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Four kisses!

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*Daisuke's P.O.V.*

Groaning as I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes, I hugged the thing in my arms tighter, but it felt more flat, focusing on the object in my arms, I realised I was hugging a pillow AGAIN!

This happens all the time, every single time I'm in the mood to just snuggle up to him, he goes off to GOD knows where! And leaves a pillow in replacement!

Sitting up, I stretched and yawned, last night was tiring, not tiring as like we were at it like rabbits! But cause we stayed up all night just talking and laughing and yeah, other stuff.

Not saying that I haven't tried IT, I mean, sometime during our time together, we did once, and I don't think I exactly want to be walking around the school sorely and hissing.

Walking down the stairs, scratching my stomach as I walked into the kitchen, I yawned and mumbled a good morning.

"Ah, Dai-chan. Sorry child, no breakfast today, your mother and Dark left early this morning." I sighed and headed towards the fridge, pulling out a bottle of fruit juice, I poured myself some.

"Rough night last night Dai-chan?" My grandpa asked me, I choked on my drink and turned bright red before putting the cup away and walking back up the stairs.

Getting dressed and cleaned up, I looked around my room for a note, he usually leaves one around to tell me where he's going, ever since we officially dated, he changed from that arrogant, egoistic, selfish singer. I mean, he can still be those things, but you can't force someone to change just like that, but he has grown some responsibilities and respect and manners. I'm such a good influence ain't I.

I am feeling really frustrated, not one note, not ONE! Great, now I'm worried where he might be, what if he got bored of me? What if he went to find someone else? No…Dark wouldn't do that to me! Would he? But then, half the time we talked and laughed and the other stuff last night, he wasn't fully into it as he usually is…

I'm paranoid!

Hmm, hmm, rocking back and forth on my heel as I peeked out my window from time to time, alright, so I'm staring out the window constantly.

Alright, that's it, I'm going over to Satoshi's house! And I'm NOT going to leave a note, cause Dark didn't do it! Why should I?!

"Daisuke? What are you doing here?" Satoshi asked, I blushed as I stared at him, he was in just his boxer shorts.

"Umm… I…" I started to twiddle my fingers.

"OH…" He said nodding, he moved to one side as I walked in, he whispered, "That bad huh?" I looked at him, was he psychic or something? I nodded.

"What he do?" He asked as we walked towards the living room.

"He…just so irresponsible…" I whispered, staring at the floor all the way there, BANG! OHHHHH, my head hurts! Note to self, don't look at the floor whilst walking.

"I understand, if you need talk, I'll…"

"I'LL KILL YOU HIWATARI SATOSHI IF YOU DON'T COME BACK!" I blinked as Saehara came running down the stairs, in his boxer shorts only too, storming up to Satoshi, he glared down at the blue haired male.

"You said you was going to answer the door and be right back. You've been gone for a while and now your sitting here with someone else…"

"Hi Saehara." I said up to the angry boy.

"Hi Daisuke." He said briefly, before turning back to Satoshi. "Sitting here with Daisuke, chatting!" Then he stopped and then looked over at me.

"Daisuke? What are you doing here? When did you get here?" Saehara asked, I raised an eyebrow at him.

"Daisuke and Dark had a …" Satoshi finished off his sentence by looking at Saehara in a funny way, and Saehara nodded.

"OH…are you alright? You know we're here for ya man!" Saehara hugged me, I smile and sit down on the couch, "I'm fine, not THAT serious." I say.

"Trust me Daisuke, I KNOW how ya feeling, been there, done that, it took me ages to forgive Satoshi! But in the end, I found out that Risa kissed Satoshi, not the other way around, and it was a dare too." I blinked as I found out this nice piece of information, I guess being around dark so long, I know everything about everything apart from the everything in normal life.

"Saehara, why are you talking about THAT?!" Satoshi asked as he turned bright red.

"Well, you gave me that LOOK! Which means that Dark cheated on Daisuke." Saehara said crossing his arms over his bare chest.

"No, I gave you the LOOK that meant that Dark and Daisuke had a FIGHT!" Satoshi said, I blinked even more.

"Wait, Satoshi, you thought I had a fight with Dark? And you Saehara thought he cheated on me?" I asked just to make sure I'm not hearing things.

"Well, why else would you look so down and come to us?" Satoshi asked.

"Yeah and have like really bad timing!" Saehara said, I blushed and muttered sorry.

"So what DID he do?" They both asked, my bottom lip started to tremble and I told them, "He didn't leave me a note to tell me where he's gone!"

"Is that it?" They asked, I nodded, and the next thing I knew, I landed on the concrete floor outside with a painful thump.

"Remember to use protection!" I yelled back at them before the door shut.

"Might as well go home then." I said, once I got there I slipped in the front and then was knocked onto the floor, by no one other than my boyfriend.

"Where have you been? I was worried SICK over you!" I said accusingly. He pouted and got off me, and then picked me up bridal style and took me to my bedroom, oh no…

"Dark, I'm still not fully healed from the first time!" I said wailing and kicking, but he dropped me onto my bed and lied on top of me and kissed me passionately, he knows how to get me to stop being angry doesn't he!

"Dai-chan-koibito, what's the date today?" He asked me, I shrugged and glared at him.

"How am I supposed to know?!" Then he kissed me again and we did a little French kissing.

"Dai-chan-koibito, it's been a month since we got together!" He cheered, I blinked and blushed, totally forgetting that it was our one month anniversary.

