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*Dark's P.O.V.*

"Thank you minna-san! And Goodnight!" I yelled out to the crowd as I gave them a big blown kiss, earning myself a mega loud scream by my adoring fans, many fainted, but most tried to climb over the bars and onto the stage. In fact, one of them did, and is coming over to me, well, I'm not exactly going to spoil her fun now am I, so what I do, is grab a hold of her around the waist and give her a nice wet one. She fainted, oh, poor girl.

I pass her to a guard and head backstage with the group.

"Dark! You have GOT to stop doing that!" A little blonde guy said to me, he's Quatre, a really cute little blonde, if he wasn't Trowa's boyfriend, I would just keep the boy for myself.

"Don't even think it Dark!" Trowa threatened me as he pulls Quatre in a protective embrace.

"What?" I ask innocently, giving them my simply angelic smiles.

"You was looking Winner up and down Mousy!" A Chinese guy behind me said, Wufei, our drummer.

"What's the matter Wuffie darling? Jealous?" I grinned.

"Aww Wuffie honey, you know that I'm still here for you!" A chirpy American said as he bounced, latching himself onto Wufei's back. Duo, our second guitarist to me and my former best friend.

Just then I hear someone growl and I look at the Japanese boy, Heero, our bass guitarist and Duo's current boyfriend.

"Aww, don't worry Heero baby, you always have me!" I say as I latch onto Heero, who caught onto Duo's pouty glare, which therefore made Heero hug me closer. This is what I love about these two, so competitive.

"Oi DARK! How could you! I thought we were BEST friends!!!!" Duo screamed at me as he pried me off his koishii and held onto Heero possessively.

"Alright, alright, I surrender. If you guys really wanna stay here and do whatever, suit yaself, I'm going to the stage to grab my guitar and go home." I say walking towards the stage again after KNOWING no one is left in the stadium, and you would know this after many years of experience, which isn't a lot to me.

Making my way over to my guitar, I pick it and slowly wipe away any dirt on it and put it back into its case. I take good care of this baby with all my heart.

After zipping up the case, I look around the stadium once more. Empty seats all the way…and vibrating seats too….woah, the fans finally found somewhere 'interesting' to hide for once!

"The floors got rats." I say, the silent causing my voice to echo in the huge building.

"AHH!!!!!!" I hear shrill screams and the chairs suddenly go flying in the air, this is rather funny wouldn't you say.

Usually the guys would be running out here to see what's going on, but I take it they must've left already.

"AHHH!! Riku-chan! Riku-chan! Are there any rats on me?!?! Please tell me before Dark sees us!!" I see a girl with long brunette hair (A/S: Is it brunette? Tell me! I have never watched the anime before! Hahaha!) jump up and down screaming whilst holding onto the exact look alike of her only with short hair. Twins I guess.

Then theres a girl with a video camera in hand, a girl with blue hair and glasses who is fidgeting with his skirt, along with a red haired girl who was also tugging at her skirt, one word-cute. And damn those legs are FINE!

"OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! ITS DARK! RIKU-CHAN ITS DARK!" The exact thing otakus would say, I look down at the group and give them my heart throbbing smile.

"AHHHHHH!! Dark smiled at me! ME!!!!!" The girl screamed.

The twin, which I assume is called Riku-'chan' rolled her eyes.

The girl with the video camera turned the camera towards me.

The blue haired girl just shrugged, not really interested at all, more like pissed off and bored if you ask me.

And the red haired girl, she just continued to tug at her skirt, man, those legs are FINE! I can't help it if those legs look good!

"Dark! I'm a BIG fan of yours, can I please have your autograph?! And maybe a date say Saturday night?!" Someone glomped me from the back, huh, oh it's the long haired twin.

(A/N: Sorry if characters are OOC but how would you like it if your mangas are in Japanese and you cant read Japanese and that you have never watched the anime?!?)

"Eh…Harada-san, I'm gonna go, I mean…you found Dark, so that means we can leave now?" I look back down to the source of the voice, it's the red haired girl with those damn sexy legs! Looking her up and down, well, she isn't much in the breast department, but her figure is pretty lean and curved sorta, and she ha got a cute face and her legs, they just kill a guy instantly with those!

"Pervert." I hear someone say, I turn to see that it was the short haired twin who said that. She is the first to actually notice, surprise, surprise, ne?

"Yeah, yeah, ok, a deal is a deal." The girl on my back called out as I watched the red haired and blue haired girl leave.

