I surveyed the green landscape in loneliness; my voice echoed through the hills emptily. Everything was supposed to be all right. That's what mommy said. Why wasn't it? Why was everything so dreadfully wrong?

Silence reigned forcefully; yet my voice continued to reverberate, no other sound being able to penetrate the barrier of stillness. I was all alone in this land of motionlessness…

I knew that mommy was miserable about me. I tortured her always, sending my visions unconsciously to torture her soul; distressing visions of twisted cruelty. My cruelty.

But mommy was supposed to help me, wasn't she? That's what mommies are for. They're supposed to love you no matter what, and help you through your troubles, no matter how difficult.

Then suddenly, a horrid notion interrupted my train of thought.

What if mommy didn't love me? What if she thought I was as revolting and sickening as daddy did? I wouldn't be able to take that. I wouldn't be able to take that at all.

Footsteps caused my singing to halt abruptly; I heard the sound of the grass crumpling unpleasantly under the new pair of feet. I stayed still, keeping my breathing steady and silent.

"Isn't it beautiful here, Samara?" my mother said softly, her voice also shattering the barrier of quietness. "It's so peaceful."

A warm hand came to rest on my shoulder. Warm, but anxious. Why was mommy anxious? What was upsetting her so?

"I know things will get better."

What? N-no! Her voice… she sounded ready to do something –

I felt the bag encompassing me harshly, and I stayed still in utter shock as my mother's comforting arms encircled me. I was about to fight back, but…

"You're all I ever wanted," my mother sobbed as she pushed me to my horrid fate.

I lost. I was gone.

Daddy won.

I felt myself plunging into the darkness, and it consumed me greedily – licking at me with its pools of icy water. I was sinking, being devoured. But betrayal was the only feeling that was able to pierce through my blackened heart.

I loved you, mommy.

I did, too.