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Chapter One: Snow White.

Fox gazed deeply into the large mirror, he did not like the face on it to him it will always remain ugly, repulsive and redundant. The mirror was showing of what he truly is…a failure. The girl behind him continued boring her eyes into his back, as much as she has pity for him, her loathing cynicism, outbalances it.

"Are we destined to be this way?" he finally spoke, his voice was quite deep, despite his youthful appearance, the woman rose out from her seat, a careful built chair made of bones. "Destiny can mean many things, it is fate that we should be worried about." She replied, Fox turned his head around, the woman's lavender eyes flickered as the candle light swayed with the wind, nothing more came out of her.

"You speak in riddles, I do not like it," he said out-loud. "Fox, you hate many things, even yourself." Her mouth retorted; before she could even realised her mistake, Fox tore his eyes away from the glassy mirror; his glowing green eyes flared as the woman flinched from his hard grip.

"Never call me by my name!" he snarled, his long fingers tightened its grip around her skinny wrist. The woman narrowed her eyes, normally she would have said something to rebuttal his act but she was not that foolish. "Whatever you wish, my lord," she said, Fox loosened his grip and pressed his palm against his face.

"Time to play!" He cried out, his tone of voice changed from bitter towards devilish playfulness, "But my lord, your father had…"the woman began but was cut off as Fox threw one of his hateful glares at her.

"I said time to play," he answered, his tone restrained. She knows very well not to argue with that tone.

The woman sighed, "As you wish," she replied. Fox chuckled, his adult features distorted disturbingly as he waved his hand across the mirror, the glass rippled for a while, as if in fast-forward motion, thousands of pictures began to dance before their eyes, if the woman hadn't seen this before, she would have ended with a big headache.

Fox placed his arm around her waist and pulled her closer to him, "Choose," he said, the woman blanched but did as she was told, she points her finger for a while, a large studded ruby with an odd Dragon-Marking adorned it, she wiggled and suddenly the picture froze.

It showed the picture of a beautiful young woman, whose hair is as black as ebony, her lips as red as blood and skin whiter than snow. Seven small men, six old ones with white shock beard and a younger goof-like dwarf; surrounded her intricately ornate coffin. At first the dwarves were the only ones mourning but eventually small forest animals began to flock, sharing this funeral procession.

"Snow White…marvellous choice," Fox commented, the woman's face fell, she was beginning to feel the tendrils of guilt playing upon her. Fox unleashed his grip over her and stepped forward, slowly inch by inch his body walked through the glassy mirror.

The dwarves came home that day, their hearts were as heavy as stone, even though they had managed to defeat one of the most feared witch in the world, in their souls not a single drop of merriment remained.

It took all their strength to make the glass coffin; it took them even more to decide whether or not she actually belonged in it. While most of them had a fair share of tears, none of them were as bad as Grumpy and Dopey. Grumpy was inconsolable, Dopey cried and cried until his tears were dry and there were times that they could hear strange croaky sobs coming from his lips.

Autumn came and winter passed, the dwarf remained vigilant by the girl's side, somehow deep inside they knew that she was not dead and that she was merely sleeping. Even the sensible Doc had hoped that one day, their Princess would just wake up and say to them that it was all just a bad dream.

A very bad, realistic dream.

And the bad dream had just gotten the turn for the worse.

"Beautiful day, beautiful place, dramatic really."

The dwarves rose their head and were thoroughly spooked as tall young man appeared out of nowhere beside them. He had a very beautiful face, almost perfect, his eyes were glowing-green, his hair was lavender-blue and he wore a strange garment that looked extremely outrageous at this point in time.

"GHOST!" cried out Sneezy before he scrambled alongside his shivering companions. The man frowned he seemed quite insulted, "Pathetic…I expected more from the legendary Seven Dwarves," he said sardonically; Grumpy growled it was bad enough that this impudent man interrupted their sombre occasion, he even insulted his brothers' as well.

"Who are you, calling us pathetic?" he said angrily before marching up to him his face putting on the infamous glower he was famous for. The man raised up an eyebrow, he didn't looked impressed.