"Hey!" I called out. The two girls stopped and looked at me.

"Why don't you girls come backstage? After all, it wouldn't hurt for you girls to wait for your friend here whilst I sign her autograph. Hey, I can even get someone to drop ya off." I say, heh, its more beneficial for me too.

The blue haired one shrugged and walked over to the camera one who was walking towards us. The red haired shook her head, "Sorry, I gotta go, my mom is gonna be worried. See you guys at school!" she says before leaving.

Argh…how can I NOT attract a god damn so sexy and fine chick like her?! And I also have to add to the list of good things about her, she got some FINE ass! Yes, I am perverted, but isn't all guys?

"Let's go get those autographs." I say as I piggy backed the long haired one squealing down my ear, I dunno what I meant by rats, but her squeals are a good impersonation.

(A/N: Don't hurt me Risa fans! I'm just trying my best! It's my FIRST and Very hard attempt!!)

"So, what are your names?" I say in a cheery voice, throwing in my trademark smirk that every girl dies for, another "AHHHHH" followed by "OH MY GOD!" and "RIKU-CHAN!!" I feel sorry for the Riku twin.

"I'm Risa Harada!" The long haired one said, I try my best to smile and breathe as her hug around my neck tightens.

"Here you go." I say giving her the paper with my siggy on it.

Quickly, I plug my ears, but it doesn't muffle the squeals. I live for them, but not this close.

"And you guys?"

"Riku, Satoshi and Saehara." Risa said quickly pointing at each. Again Riku rolled her eyes. Shouldn't she be dizzy from doing that?

"I thought Satoshi and Saehara are guys names?" I ask.

"Don't insult my friends, thank you." Riku said with her hands on her hips. I just shook my head and wrote them an autograph.

"How about your cute red haired friend?" I ask.

"Pervert." Riku says. "Why thank you." I say with a mock smile.


"Darn, it's getting late. What was that?" Saehara said, cutting off Risa.

"I said, what is the red hair called." I say, honestly, can this girl not hold on any tighter, I am loosing too much oxygen here!

"Daisuki!" Saehara said.

"Hmm…Suki-chan, cute, what school do you guys go to?"

"We go to Azumano Junior High!" Risa screeched, I think I'm turning into the colour of my hair.

"Risa, lets go, its late!" Riku pulled off her murderer sister. I'll thank her for that someday.

"Hey, I'll get the limo guy to take ya home." I say, walking over to the exit, opening the door and letting all the girls go by first, bowing my head in a gentleman manner, so polite ain't I…NOT! All the better to give me a reason to stare at their asses! I can't help it, these girls may be small, but they got cute asses! But Suki-chan has the finest one!

"Hey, take these kids home, alright?" I told the driver, he nodded.

"Dark! Your not going to come with us?" Risa is back on my neck.

"No, I gotta go." I ay and then she pouted and got dragged into the limo, she opened the window and waved and blew kisses at me all the way the car drove, I blew one kiss back as she Is after all my 'fan'.

"Well, Azumano Junior High, your going to have a special star visiting your school ground tomorrow." I say to no one in particular, and grab my guitar case and leave for my motorbike. My second most important possession in my life.


*Normal P.O.V.*

"Yo, check out the cool guy outside the gates, woah, check out his bike!" A boy yelled.

"That's no ordinary guy, that's Dark Mousy! WAH! He's Staring at ME!" One girl screamed, causing the others too.

Meanwhile, Dark leaned against his motorbike, half seated as he watched the group do their P.E. lesson.

'Cute girls in hot pants and T-shirts. Cute boys too. I may be perverted, but I never said I weren't interested in guys.' He thought and smirked, giving the girls a little wave, half of them fainted. Risa being one of them.

'But where's Suki-chan?' Dark's nose scrunched up as he peered over his sunglasses to take a good look at the group of girls.

None of them was the fine legs, sexy assed red haired girl he saw yesterday.

But some of them do have fine legs though.

Some of the girls performed and tried to do their best in order to show off in front of Dark, and because they were doing trainings and races, they practically glared daggers at their opponents, whereas for the guys, they just sighed and shook their head with HUGE sweat drops.

"Daisuke, your up next." The teacher yelled out.

'What? Suki-chan? Where?!' Dark looked around but didn't see his target anywhere, then he saw a red haired boy stand up.

'Aiy…not Suki-chan…' Was what ran through Dark's mind, he held the bridge of his nose and decided to go for a ride till school was over.

