chair I saw on the TV.

CF brought the chair outside, sat on it, pressed some buttons, and zoomed off.

Ness: The winged helmet! (Puts on helmet and flies off)

Yoshi: Cookie machine! It can create cookies just by throwing ingredients into it!

Jigglypuff: A radio, recorder, and TV in one! It's even portable!

Pikachu: The mini-crane! I can ride it around and pick things up with the mechanical arm!

Pichu: A cute Pichu plushie!

Link: Yes! The hover boots! Now I can walk in air!

YL: Wow! Roller skates! I always wanted to run faster!

Roy: Super gel! I can create cool hairstyles!

Marth: Ah, a beautiful diamond bracelet.

Ganondorf: A Triforce-shaped clock! The old one is broken.

Fox: A flying saucer model! And a big one also!

Falco: A brand new powerful telescope that can see million of miles away!

Bowser: The book of 1000 tricks! This could be fun!

G&W: A new Game & Watch system!

Mewtwo: A digital album. It can store pictures in the form of holograms and make it animated also!

Luigi: A night-light. Now I can sleep without fear tonight.

Kirby: A soft fluffy pillow!

DK: Finally! I got a brand new soft bed! I don't have to sleep that cursing hammock again!

Popo: The ice-cream machine! No more buying ice-creams!

Nana: A cute penguin doll I saw at the toy store!

Samus: A new arm cannon! It can fire faster shots and stronger missiles!

Dr. Mario: The cure-for-all medicine! This shall rid the world of sicknesses!

And so, the Smashers enjoyed their gifts that Master Hand gave them. Christmas is surely a happy time. You shall never forget that it is the time Jesus Christ the world savior is born. Even after 2003 years later, people still celebrate Christ's birthday, it is a very special event.


We wish you a super Christmas, we wish you a super Christmas, we wish you a super Christmas, and a smashing new year. Good fighting to you, for you and for me. We wish you a super Christmas and a smashing new year.