"Well you are still mourning for a dead woman, not moving for almost half a year from this spot. Amazing that you do not stink as much as you are pathetic!" he replied and turned his eerie green eyes towards the glass coffin.

"Females like her shouldn't even breathe the same air as yours," he added, ignoring the malicious stares he was achieving, Grumpy looked as though he could kill. He lets out a cry as he jumped to tackle the man.

"She should be the one…accompanying me," he said before snapping his head around, stunning the red-clad dwarf in mid jump, the dwarves stood shocked in their places, the man smirked.

"Cowardly tactic!" he said and flicked his finger upward, sending the dwarf soaring through the air and crashing against a large tree. Grumpy lets out a groan; his eyes widened as his brain began to register pain from ever part of his body. He barely managed to focus his eyes when something or somebody pummelled his tiny frame with what felt like dynamite and cause him to completely fade into oblivion.

Fox felt adrenaline coursing through his fingers, magic in this realm was undoubtedly strong. Not quite that strong for him to utterly destroy those wretched tiny men into dust but still strong enough. He watched with glee as the rest of the six lay in a crumpled heap.

"Father thinks so highly of them, why does he even bother praising such weakling fools?" he thought scathingly. He noted the animals around him; they were, he knew, angry with what he just did. Fox sneered at their direction, with a few more flicks from his hand and blood splattered across the green forest.

Few survived that fateful morning.

Prince Adam rode his horse as usual that day, normally he would have rode with his friends and hunted as they go along but since he had met that lovely lady from the Eden Castle, he felt no more need to harm much of anything.

"Where are you maiden?" he said softly, his horse neighed with response. Prince Adam belonged to the neighbouring kingdom of Eden, the vastly country, which was ruled with an iron fist by its Queen.

When he was young, Adam had been told of the Queen's wicked ways and how she was reportedly poisoned the late king of Eden and her extreme jealousy about any whom so much as rivalled her beauty.

For many years Adam had grown to fear this Queen and though his father's country was formidable in every form of military offence and defence, King Richard had never dared to take his chance against her.

And rumours of her being a witch did not help matters at all. So when on that day, as Prince Adam went lost from returning home after a hunting party and ventured a bit too near towards the castle for his liking, he never expected to find quite an exquisite creature singing behind the tall wall.

Adam had never laid eyes on such beautiful human; her voice soared like nightingales in the air, her skin was as pale as snow, her lips redder than fresh blood and her hair darker than the blackest of ebony. In other words, she was perfect, even in those raggedy clothes her beauty remained unmarred.

At first Adam was hesitant and thought that she was the queen in the stories, but his hesitance dissipated as she continued on singing, her high octave voice wiped out any doubts about her origin.

And as she moved on towards the well, Adam felt a weird urge to go and join her, abandoning all rationality he clambered up the wall and waltzed silently next to her.

Adam knew that he had to have her.

"Why…odd that she had ran away after that," he said, brushing away a stray branch of his face. He returned after that day, hoping to meet up with this mysterious maiden but to his dismay he was told by the local gardener that she had fled and that her fate was untimely for she had fled into the dark woods.

Adam felt his stomach churn at that memory, even his father had advised him to forget the maiden, who not only is just a servant maid, she is also not fit for a man of his title. Though months have passed and searches that ended in vain, Adam still believed and held hope that his maiden still lives.

Somehow he could feel it. And now he travelled alone, ignoring his father's words to venture forth towards another solo search.

"Never give up…"he said under his breath; then he coughed and held his mouth shut to prevent it from unleashing his early breakfast.

His horse gave a nasty jolt as they came into the clearing, and as he dismounted from his white steed, Adam felt that tiny hope that had kept him going vanished.

Fox came back, in his arms he cradled a small frail figure, the woman felt a pang of guilt but pressed it down as the man lay the unconscious woman to a newly cast bed.

"Beautiful isn't she? Almost like a doll," he said, crossing his arms, speaking as though the woman on the bed is just another prize. The woman stared at the sleeping woman, she shouldn't feel guilty; it wasn't her fault to begin with. In fact she shouldn't even feel much of anything towards anyone about now.

"Beautiful dolls…" he murmured as he caresses Snow White's cheeks longingly.

End of Chapter One: Snow White.

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