Smooth 4

Give Me Your Heart Make it Real or Else Forget About it

You hear my rhythm on your radio
And you feel the turning of
The world so soft and slow
It's turning you 'round and 'round

The next Morning...

"I see you have come to challenge us again!" Goku spat like a curse. "What is wrong with you?! Haven't we killed you enough?" The other Z warriors were standing behind him, nodding together.

Frieza smiled at his foolishness. "Of course not.... WHEN you die will be enough!!!"

"Same old Frieza." Goku chirped with delight, his intent on pissing him off was as obvious as the nose on his face! =P

"Same old monkey!" Frieza mimicked, throwing his body into his next punch. "We'll see who comes out on top this time you fool!"

"As you wish Frieza." Goku's face took on a serious light as his once black hair stood on end and flashed into the beautiful color of solid gold.

Frieza couldn't quite get over the wicked color of the blue sapphire eyes the Sayijin possessed. This time I won't be afraid! Frieza promised himself.... the last time he did he let that stupid monkey called.... Skunks.... or something of that nature, get the best of him!

Goku dodged a laser attack to his side. Frieza smiled, he wouldn't let Son Goku power up any more if he could help it. He would just kick him around like a rag doll and see how he liked it. "You are more of a coward than I thought you were!" Goku shouted, taking a gut wrenching blow to the stomach. "The least you could do would be to let me power up!"

"There's only one problem with that monkey...." Frieza laughed in delight to see blood issuing forth from Son Goku's mouth. "I'm not as STUPID as you are!" Frieza jammed his lizard foot into his opponent's stomach.

"You can't do that to MY father!" Gohan rushed up to help his dad when a little obstacle presented itself.

"I think you should take up your problems with me brat!" Kooler laughed, giving Gohan a spinning kick to the jaw. "I got this one! Papa, get the other two!"

Kold wasn't overjoyed at the prospect of having two monkeys to deal with but he had too, and he would rather die than let his sons know that he was weaker.

Trunks and Vegeta almost had to laugh to themselves at how easily they could beat this wall of muscle. They would defeat him quickly and help Gohan with Kooler.

Kold started it off with a huge ki blast, red and furious looking, it descended upon the two Super Sayijin of the second power. Trunks caught it, and threw it right back at it's owner. "You shouldn't play with these toys." Trunks said with a grin. "You might get hurt."

"Nani?!" The blast whizzed by Kold's head. He was so stupefied that the boy had actually done that he couldn't help but watch as the ball cleared out of existence into the sky. He looked down in time for him to see two coming barreling fist fly into his face. Blood gushed from his mouth as he was sent flying backwards.

Goten and Scarlet were locked in battle. Goten seeming to get the upper-hand every once in a while. Some blood spattered on Scarlet's face She frowned, that didn't come from Son Goten! She looked up when she felt sure she had her opponent in a sufficient lock. Her gaze was drawn upward where she saw her grandfather being smashed into the side of a cliff. "Grandpa!"

"Time to let go sweet heart." Goten punched Scarlet's midriff, causing her to loose her breath and double over.

"You.... bastard." She wheezed painfully. "I'm going to kill you."

"Oh I'm so scared!" Goten mocked, looking frightened.

"You... will be...." She promised, grimacing. "Just you wait and see."

Goten kicked her jaw, flinging her backward. "I guess I'll just have to wait." Wow, she's pretty strong. Goten thought to himself. I've never met a girl that could even coming near to matching my power!

She jumped up, forgetting her fallen grandfather for the moment.... If she was to help any of her relatives than she would have to take care of this goon, Son Goten, first! "You damn animal!" She howled. "Taste my wrath!" She launched herself at him, fists flailing about her in a flurry, so fast Goten could hardly even see them coming.


This isn't good. Frieza admitted to himself. It seemed that this Son Goku was getting stronger! The monkey was gaining power when Frieza seemed to be loosing his own! I can't kill him! Dammit! This isn't fair! It was my turn to kill him, now he will beat me again!

"Giving up Frieza, or are you taking a breather?" Goku asked, enjoying the moment. Frieza was already breathing like he was running a marathon for a greater portion of the day! It's time to strike! Goku realized. Might as well put Frieza out of his misery. He won't be happy living and knowing that I beat him... Again! Hee hee hee! ^_^ Frieza readied himself for another onslaught of pain and pain, keeping both arms close to his body to guard his vulnerable spots. He knew full well that this was going to hurt... a lot!

Else where again!...

"Get out of my way Kooler!" Goten smashed Kooler's midsection with his knee, crush his face with a fantastic uppercut and ended it with landing the heal of his foot into Kooler's kidneys.