"BUT HARADA-SAN!!! I DON'T WANT TO GO!!! WHY DO I HAVE TO GO?!?! AND DRESSED LIKE THIS?!?!" A red haired girl was screaming as she was being tugged by the arm by Risa down the stairs from the girls bathroom, who was once known as Daisuke, who is now Suki-chan!

"Because! Niwa-kun! You promised to take me to EVERY place Dark would be! And he's outside our school gates! And you said that THAT'S for girls!! So you have to dress up like a girl yourself! Be grateful I'm lending you one of my school uniforms!"

"But Harada-san!!!!!" Just then Daisuke was staring into the eyes of a very teary Risa Harada.

"Niwa-kun…onegai…" She said, hands clasped together up against her chest. And Daisuke, being too kind hearted and everything, gave in just like that.

"Yay! Now hurry before he leaves!!"

"Why didn't you get Satoshi or Saehara instead?" Daisuke asked as he rubbed his head from the head ache which was now occurring.

"Because I couldn't find them anywhere! It's like they kid on purpose or something!"

Meanwhile in the boys changing room…

"You think she's gone by now?" Saehara asked as he popped his head out of the toilet door.

"Think so." Satoshi said, also popping his head out.

Both of them step out with a sigh of relief and sigh, "Poor Daisuke, we told him to wait a little longer." Saehara said. Satoshi agreed.

"I cannot be seen by anyone in this school dressed in drag! My reputation would go downhill! I hate blackmail, one day I will make blackmailing an illegal thing to do." Satoshi said.

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"You do have all the equipment and ways to do so, I don't see why you aren't doing it now." Saehara said as he pulled out his video camera and slowly peeked out the exit.

"Cause I need to blackmail Krad so that he will stop trying to…" Satoshi's face went sorta red.

"Yo! Check it out, Risa DID get Daisuke into drag, and is dragging him out to Dark! I have GOT to film this!" Saehara said as he burst out the door.

Back over to Risa and Suki-chan…

"Dark! Dark! Remember me! It's Risa!" Risa screamed as she pushed her way through the crowd.

"Ah, hello Risa-chan." Dark said smiling at the long haired twin, then he saw Suki-chan and grinned.

"Suki-chan! I didn't get to see you yesterday! How about we go somewhere today?" Dark asked, tipping his big but cool sunglasses down the bridge of his nose so that he can kill her with his beautiful violet eyes. All the girls around started swooning, some fainted, others were giving Suki-chan an evil, evil stare, not knowing who she is.

"Uh…" Daisuke started to back away, even Risa was giving him an evil look.

"Come on!" Dark said, grabbing Suki-chan's hand and dragged her onto his motorbike.

"Hold on." And with that he started up the engine, before Daisuke knew it, he was clinging for his life on Dark's back, eyes tightly shut.

Finally Dark stopped, but Daisuke didn't let go, out of fear.

"I know that I am just too damn irresistible, but I wanna introduce you to the guys." Dark grinned as Suki-chan let go and turned bright red from embarrassment.

"Come on." Dark said grabbing onto the girls hand and dragging her into the building, many lady workers at the office, fainted at the sight of Dark, Dark waving and saying hello to them, Dark winking at them, Dark smiling at them, Dark smirking, basically, everything Dark did, the women would faint or swoon.

Meanwhile Daisuke was dying of embarrassment and fear from all the evil looks all the women are giving him, and he was relieved when they finally got into lift. But his relief quickly left him as he finds himself against the mirrored wall with Dark towering over him, both arms blocking his way of escape.

"Uh…" Daisuke was blushing like the traffic light.

"Did you know that you are really cute?" Dark said as he lowered himself, Daisuke started sinking lower.

"And did you know you got some Sexy ass?" Dark said getting even closer, Daisuke halfway down the floor.

"And did you know what fine legs you got?" Dark was extremely close, Daisuke was an inch away from sitting on the floor.

"And did you know that thinking about you is driving me wild?" Dark said, his hot breathe practically kissing Daisuke's skin as his lips were just inches away from Daisuke's, Daisuke is now sitting on the floor.

DING! The Doors slid open and Daisuke slid under Dark's arms and out the doors, "We're here." Daisuke said, his cheeks were much redder than his hair as he straightened out the uniform.

Dark growled at the floor, 'damn, so close!' he got up, also straightening his clothes and smiled, taking hold of Suki-chan's hand and dragged Daisuke to the group.