"Hehe…" I turned red from embarrassment.

"I got you a little present this morning." He said pulling out a gift from under the bed.

"Is that where you…" I blinked, he went out early in the morning just to get his anniversary present, and here he was thinking bad of him.

"Well, it was kind of hard, I was thinking all yesterday about what to get, and then in the end, I didn't get you anything, so I asked Miko-rin to come shopping with me." He said grinning from ear to ear.

I opened the box and saw small ones inside it, opening one, I saw a necklace with a half a star on it.

"Now we're a pair of star crossed lovers!" Dark cheered as he pulled out his other half of the star.

I opened the next box and smiled nervously at the outfit inside it, there was a black leather sleeveless top and pants, along with a black leather chocker.

"I think you would look sexy wearing that." I grinned somewhat and sweat dropped, laughing nervously.

Opening my last gift, my eyes practically fell out of my head, I can't believe it…

"I knew this would be your favourite gift of them all." Dark said smiling as he hugged me from behind, but all I could look at is the gift in front of me.

The contents of this box was a chain, a whip, a bottle of strawberry lotion, a packet of 20 different flavoured condoms, and many more of the things you tend to use during your intimidate moment with your lover, he even bought a set of handcuffs.

"Come on koi-bi-to. Let's…test these, in case they don't work, I can always replace them." I looked at Dark horrified as he pushed both our bodies down.

"Normal P.O.V*

"No Dark NO!!!" You heard Daisuke's voice scream, as his mother giggled and his grandpa sighed helplessly.

"What did you get him Emiko?" Emiko looked at her father and grinned.


"Ne, Miko-rin, what do you think I can get Dai-chan-koibito? I mean, he got the best gift of all already!" Dark said peering through shop windows through his purple sunglasses.

"Really?" Emiko asked as she put her hand to her heart, touched.

"Yes, of course, I mean he's got the greatest person with him ever, and he's being taken good care of, what else would he need?" Dark said smiling, Emiko hugged Dark and started saying, "Thank you! Dark, that is so sweet!" Dark just grinned and pried off the older women.

"Well, maybe you can get him something sweet, like, ohhhh, that necklace! Look, it's specially designed for the Romeo and Juliet story! Star crossed lovers! It's beautiful!" Emiko cheered as she pointed at the glistening necklace with two halves of a star.

"Then that's what I'll get." Dark said hopping in, Emiko followed, Dark pointed at the door and said something to the lady.

"I'm sorry sir, but that necklace is already reserved by someone, I'm afraid we can't sell it to you." The lady replied, looking through some papers. Emiko sighed as Dark looked crestfallen when his face turned into a wicked grin and Dark leant forward on the counter so that he was close to the lady, tilting his glasses down so that his glistening eyes shown, he called the lady in a whisper and she looked up, then she immediately took in a breath.

"Da-Da-Dark…san…" Dark grinned at the lady and took her hand.

"You see, that necklace is very important to me, and I NEED it, please, for me?" He asked, stroking the lady's hand with his thumb, she nodded and quickly got it, and sold it to Dark for half price. Dark kissed her hand and left the now on the floor nose bleeding girl.

"Dark! How could you? What about Dai-chan?!" Emiko shrieked, Dark grinned sheepishly and said, "But I wanted to get this for him so badly, you know she's a fan, I have to keep them happy." Emiko just pouted and Dark hugged her and she immediately smiled and pushed him off, leaving for another shop.

"Miko-rin! I think Dai-chan-koibito would look S-E-X-Y with that outfit on!" Dark cried, grabbing his future mother in law's hand and dragged her to the shop, pointing at the leather outfit on the model statue, Emiko blushed and laughed, "If you want to get him it, it's your anniversary." Dark slipped in and Emiko followed, Dark pointed at the outfit and the cashier went to get a new set from the storage, meanwhile, Dark was browsing through the small items when he saw a chocker that would match the outfit, then his grin became extremely wide when he saw a chain, a set of handcuffs, and a whip, along with a few items here and there.

"Here you are sir." The cashier said, and Dark brought over the items he found also, "I want these too!" And when Dark paid, he quickly ran out of the shop, leaving Emiko baffled.

"That Dark! He tells me to come out, yet he runs off!" Emiko said when she felt an arm on her shoulder, whirling around, she was about to slap the person when she saw her future son-in-law standing there grinning sheepishly and rubbing his neck nervously. His other hand holding a nicely wrapped box.

"Where did you go? I was worried SICK over you!" Emiko cried accusingly, pointing at Dark with the 'finger'.

"I'm sorry Miko-rin, I needed to go somewhere, come on let's go back! I want to surprise Dai-chan-koibito!" Dark said jumping up and down, Emiko smiled and they both walked.

"Dai-chan-koibito is SO lucky to have the best gift of them all, I mean, I didn't come in a box and neatly tied ribbon, but I'm the best of the best." Dark said happily. Emiko stopped and looked at Dark.

"What did you say?" She asked.

"I said Dai-chan-koibitos lucky to have the best gift like me! Why? Who did you think I was talking about?" Dark asked smirking. Emiko blushed and shook her head.

"Never mind, come on." And the two walked back.

*End Flashback*

Emiko sighed as she remembered those moments just earlier during the day, hen she looked at her father's seat and noticed he was gone, then she saw him halfway up the stairs.

"FATHER!" She cried.

"I'm tired, good night Emiko." He said yawning, muttering about how boring Emiko's story was.



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