The poor purple lizard never had a chance! He landed some miles away entrenching himself into the soil as he went crashing into trees and mountains. "I'm not defeated so easily!" Kooler jumped back up from his landing point. His hand shot up and a tremendous deathball seemed to materialize out of no where! Without words, taunts, or questions, he threw the massive thing at his opponent.

Gohan's face lit up with fear, but, to his surprise, he was able to repel the attack without too much fuss. He caught the with the back of his hand and punched it away if it were nothing but a mere beach ball... a very large and deadly beach ball, but a beach ball none the less!

Kooler's reaction to this situation was almost humorous. His shoulders slumped and he watched as his last attacked went barreling out of the hemisphere. "There is no way I can beat him..." He murmured to himself. "That was all I had left."

With Scarlet and Goten!

"You low-life!" Scarlet muttered, hissing like a snake. Her eyes were so full of hate that they almost appeared to be closed.

Her foot was crushing his groin, while she was shooting off little finger beams at his face. "H-help me....!" He squeaked to his friends.

Vegeta and Trunks came back from giving Kold a very painful beat down. "Goten?!" Trunks asked stupidly. "Hey lady why don't you tangle with me instead?!"

Scarlet threw a baleful look over her shoulder. "Thanks for your most tempting offer, but I think I'll finish with nature boy first!" She had a pleasant smile as she looked down at Goten, then looked back at Trunks. A very small death ball at the end of one fingertip was pointed at Goten. She shot it off, but Trunks threw himself between it and Goten before it hit his life long friend. "Hmph! Seems to be a fast one." She mused. Her attention was caught immediately as the Sayijin prince practically threw himself on her.

"You will pay for even touching my son you little brat!" Vegeta nearly took a chunk out of her with this a flaming fist directed at her stomach. As she backed away from him quickly by means of flight, he decided to send an attack towards her as a going-away present. He smirked, snapping his hands in front of him. "FINAL FLASH!" A mountain of energy barreled after it's target. Scarlet looked back and saw that he fate was closing in on her, then an explosion lit up the heavens. "I did it!" Vegeta gloated. "Take that demon spawn!"

"You did what again?" Came a voice right over his shoulder.

Vegeta's gaze was slowly drawn to the side, he saw two, big, red pupils looking into his eyes with frightening happiness. "I-impossible!"

"Oh is it now?" Scarlet chirped, looking confused. "You know... you might hurt some one with an attack like that... some one might get the idea that you want them put of the way!"

Vegeta had a strong sense of Deja vu rearing it's head. No! Not again! Scarlet elbowed Vegeta out of the sky and pummeled him into the dirt.

"That's all for now." Scarlet didn't seem to like torturing people as much as Frieza did to Vegeta's greatest relief. "But you'll wish you had when my father gets finished with your Son Goku!" Confident that her father had won the day she looked up only to be astonished to see his blood spattering out of his of gashes on his body. "W-what?!" Her mouth dropped open.

Then... like always.... Vegeta had to open his mouth. "surprised are you?! You shouldn't be! Your dad was nothing compared to Kakarot years ago! Why should he be now?!" He laughed his typical hysterical, annoying, crazed, Vegeta laugh once more.

"I would shut up if I were you." Scarlet gave him a hasty look and watched her father being torn limb by limb. That Sayijin couldn't do that to her father! All thoughts of trying to get her father to just accept the Sayijins were banished from her head. All she saw was her father being hurt. The one who was responsible would pay for this humiliation! No one treated her father that way.... no one!! The pink irises around her red pupils shrank in anger.

Another battle...

Gohan was about to deal a final blow to a very injured Kooler when a huge ki reading stopped him. He looked around trying to find it's source. When he finally found it... he saw that it was Frieza's daughter! Veins were sprouting from various parts of her body as her power grew and grew. Her muscles were growing. Uh-oh! She can do that too?! Gohan thought to himself. Oh great! If Scarlet can get all buffed up like Frieza than what could her power be like?!

I knew that kid had the power! Kooler smirked to himself as he lay on the ground, broken and bleeding. It just needed to be realized. Now that she has obtained her ultimate power she should be able to do what we couldn't! She will rid the universe of those flea ridden monkeys for good!

"I will not allow you to hurt my father any longer you miserable primate!" Scarlet shouted up to Goku. "You'll wish you never even heard of me once I'm done with you!" Deathballs seemed to be shooting everywhere all at once.

Goku realized that something was amiss when Frieza stopped trying to get out of his grasp, and was looking utterly petrified. He noted that a huge ki signature seemed to pop up out of no-where! He turned to find a very muscular girl sending secret death wishes too him with her eyes. Oh man if looks could kill! Goku thought humorously.