"Dark-chan!" The hyper American cried as he glomped Dark from the back, Dark held onto the American's long braid and smiled, chirping with just as much hyperness, "Duo-chan!"

"So who's your little cute friend?" Duo asked looking Suki-chan up and down.

"This is Suki-chan." Dark said slipping his hand around Daisuke's waist and pulling him closer.

"Aww, Suki-chan! That's a cute name! Where ya from? You go to school?" Duo asked as he grinned at the smaller one.

"H…hai…" Daisuke said as he started to blush again and look at the floor.

"Aww…a shy one too! What's the matter Dark? Change of taste? I thought you liked the loud and lairrie ones?" Duo asked his best friend who was giving him a piggy back.

"Heh, you could say that." Dark said grinning all the way.

"Umm…Mr. Mousy…"

"Please just call me Dark, or you can call me koibito too." Dark said winking at the younger one.


"We're here!!!!" Duo sang as they reached a door and pushed it open.

"Hee-chan koibito!!" Duo screamed as he glomped the Japanese boy seated on the couch and started to smother him in kisses.

"Well Dark, now that you're here, I can finally announce that you will be having an interview today, in about 1 hour, so I want you guys to get ready, and Miko-rin would be here shortly." Their manager said, Dark grinned and went over to a single couch and sat down pulling Suki-chan onto his lap.

"Uh…Mr. Mo…I mean, Dark…umm… seeing as your having an…in…interview, I guess I should be leaving…" And Daisuke was about to scramble out of the room if it wasn't for the pair of strong hands holding onto his waist and pulling him down onto the lap and wrapped around his waist.

"Don't worry Suki-koibito, your staying! And I want you to meet Miko-rin! She's our clothes designer, she makes these really cool outfits!"

"K…koi…koibito…??!?!!?!" Daisuke stuttered out at his new nickname given to him by the famous worldwide loved bishounen and every girl fantasies guy Dark.

"Yes?" He asks giving Daisuke a really sweet smile.

"Did…you…just-just…call me…koi…bito?" Daisuke asked, his cheeks becoming rosier each passing second.

"That's right, we are at the stage of calling each other lovers by now, ne? Koibito?"

"But-but-but…I barely know you…and…"

"Every girl wants me…and we'll get to know each other more later…"


"HEY GUYS!" A voice all too familiar to all the guys, even Suki-chan, as a rail of different costumes rolled into the room, and then they split down the middle and out popped Miko-rin, also known as.

"Ah, Miko-rin, just in time, I can introduce ya to my koibito. Koishii, this is Emiko Niwa, Miko-rin this is…"

"Daisuke?!?! What in the name of god are you doing in the girls school uniform?!"

"Mo…mo…mom, I d…didn't know….you…was…the clothes designer…fo…for…"

"Mom? Miko-rin? Suki-chan is your daughter?" Dark asked.

"Daughter? What are you talking about Dark-chan! Daisuke is my son! And why the hell are you may I ask again, wearing a girls school uniform?!"

"Mom! I swear to God! Harada-san FORCED me to wear this! You know how much I hate to dress like a girl! Harada-san used that puppy dog eyes with the glazed over look on me! I swear!"

Dark started to blink as the new news sunk in.

"HONEY, YOU LOOK ABSOLUTELY KAWAII! But I will not have no son of mine being a cross dresser, though I do have to admit, you do have more of a feminine figure than you do of a masculine one…"

"MOM!" Daisuke said, his face is now all different shades of red, from mahogany red, to burgundy red, to bright red, to pinkish red, to blood shot red, you name it, he's got it!

"I'm gonna go home and get changed!" With that said, Daisuke zoomed out of the room, dying of embarrassment quickly pushing the lift button at least 100 times before the lift finally got there and then slipped in and was pressing the close door button so many times.

Just before Daisuke entered the lift…

"I can't believe how kawaii Daisuke looks in a dress! Now I wish he WAS a girl when he was born!" Emiko squealed.

"Who would've thought, that cuties turned out to be a guy."

"A guy with fine legs and a sexy ASS!" Dark said smirking.

"Well, Dark, just to let you know, he's left the room." Duo said grinning cheekily.

Dark quickly got up and dashed towards the lifts.

Just before the door closed, he grabbed the doors and pushed it open and got in and the doors shut.

Daisuke started breathing heavily as he rested his back against the mirrored walls, taking a deep breath, eyes tightly shut.

