Chapter 1-Poison

            Kagome was starting to wake up and she realized just how much her head really hurt but she wasn't sure why. Every thing was blurry and she had no idea where she was or what was happening to her. Then it hit her.  She was in the past with Inuyasha and they were in the middle of a fight with one of Naraku's latest creations.  This one was very ugly - it reminded Kagome of a frog, except that it stood on two feet and had fangs that dripped some kind of green poison. Not to mention that it was about 8 feet tall. It didn't seem to know how to talk, which was a strange thing for one of Naraku's creations.

Inuyasha and the gang were fighting with the beast since they had heard of it destroying nearby towns.  Of course, the fact that the monster had a spider shaped mark on his back got their attention also. Once they found the beast, Inuyasha had started to attack right away but was surprised to discover that it was not very strong. It was, however, very fast and it managed to get by him. It bit Kagome on the hip and then threw her into a tree. Kagome had hit her head pretty hard. Inuyasha punched the demon in the face and then ran to Kagome.  He soon realized that she was fading in and out of consciousness.

"KAGOME!! Are you alright??" Inuyasha asked her.  Kagome attempted to stand up but couldn't quite seem to manage it.

"I don't know," Kagome said while holding her head in her hands.

Just then the Froglike youkai ran at Inuyasha and Kagome. Inuyasha was fast, and sweeping Kagome up, maneuvered them out of the way before the beast got too close. Then Inuyasha put Kagome down and ran to finish off the ugly thing that managed to hurt 'his' Kagome.   Inuyasha held Tetsusaiga in his hands and then used it to kill the beast.

When it was over, Sango ran to Kagome.  "Are you alright?" she asked Kagome looking worried. 

"I don't know my head really hurts and every thing is blurry plus my hip is burning where that thing bit me." Kagome replied.

 Sango went to look at the bite mark on Kagome's hip. "You think you guys can turn around for a second" she said to Miroku and Inuyasha who were watching a bit too closely. "And DON'T peak!" she added just to Miroku, who backed away looking hurt.

The bite mark was glowing green and was bleeding badly. It seemed to be quite deep. Sango was sure it would scar and that upset her.  She tried to stop the bleeding but nothing seemed to help.  Shippo ran over to look at the bite mark also and was surprised at how big it was. The bite mark was across the entire right side of Kagome's hip.

"Is she going to be ok, Sango?" Shippo asked looking sad and worried.

"I'm not sure, but it doesn't look good. I think we should take her to Kaede right away." and with that Inuyasha turned around and grabbed Kagome into his arms and ran toward Kaede's village, which was less than 10 minutes away for Inuyasha. The others followed behind him, on Kirara's back.

Inuyasha stormed into Kaede's hut and started screaming for her to help Kagome. "KAEDE! Where the hell are you wench?? I need your help!!"

Hearing that, Kaede came out of the inner room where she had been reading and looked straight at Kagome. "What happened to her?" she asked while motioning for Inuyasha to put her down on a futon she had on the floor. Just then Sango arrived and began to tell Kaede what had happened.

"I see.  Well - I will try some herbs and see if they can stop the poison before it spreads. Inuyasha, please wait outside. Sango, can you get me some fresh water? We need to clean this wound quickly." Sango pushed Inuyasha out of the hut and ran to get some water for Kaede. Then they set to work, trying to save Kagome.

Inuyasha jumped up into a tree just outside the hut, and attempted to overhear what they were saying about her wounds. He was listening so hard that he didn't even notice Shippo climb the tree and sit next to him.

"Inuyasha, will Kagome be ok?" Shippo asked, looking very cute, but with sad tears in his eyes.

"Feh. How should I know? They won't let me in to see her!" Inuyasha was obviously upset that he had no idea what was happening to Kagome. Then Shippo started to cry loudly. Inuyasha, knowing that it would upset Kagome if she were to hear him, said "STOP THAT! You want her to hear you and be more upset? She will be ok. Kagome is too stubborn to be killed by such an ugly thing."  Shippo sniffled and said, "I am sorry. You are right. I will be strong for Kagome!" And, with that said, Shippo climbed down from the tree and seated himself outside the entrance to the hut ready to help Kaede or Sango in any way.


"The bleeding won't stop! What kind of poison is this?" Sango asked Kaede while applying pressure to the wound, trying to halt the flow of blood from the bite mark on Kagome's hip.

"I have no idea, but, what ever it is, the poison is preventing the wound from healing. I am not sure if Kagome can take losing much more blood." Kaede answered, gravely considering what else could be done. "The herbs I used should stop the poison from spreading any farther then it already has, but I am not sure how much that will even help." Kaede picked up a wet rag that she had been soaking in a bucket with cold water and placed it on Kagome's head. Kagome had long since passed out from the blood loss. Sango and Kaede were glad, in a way, because it meant Kagome wouldn't be feeling any pain for the moment. "She also has a fever and it is not helping things. I am not sure if she will last the night." Kaede seemed very upset and sad.

"There has to be something that we can do for her! We can't just let her die!!" Sango said this a little too loudly. Inuyasha, listening intently outside, jumped out of the tree burst into the hut.

"Ok I want to know what the hell is happening to Kagome right now!! She is NOT going to die!" Inuyasha yelled. The intensity of his anger startled Sango.  Then she realized just how upset he was at the thought that Kagome might not survive the night. Suddenly remembering that Kagome was half naked, Sango quickly grabbed the blanket that Kagome had recently given Kaede as a gift and threw it over Kagome.

"Inuyasha, calm down.  Your yelling isn't helping any one. There isn't much more I can do for her. We will just have to wait and see. It is all up to her body now. However, if we can't stop the bleeding, there is no way she will survive this." Kaede said this and then looked back to Kagome, who was sweating profusely from the heat of the fever, yet she was clutching the blanket to herself as though she were freezing while she slept.

"Well then stop the fucking bleeding! What good are you if you can't even help Kagome when she needs you?!" Inuyasha yelled at Kaede, who just shook her head at him.

"The poison is somehow preventing the wound from healing. There isn't much I can do except hope that the herbs I used will stop the poison and allow her to stop bleeding before it is too late," Kaede said.  Then she turned to Sango and said "please inform the others of her condition and allow them to say their goodbyes, now, just in case." At these words, Sango ran out of the hut to Miroku, with tears in her eyes. She hugged him, and then, through her tears, told he and Shippo what Kaede had said.

Miroku was surprised at first at the way Sango hugged him. He saw how upset she was and reassured her that everything would be all right. "Don't worry Sango. If there is a way to help her we will find it," he said very softly in her ear. She just continued to cry and held him tighter, not caring about what the others might think.

Inuyasha looked down at Kagome's bloody body,  "You are not going to die!" was all he said before running out of the hut. He ran past Sango and Miroku so fast that all they saw was a red blur. 'There has to be SOMETHING I can do, damn it! I can't let her die!' he thought to himself while running to seek out Myouga.  Possibly he could help in some way.


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