"Your going to pay for hurting my father!" Her fists were drawn tight at her sides.

Goku finally knew why Scarlet was fighting this whole time! It wasn't because she wanted too! It was for her family! Now that he thought of it, every time one of her family members were hurt she would attain a new level of power. She never seemed to take satisfaction in hurting others her face showed it... but her ki just didn't fit the bill! Her ki was never erratic like she was enjoying anything. It seemed to stay at a calm normal even plain. There was something different about Scarlet... yes indeed.

"Why are you just standing there?!" She shoved herself between the Golden Warrior and her daddy. Goku taken off guard by this motion was propelled backwards. "You can take up your fight with me now!"

"You forget about me?!" Goten smashed Scarlet in the back with a head butt, sending her off.

"Thanks Goten." Goku nodded his approval. "We have to take these guys out." He looked over at the falling Scarlet. "I wish we could save her, but I don't think she would trust us after we destroyed her family."

Goten nodded sadly, sighing. "I know." Goten improved his father. "Let's just do it quickly so she won't suffer."

"Hai." Goku floated down where Frieza was. Frieza was draped on a crumbly rock. "I wish this could end some other way Frieza. I never did like you after you killed Krilin, but I wished I could have saved you from yourself."

Scarlet heard this and stopped her fall with a ki blast. "NOOOOOOO!" She flung herself at Goku only to have her path barred by the Sayijin Son Goten. "Get out of my WAY!? She screamed, tears running down her face. "GET OUT! GET OUT!" She screamed hysterically.

"I-I can't!" Goten blocked her path his voice breaking in sympathy. He realized what it would feel like if he were in her position. Watching your father die wasn't an easy think to witness.

"No Daddy!" Scarlet's ki exploded hurling Goten away from her. Knowing that she would be too late as Goku formed the energy to kill her father she grew calm. I will save you daddy, grandpa, uncle Kooler. I will not let you die here, not on this planet. She remained in a state of extreme calm as bubbles were shot fourth from her extended fingers. Each one a different color, engulfed her family in their own display.

Goku was distracted as a red ball seemed to float over to Frieza and suck him up inside it. Ki ball still in hand Goku's mouth just hung open as he saw Frieza and the rest of the bunch being fired off into the air.

Scarlet smiled at the retreating orbs. "Goodbye daddy... I love you." She fell out of the sky, her body returning to it's original size. Goten caught her just before she touched the ground. Goku flew over to them with incredible speed.

"Dad... what are we going to do with her?" Goten asked his father as he looked at the obviously pained lines of Scarlet's eyes.

"I don't know." Goku went out of his SSJ3 form and on down until his hair was once again black.

"Like I said when this brat first showed up here... we should kill her!" Vegeta stomped up.

Goku had a funny look on his face. "Is that your solution to everything?"

Vegeta also had a strange look on his face. "Well... yeah..." He smiled.

"I think we should see what happens." Goku's face brightened a little. "Without her family here I'm sure we'll be able to turn her into one of the Z warriors in no time flat!"

"Even if you do turn her into a good person you haven't thought of one thing Kakarot." Vegeta said wisely. "She and that father of hers seem to have a strong bond." Vegeta ventured to touch the girl's purplish black hair. "Frieza will return to reclaim his daughter, and when he does I hope that he is forgiving enough to let her live." Knowing all to well what Scarlet's father was like he sympathized with her. Frieza was ruthless, but he must have been a bit more gentle and less controlling of his daughter then Frieza had been with him. Vegeta wondered what the future would hold for this girl. Even though he would never show it, a small part of his heart would go out to this child for ever even knowing Frieza. It was a miracle in itself that she had not become what he had when he under Frieza's influences.

Goku looked thoughtful for a moment. "Yeah." He nodded with this simple answer. "Why don't we just see what happens, ne?"

Everyone nodded at this.... time would tell the tale.

* * *

"Son Goten! Trunks Vegeta!" Scarlet screeched, running through her ship at two quickly moving flashes running through the hall. "Get out of my room! Get out of my house! Get out of my SHIP!!!!!!"

"God that was so funny!" Trunks said while he and Goten ran though the hall giggling. "Next time you get to pull her tail and swing her around above your head!"

"And if you two ever come near my tail again your both DEAD! YOU HEAR ME?! DEAD!"

"You gotta catch us first!" Goten laughed, peering behind him to see his newest friend's angry face.

"Argh!" She growled. "If you ever grow your stinking monkey tails back I'm going to break them in twenty different places and I'm going to step on them and I hope you puke!!" She went on irrationally. Scarlet continued to rant at her new found friends. It was nice to have them over sometimes... but they could be a pain in the tail.

The End