'I can't believe it! Mom even saw me in this!' Daisuke thought as he rubbed his head.

Just then, he felt a pair of eyes just boring into him, mainly at his legs that were very exposed as one leg is bent and against the wall. He opened his eyes, and he wished he didn't.

"What's the matter? Not happy to see me?"

'That voice…argh…why now? Am I not tortured enough?!' Daisuke thought.

"Aren't you going to be disgusted with me cause I am a guy dressed in a girls uniform?" he mumble out

'…my life is ruined!'

"Actually, I think that turns me on even more, and makes me like you even more too! Koibito…" Dark whispered the nickname out as he once against, trapped Daisuke but this time in a corner.

"I…uh…" Daisuke was too surprised, and then he started to lower down to the floor again, Dark getting closer each time.

Just then Dark looked up at the number showing which floor they were on and when they got about half way between ground floor and 1st floor, he growled.

"Oh no you don't!" He said, hitting the emergency stop button, causing the whole lift to shake and then stop, lights also going out.

"Uh…Dark, I really umm…have to go…my mom…is probably worried about me!" Daisuke said.

Dark practically laughed at the poor excuse used, "Your mom is upstairs on the 18th floor with the rest fo the band!"

"Don't you have to get ready for an interview?" Daisuke said obviously trying to get as far from Dark as possible but its getting harder as he gets closer to the floor.

"It can wait." Dark says, his smirk just stuck to his gorgeous face, the thin streak of light coming from the outside just through the TINY gap between the door making things just BARELY visible.

"Uh…I uh…"

"There's no running this time koibito…" Dark said as he was a tiny inch away from Daisuke when…


The lift shook causing Dark to jump up and then the lights flickered on and the lift started to work again.

DING! The lift got to the ground floor and Daisuke scrambled out of the lift and out the building yelling a sorta bye to the building.

Quickly getting into a taxi and left.

Dark stepped out of the lift and turned on his heel so that he was facing the marble wall.

"Grrr…Stupid lift!" Dark kicked the wall, leaving a nice crack on it as he decided from that moment on, he hated the lift, second farthest to the right. So he took the lift second farthest to the left instead.

"NIWA-KUN!!!! HOW COULD YOU?!!? IT SHOULD'VE BEEN ME ON THAT BIKE WITH DARK! NOT YOU!!!" Risa screamed down the phone at Daisuke, Daisuke laughed nervously and said, "I didn't mean to…honestly Harada-san, he dragged me!"


"I tried, but he's very strong."


"I guess now would be a bad time to say that he's already got a lover?"


"Uh…never mind, I gotta go…"


Do. Do. Do.

Daisuke hug up the phone and sighed.


"Oh no…" Daisuke said as he slipped out of the safety of his room and into the living room where his mother would be, of course wanting an explanation.

'Man I should've put on at least a shirt, it's quite chilly going down the stairs… and to think, walking around in just black boxer short with a towel around your shoulders will keep you warm?' Daisuke thought as he walked down the stairs and towards the living room where his fate is held.

"KOIBITO!" And the next thing you knew, Dark was hanging off of Daisuke's neck, well, more like, just all over him, too tall to hang.

"Da…Dark…WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!" Daisuke screeched as he saw the person he was trying to run away from right under his roof in his house hugging him.

"I brought Dark over cause he insisted he got to know his future mother-in-law and grandfather-in-law better, so he will staying for a night! Oh Dai-chan! I knew you wasn't straight since you grew up! You always DID look more on the feminine side! I'm so proud that you found someone like Dark!"

Daisuke was just blinking like crazy, he was in total shock.

"You look yummy without your top on Koishii!" Dark said, snapping Daisuke out of his blinking world record for how many blinks in 10 minutes.

"He's staying over?! But where?! We haven't got no spare rooms!" Daisuke said jumping out of Dark's reach as he felt the boy massage his sides.

"Why, he's staying in your room of course honey! I'm so proud of you, and Dark has also persuaded me to let you continue to cross dress as long as its not a regular thing. And as long as I can design your outfits!" Emiko squealed and jumped up and down.

"Grandfather!?!?!" Daisuke cried looking over to his grandfather for help.

"Can't help ya here child." The old man said reading his newspaper.

"Come on Suki-koibito! Let's go!" Dark cheered as he dragged Daisuke up the stairs.

"What the…hey, lemme go! MOM!!!!!!" Daisuke screamed as he was force dragged up to his bedroom and the door was slammed shut.



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